I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 55 part 3

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 55 – Kiss the Fallen Leaves (3)

This event was a bit strange. It needed more thinking.

The person in front of her was also acting weird.

Chu Yin raised his eyes and looked at him: “Why are you here?”

Lu Zhen recovered his aura, lowering his eyes, he said: “I just saw you being chased, so I came to save you.”

Chu Yin was suspicious: “Did you go to school? Why did you come to this autum tour?”

Lu Zhen looked at her and not said anything.

There were only two of them in this mountain forest.

The shade of trees and the sound of insects in the distance formed a small world for them.

Lu Zhen’s heart relaxed a little, no one would stare at him here.

He wanted to ask so badly but couldn’t dare utter it. His gaze fell on Chu Yin’s face and softly smiled, “Chu Yin, why did you help me?”

He couldn’t find any other reason for Lu Linyuan’s incident except for the influence of Chu Yin’s power.

Although Chu Yin instantly understood what he meant, she innocently showed a blank face: “What did I help you with?”

Lu Zhen’s lips curled lightly, raised his hand, and touched the tip of her red nose with his fingertips.

Then, Lu Zhen withdrew his hand and said, “Go back now. If your teachers can’t find you, they’ll be worried.”

If Lu Zhen was not here, she could change the script and find her way back.

She looked at Lu Zhen who was waiting for her to lead the way and gritted her teeth.

The dog man wants to watch her fall off the horse again!

Chu Yin pretended to be distressed, looking for the way in the forest: “I don’t seem to remember anymore, I can only try to find the way.”

Lu Zhen was not impatient. He followed her as his eyes softly gazed.

If it’s possible, he’s willing to go on like this forever.

He was not in a hurry, but Chu Yin gradually became anxious.

The sky began to darken a little bit, and she guessed that the large group of students had already begun to return. 

In this silent battle, she was slightly worse than the dog man.

Chu Yin bit her lips. She can’t afford to take risks so she secretly changed the plot of the script to [Chu Yin found the path smoothly].

Next, at every fork in the road, Chu Yin was able to find the right direction.

Lu Zhen once again looked at the section of the road he passed through and smiled: “You have this kind of good memory?”

Chu Yin said, “Haha, really lucky, haha.” 

She was ‘lucky’ at finding the way five consecutive times. The outline of the road loomed in the distance.

Lu Zhen smiled silently. 

There was an intense curiosity in his heart.

Although there would be no opportunity to get closer to her and touch her ‘superpowers’.

He wanted to…try.

Try to see if she was his god.

Could she control him? Change his destiny? And give him new life?

Chu Yin was about to turn her head when she suddenly heard a soft “hiss” sound from behind her.

As soon as she turned around, she noticed that a lot of blood was bleeding on Lu Zhen’s arm, which completely soaked his sleeves.

Her eyes opened in surprise: “Are you hurt?”

Lu Zhen: “Yes.”

Chu Yin frowned and said nothing. He was probably injured before and this dog man had a high pain tolerance.To

Lu Zhen smiled and asked softly: “Can you bandage me? It’s hard to do it with one hand.”

“…Oh.” Chu Yin looked at him, hesitated for two seconds, and finally took out a small square towel from her pocket. 

She walked over and kicked the stone beside her foot, “Sit down.”

Lu Zhen’s heartbeat began to beat faster as he obediently sat down.

Chu Yin sat next to him, lifted his blood-soaked clothes, and saw that the wound on his arm was a deep cut, like it was poked by a tree branch. There were wood chips stuck in his flesh.

“…looks painful,” Chu Yin pursed her lips, “I’d better wash it with water first.”

“Okay.” Lu Zhen’s gaze only fell on her face and not on his wounds.

Chu Yin unscrewed the water bottle in her bag. She wasn’t careful and the water fell abruptly.

 Lu Zhen still stared at her.

Chu Yin washed the wound, took the square scarf, and planned to bandage it.

But as soon as she raised her eyes, she saw Lu Zhen’s dark pupils, full of light.

“Don’t look.” Chu Yin frowned at him.

Lu Zhen should look away but today he just blinked and smiled.

Lu Zhen was waiting.


He wanted to see how long she could tolerate it? When would she give up and use her powers to ‘kill’ him?

Chu Yin was flustered by the intensity of his gaze so she roughly covered his face with her hands. “I said not to look!”

Lu Zhen blinked, his eyelashes lightly touched her palm.

Chu Yin fiercely ordered: “Close your eyes.”

Lu Zhen pursed his smile and finally closed his eyes obediently.

Chu Yin put the square towel around his arm and squeezed it hard. When she heard the dog man’s painful cry, she smiled with satisfaction.

She wasn’t kind enough to help him bandage – she can just break this smelly arm!

After the bandage, Chu Yin was about to get up, but suddenly was held by the hand again.

Lu Zhen looked at her closely: “Are you angry?”

Chu Yin stared back at his pupils and finally understood his intentions.

—Dog man is testing her golden finger!

Chu Yin gently clenched her hand on her side, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath: “No.”

You don’t have any killing intention, you don’t want to kill him, you don’t want to kill him.

I can bear it, I can bear it, I can bear it, I can bear it.

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes.

Probably the deserted forest gave him the courage.

In a sudden moment, the two people’s breathing slightly intertwined. The taste of peppermint and unspeakable sweetness mixed together. 

Although Lu Zhen had a plan, his brain didn’t listen as his nerves got numbed.

Looking at her porcelain white skin and long eyelashes trembling in anger, Lu Zhen seemingly felt he was drowning in the air. His heartbeat was out of proportion.

It was just a few seconds kiss. Chu Yin glared at him, grabbing his collar: “You –“

She’s now raging war against Lu Zhen!

But Lu Zhen only raised his hand and gently plucked a leaf from the top of her head.

“I was wrong.” 

He kissed the fallen leaves softly.

He’s now a believer, willing to sacrifice himself to the gods.



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