I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 55 part 1

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Chapter 55 – Kiss the Fallen Leaves (1)

Something unprecedented happened to the Lu family.

Lu Linyuan, the refined second-generation man of the Lu family, who had always been calm and elegant, hurt himself.

It seriously hurts!

According to rumors, he couldn’t have sexual intercourse in the future!!

After all, the secrets of the wealthy people have always been talked about. Many people saw Lu Linyuan’s emergency room visit that day, so even if Chu Yin was in a closed summer camp, she could still see some gossips on the Internet.

Do you love to torture women? Use the whip to slap people? Engage in illegal business?

Then be cleaner 🙂 I’ll clean you.

The abandoned factory at the scene of the crime was emptied overnight. When the local police received the alarm and rushed to the scene in a hurry, the scene had been destroyed.

There was no evidence that this place was used as a gold-selling cave.

Chu Yin also knew that it was impossible to bring down the old pervert Lu Linyuan this time, but fortunately, she acted immediately! Destroyed his tools of crime!

She hoped the villain would change his mind and be a good man!

Otherwise, the hammer of fate would still come!



The VIP ward of the hospital.

Lu Linyuan sat by the window, his face like a still statue.

How on earth did he whip himself that day? How did it hit his lower part so precisely?

If the person who harmed him fell into his hands, he would smash that person’s whole body with several hits of the whip.

Lu Linyuan cut off the flower stems of the green plants by the window. His eyes were a little dark.

At this time, someone knocked at the door of the ward. The emotion in Lu Linyuan’s eyes faded like a tide.

Grandfather Lu walked to Lu Linyuan’s bed with a cane, looked at his pale and gloomy face, and stomped the crutches: “This is nonsense!”

This was the biggest humiliation of their Lu family! It happened to his little son who was always excellent, calm, and capable! How could he accept this!

Wearing a hospital gown, Lu Linyuan lowered his head and said, “I’m sorry, Dad.”

He had already undergone an operation. Although his appearance looked no different from before, there were internal lifetime changes he couldn’t avoid.

Grandfather Lu was a man so he naturally knew that Lu Linyuan must be in a bad mood right now. His tone slowed down a little ad he said, “You, you are still young so you can still play–but how can you do those things?”

Lu Linyuan’s eyebrows nervously jumped.

He was referring to the abandoned factory, which he (Grandfather Lu) crushed down quickly.

Ha, of course, the old man wasn’t doing it for him, he was doing it to protect the Lu Family’s reputation.

“You should take care of your injury first, this injury…cough! I will help you figure out a solution later,” Grandfather Lu was a little embarrassed, “You have a good rest.”

Lu Linyuan: “Dad, walk slowly.”

When the room quieted down, the gentle expression on Lu Linyuan’s face suddenly disappeared.

Because of his habit of smiling, his face formed several smile lines, which were usually considered elegant and handsome. 

But now that he wasn’t smiling, the traces of the lines were particularly obvious, and there was a chilling gloomy feeling.

“Think of a solution?” The man’s voice was soft.

A few seconds later, there was a strange low laugh in the ward.

What could he do?

The only way to make him happy was to kill all those people who stepped on him. The pain he suffered should be experienced by people before he could feel comfortable.

Lu Linyuan could have waited a few more years. But now, it seems that God was urging him.

He raised his hand, looked at his well-trimmed nails, and thought silently: Ah Zhen, don’t blame me.

Blame yourself for being too like your father, being too good, and having no other weaknesses…

As a villain, he can only start with their weakness~

When the assistant entered the ward, he happened to see this picture.

Even though the ward was spacious, the aura was gloomy and dark.

This summer, Chu Yin had a very fulfilling life in the summer camp.

She would go to bed early, get up early, study in class, eat and drink well, and get used to the rhythm of the life of a third-year student in advance.

The teachers at the summer camp also liked her very much. They believed that this child was likely to appear on the red list of champions next year, so they taught her well.

