I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 55 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 55 – Kiss the Fallen Leaves (2)

Lu Zhen suddenly raised his head.

At that moment, his eyes went cold, as if he was looking at a dead person.

Song Yanchuan coughed twice. Although the young man in front of him was the same age as Song Zhaolin, Song Yanchuan couldn’t lump them together. “I can’t make Lu Linyuan suspicious–and you said that you sent someone to protect her.”

Lu Zhen indifferently stared at him for a few seconds, before getting up and walking away.


Chu Yin felt that this autumn tour was preventing her from studying.

At this time, was it not good to do the questions in the classroom? ? What mountain did she need to climb to improve?

Although summer has passed, the sun is still hot and poisonous. She was tired after climbing up the big mountain.

She had been diligent in her studies so her physical fitness wasn’t that good.

Song Zhaolin was as lively as a little pony, he seemed to jump from one place to another, as his happy laughter echoed in the mountains.

This mountain was called Magnetic Mountain (磁山 ). Even though it wasn’t high, it was wide. In addition to the area that became a scenic spot, there were still many paths in it. You could go deep into its wild forest.

Therefore, the headteachers who led the team were very cautious, reminding students along the way not to leave the large group.

“Song Zhaolin! What are you doing!” Sister Wang yelled out, “Get back!”

Song Zhaolin quickly withdrew from exploring the wild forest.

He pretended to be nonchalant and looked around at the beautiful scenery. Suddenly, seeing a familiar figure flashing by in a long-distance, his eyes immediately widened.

Is that Brother Zhen??

Couldn’t be! Shouldn’t Brother Zhen be outside the city two days ago for work?

Song Zhaolin rubbed his eyes, thinking that he might have imagined it.


Although the teachers tried to control it, the formation of the classes soon broke down. Because of the different physical abilities and willpower of the students, there was a big distance between the two groups.

Chu Yin hung at the end of the crowd. Both Jiang Yan and Song Zhaolin wanted to climb to the top. Chu Yin didn’t want to hold them back, so she climbed slowly by herself.

There was a small shop at every checkpoint of the mountain road. There were also pavilions for resting. 

She intended to sit down and answer some math problems. Climbing to the top of the mountain would not help her, so it was better to answer problems in the mountain.

Anyway, after they had climbed to the top of the mountain, they had to return the same way. Chu Yin could just sit here and wait, intending to quietly join the group of students later.

She walked into the pavilion silently. As soon as she sat down, the grandmother of the small shop smiled and greeted her: “Little girl is so beautiful! I have been sitting here for a day, and you are the most beautiful of all the students!”

Chu Yin looked at the drinks on her stall and knew that she was probably trying to promote sales.

Sure enough, the grandmother continued in the next sentence: “Is little girl thirsty? Our water is purely filtered!”

Chu Yin sighed. In order to be able to answer a few questions quietly, she got up and walked to the canteen.

At this moment, the teachers and students had all gone up, and no one passed by.

Chu Yin walked under the eaves and lowered her head: “Then I want a bottle of ice red–“

At this time, she suddenly noticed that someone was quickly approaching behind her!

Chu Yin was about to turn back when she was held by the old woman in the store. Her face was full of wrinkles with a smile, and her muddy eyes narrowed: “Little girl, get water!”

Chu Yin knew immediately that it was not good. She didn’t predict this accident would happen.

She estimated that there were still two seconds before she could jump on her. The thin and weak old woman was so strong that she held her tightly. She probably thought that she was a little girl that couldn’t beat her.

Chu Yin acted decisively. She directly backhanded her with force, twisting her arm with a “crack” sound.

The other party screamed and released her hand. Chu Yin turned around and ran without stopping for a second.

She couldn’t be here alone, she had to go to crowded places!

She rushed to the road. After just two steps up the mountain, there was already a man in black running towards her. 

When she looked down the mountain, another man was still waiting for her.


Chu Yin laughed. She didn’t know she had to experience this kind of drama by just attending the autumn tour.

But right now she had no other choice, so she turned her head and plunged into the wild forest.

 Anyway, as long as she could get rid of these people, she could open the script, so Chu Yin was not afraid.

She was careful with the mountain paths. As she entered the forest deeper, the sound of someone chasing behind her finally disappeared.

Chu Yin panted. She was so tired that she sat on the ground while being supported by a tree.

It hadn’t been long when the bushes a few meters away suddenly had a rustling sound.

Chu Yin’s heart beat wildly.

Did they find her?

She carefully stepped back into the tree and told the system to open the script.

It’s okay, don’t panic, no one can touch me—

Just when she was about to use the script, the figure behind the bush finally came out.

The young man was in a mess, panting in confusion. He was relieved for a moment when he saw her.

Chu Yin was stunned before calming herself.


They hadn’t met for so long. 

And now, she actually met him here?

Lu Zhen stood on the same spot, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. He strode towards her, his face not looking good.

Chu Yin was startled, suddenly realizing that what if Lu Zhen was the one who tried to kidnap her?

She subconsciously took a step back, and suddenly, the soles of her shoes were broken-

The grass was so thick that the back of the tree formed a slope!

Chu Yin couldn’t help swearing in her heart. Just as she was about to slip down, Lu Zhen arrived in time, grabbed her wrist, and moved to her side.

Because of the inertia, Chu Yin bumped into him.

“My nose!”

Lu Zhen raised his hand, squeezed her ear bones, and rubbed the back of her head: “Does it hurt?”

Chu Yin held her nose for a long time before pushing him away. “It doesn’t hurt.” 

Lu Zhen helplessly looked down at the tip of her red nose, “Sorry.”

He didn’t expect to be misunderstood by Chu Yin when he entered the forest as he saw strange people were chasing her.

Originally, Lu Zhen was just watching in the dark to make sure she was safe. But the moment he saw something happened, his heart jumped.

Even if he knew she had the means to protect herself, he was still afraid that she would fall to the bottom of the hillside-too late to save herself.

Chu Yin calmed down and understood that Lu Zhen wasn’t her captor.



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