I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 54 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 54 – The Hammer of Fate (2)

Her thoughts of doubts about Lu Linyuan distracted her for a moment.

【Today is the meeting of the board of directors for the Lu’s Company.】

Chu Yin sat properly and continued to read the script.

【…Due to Lu Zhen’s intervention in the group, Lu Linyuan’s power had shrunk by nearly half. This day was an important occasion for the board of directors to decide whether to hand over the Mingyuan Development Zone Project to Lu Zhen or Lu Linyuan. They need to make the final choice since this decision is about the future power structure of the group…】

【…Lu Linyuan is determined to win the Mingyuan Development Zone..】

Here it is.

Chu Yin bit her nails. It seemed that Lu Linyuan was plotting for the Lu Family’s property. In her last life, Lu Zhen trusted him so much and regarded him as his uncle. 

This was too miserable.

Chu Yin suddenly realized that she overlooked too many details in her previous life. With Lu Zhen’s current strength, it would be difficult to contend with Lu Linyuan. In addition to Lu Linyuan’s outside connections, she couldn’t guarantee if he would these forces against Lu Zhen’s.

Can this dog man defeat him…

Chu Yin groaned, reading down two more paragraphs.

   【Lu Linyuan said to the Assistant: “Give Chu Yin a bunch of flowers in my name. Pick the cute ones.”

    The Assistant: “Yes, Mr. Lu.”】

Chu Yin:???

Why was Lu Linyuan interested in her? What could he get from her?

Chu Yin remembered that in the two brief contacts with Lu Linyuan in her previous life, he was also very gentle and considerate, so Chu Yin had a good impression of him before.

Did Lu Linyuan approach her in her last life for the same purpose as he did in this life?

Chu Yin hugged her arm and rubbed it. She felt very uncomfortable. 

She grabbed the light pen as it landed on the script, deciding to change the plot.

Anyway, she couldn’t allow this old pervert to be too comfortable.

【Lu Linyuan is determined to win the Mingyuan Development Zone】?

Chu Yin thought for a while. She crossed out [win], and changed it to [give up]


She was really a living Buddha. She was helping the Dog Man.

Lu Zhen looked in the mirror, buttoned his shirt, and then put on a dark black tie. 

The 17-year-old man wore a handmade custom-made suit. His body was tall and slender. And his aura was serious and cold.

Although he came fully prepared, it would still be a tough battle.

Lu Linyuan’s ten years of experience in the business world earned him his power. More than half of the board of directors still support Lu Linyuan. Lu Zhen must get their support and recognition today.

Assistant Zhou came over: “Master, it’s time.”

Lu Zhen raised his eyes, revealing the sharp outline of his eyelids, “Let’s go.”

Both the uncle and nephew met outside the meeting room.

Lu Linyuan laughed, walked closer, and gave Lu Zhen a hug. “A Zhen, long time no see.”

The injury on his face was already healed. It’s only been covered by a layer of foundation. The scars weren’t visible.

Lu Zhen also smiled: “My uncle has worked hard.”

Lu Linyuan blinked: “You have worked hard too. I feel distressed when I hear them talk about your usual work state.”

Lu Zhen smiled perfectly: “Yes.”

This uncle and nephew talked and smiled.

But everyone knew that today’s meeting must be difficult…

The meeting ended early just an hour later.

Lu Zhen raised his eyebrow and looked at him.

And on the opposite side, Lu Linyuan was also smiling, his face not revealing anything. The Assistant behind him also completely forgot his professional etiquette as his face showed confusion.

They prepared so much before this meeting and yet Mr. Lu willingly gave up without a fight??

Old Master Lu was still praising: “Linyuan is really an outstanding person. I didn’t expect you to give up this big project on your own initiative.”


“That’s very kind of you.”

“Your shoulders is now heavy with the burden, Young Master!”

Lu Linyuan did not stay to socialize with the directors as usual. This day, he turned pale and left early.

After the meeting, Lu Zhen walked to the windows and quietly overlooked the whole city.