In addition, Chu Yin had reviewed all the knowledge needed, which was equivalent to learning twice than her current classmates.

Since school just started, most of the students were sleepy and sluggish. Song Zhaolin had felt timid and sleepy for the first few days because according to him, the last summer vacation before the third year of high school should be used well, so he went outside to play a lot, and only did his homework three days before school starts.

As a result, he snored loudly in class one day and was called by the headteacher to report to his parents. When he came home that night, he was beaten so clearly that he didn’t dare to sleep in class anymore.

The most obvious change for third-year students was the curriculum.

Their physical education classes had been reduced. Sanda class, Badminton class, and so on were all reduced to ordinary sports venues, and there was only one class a week. In addition, two more evenings of self-study were added after school every day, and everyone’s time in school was also extended.

Of course, it was nothing for students who lived in the dormitories, but students who were only accustomed to day school needed to adjust to it for a while.

Song Zhaolin felt that the third year of high school was too difficult! There were so many papers and little time to play. If his brother didn’t force him to go to college, he would like to study excavator in Lanxiang.


“You are a rich young master, you want to drive an excavator?” Chu Yin asked.

Song Zhaolin: “Sister Yin, you can’t underestimate someone who drives an excavator!”

Chu Yin: “I didn’t underestimate them, I underestimated you.”

Song Zhaolin curled his lips aggrievedly.

Even Lin Zi was starting to prepare for the IELTS test, and Brother Zhen was fighting alone in the business world.

Fortunately, a few days later, the exciting news came out-

The school organized an autumn tour, especially for the third grade. They were to climb mountains in the suburbs. Through the sport of mountain climbing, they could hone their perseverance and make a better decisive battle.

Song Zhaolin was very excited. Of course, it wasn’t because of the exercises, but because he could go out and play!

Although Chu Yin was not interested in autumn outings, this was another must-attend activity. If she was absent, points would be deducted from the class.

She seldom went out of school, and her life is three points and one line. But because I have to climb the mountain, I have to go out and buy a pair of suitable sports shoes.

When she left the school gate, she rode a car to the mall, and suddenly felt something was wrong.

There was an inexplicable feeling of… being followed.

She took out the script and read it. These specific details were not recorded in the plot.


Chu Yin was not afraid, after all, if the other party really did anything to her, there would be a plot in the script. She walked into the mall calmly, walked around casually, bought a pair of light and simple shoes, and then went back the same way.

On the way, the feeling of being followed was still there.

But Chu Yin kept walking into the school gate, and the person following her still didn’t show up.

It felt like she was being followed by…a bodyguard?

It’s a little strange.

Lu Zhen and Song Yanchuan made an appointment to meet in a restaurant in Linjiang.

Since Lu Linyuan’s accident, he didn’t often show up at the company, but apparently, he did a lot in private. Song Yanchuan brought the information he had to Lu Zhen.

“Your uncle is indeed a ruthless person,” Song Yanchuan took a sip of tea. “Even if he is injured, he can still work.”

Lu Zhen nodded: “I know.”

Song Yanchuan: “What’s your agenda?”

Lu Zhen lowered his eyelashes and gently rubbed the edge of the cup with his finger: “I have a plan.”

He had experienced all these things once, and all he had to do was overthrow the past.

Song Yanchuan didn’t ask much, after all, he only cared about the interests of the Song family. Although he partnered up with Lu Zhen, he still hadn’t lost his connection with Lu Linyuan. Even if he loses the bet, he could still act as a double spy and continue to support Lu Linyuan.

It depended on the results of the internal fighting of the Lu family.

Before leaving, Song Yanchuan suddenly remembered something.

“Oh, by the way, my little brother is very excited about the autumn outing. I know the date of their autumn tour.” Song Yanchuan paused, watching Lu Zhen’s calm profile face.”So when the old pervert asked me, I told him.”



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