He prepared for a long time for this, but now that it was in his hands, Lu Zhen’s heart wasn’t excited.

He was thinking about a certain person.

After a long time, Lu Zhen lowered his head and laughed softly.

Thank you for your courage.


Chu Yin’s life in the summer camp was very peaceful. She did not forget to pay attention to the script situation in real time.

Lu Zhen did win the project of the development zone. Lu Linyuan voluntarily gave up in front of all the directors and Old Master Lu, so there was no chance of obtaining it again.

Chu Yin: Hahehe! I’m the hammer of fate. How do you feel now?

You still want to send me flowers? Pooh!

Chu Yin closed the script and wanted to continue studying but she suddenly caught a glimpse of an address on the script.

…Abandoned Factory?

Chu Yan did not know why this plot appeared in the script —【Lu Linyuan lost the project of the development zone and made a major mistake. To relieve the mood, he drove to the abandoned factory in the suburb of the city.】

Chu Yin frowned—what kind of relief is this? How to solve it? Going to hit the iron?

She turned a page, looked down two lines, her pupils suddenly shrunk.

This factory—?!?!

Chu Yin’s hair stood up—

She originally thought that Lu Linyuan was abnormal enough to have the mentality to abuse women, but now it seems to be more than that!

This was a place for illegal business, which was specially set up for noble people. Chu Yin suspected that this was one of his methods to win over famous people. In this underground entertainment facility, there was too much abuse happening.

Chu Yin felt nauseous and flustered.

If Lu Linyuan was so evil, how could he have a good relationship with the Lu family in the previous life?!

What did he do??

Chu Yin looked at the script. On, Lu Linyuan went in and ordered a young girl to accompany him. There were no other details about the plot, but there were two sentences-

【The whip in Lu Linyuan’s hand was wrapped by iron wires. It would make the skin open with a single whip.】

【He smiled softly, touched the top of the girl’s hair, and whipped the girl in front of him.】

Chu Yan was so angry that she almost passed out – ah!

It’s no use for this old pervert to kneel down and apologize!

If kneeling can atone for your sins, what’s the use of the police?

If the police are useless, what should this, father, Chu Yin, do?

Chu Yin sneered.

The hammer she used was too gentle.

This time she decided to hammer the nail so hard!

She knocked on the system expressionlessly: “How do you use that phrase card? “

Xueji: “Phrase card, as the name implies, can change a phrase. For example, “XX places XX”, “XX gets XX”, or verb, subject, and predicate phrases are also possible!”

 Chu Yin scanned the script in front of her: Very good.

“Use phrase card.” She ordered.

Then, she grabbed the light pen and crossed out [The girl in front of him]

Changed to-

[his lower body]

Ah – I can’t imagine how painful it is 🙂

Please experience it with your heart.

That night.

The sirens of the ambulance resounded over the city.

Lu Linyuan was directly sent to the emergency room.

According to rumors, the man was lying on a stretcher with blood all over his lower body, which was terrible!


At a small restaurant on the other side of the city, a man opened the door, and a wind chime rang.

Song Yanchuan sat in the last row, facing the man at the table.

“Here?” The young man behind him has a clear voice.

Song Yanchuan: “Yes.”

He was quiet for a while before his complexion collapsed. “Young Master, are you the chosen son of god?”

Lu Linyuan’s matter was simply unthinkable. Amazingly, even God chose to help Lu Zhen.

Lu Zhen picked up the cup and took a sip of coffee, “No.”

Song Yanchuan felt fortunate that he chose Lu Zhen.

“I thank you for your cooperation.” Song Yanchuan said. “You really have the help of the gods”

Lu Zhen’s eyelashes gently fluttered.

There is no god to help him.

If there is a god in this world, then his god is a girl.

After a while, there was no response, so Song Yanchuan asked, “What are you thinking?”

Lu Zhen put down the coffee cup and suddenly smiled.

“Thinking of God.”

Suddenly at this moment… he miss her very much.



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