I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 56 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 56 – Don’t open the door (1)

People’s voices in the distance gradually approached.

Lu Zhen gently put the fallen leaves into his pocket, stood up, and pulled Chu Yin up.

 “Let’s go.”

The secret garden only exists for a short time. The extra hours he stole with greed were enough to motivate him to continue living.

Chu Yin patted the dirt on her butt, raised her eyes, and glanced at Lu Zhen.

An inexplicable atmosphere floated around. Lu Zhen’s expression was gentle in the dimming light.

“There are no bad guys anymore. Don’t be afraid.”

The people under him knew what to do. Now that the people on both sides have collided head-on, starting today, their shaky masks were finally destroyed. Everything would be different.

Chu Yin’s heart suddenly jumped. Lu Zhen’s tone made her realize… that he really came to protect her.

She raised her head and looked at Lu Zhen: “Recently, is the person following me…your hired guards?”

Although Chu Yin seldom went out of school and could only detect it occasionally, she was aware of the existence of someone following her.

She began to wonder if this person’s purpose was to peep or to stalk, but for some time, Chu Yin didn’t feel uncomfortable. The other party was professional, not affecting her life nor committed any improper behaviors. Just like the day she went out to buy shoes, the other party was silently escorting her.

Lu Zhen sent someone… to protect her?


Does he know she will be in danger? Where does the danger come from?

She was just an ordinary high school student, who had made fun of people’s lives. Who would want to harm her?

Chu Yin originally thought that the greatest danger in the world was the person in front of her, but now she realized it might be…not.

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes, watching her silently.

Chu Yin tentatively asked, “Lu Zhen, do you know who came to harm me today?”

Lu Zhen did not answer and only stared at her closely – She had already touched the lid of the small box of truth, but Lu Zhen couldn’t dare help her open it.

The young man’s eyes deeply gazed at her. When Chu Yin’s eyes met his, she felt a sense of familiarity.

She was taken by that familiar look and recalled something from her previous life.

Has this danger existed in her previous life?

The night where Lu Zhen took her life was the most dangerous. She was even forced to stay with Lu Zhen until she died.

Chu Yin frowned and closed her eyes to recall the small details.

Lu Zhen didn’t disturb her. He reached out to help her wave away the flying insects

Suddenly, Chu Yin opened her eyes –

She remembered that on that day in her previous life, she met two groups of people who wanted to take her away.

She escaped the first time, and by the second time, Lu Zhen caught her.

Originally, she thought it was Lu Zhen’s subordinates who were not good at handling affairs, but now she realized another possibility… What if the first group of people was not Lu Zhen’s? Who did she face back then?

Chu Yin’s head hurt a little, her eyebrows frowning tighter and tighter. A faint feeling of missing important details flooded her brain. She almost wanted to knock her head.

Lu Zhen raised his hand. His expression was gentle as he rubbed her temples: “Don’t worry.”

Chu Yin suddenly stretched out her hand and grasped Lu Zhen’s wrist.

Lu Zhen’s fingers trembled.

Her delicate palm pressed Lu Zhen’s wrist. 

He subconsciously held his breath. “You..”

“Lu Zhen.” When she called his name, Lu Zhen’s voice tensed: “I’m here.”

Chu Yin pressed her lips but didn’t know what to say.

There was unreasonable anxiety in her heart. For a moment, she even hoped that the person in front of her was Lu Zhen from her previous life so that she could ask all the secrets she didn’t know.

But in the end, she just collapsed in frustration, took back her hands, and turned around: “Let’s go.”

It doesn’t matter. She can still find it in the script.

“…Okay.” Lu Zhen said.

Lu Zhen accompanied her until the exit of the wild forest and stopped.

Chu Yin walked a little farther to find that he wasn’t following her, and turned around: “What are you doing?”

Lu Zhen smiled and looked at her: “I can’t go out with you.”

He had come secretly.

If he could, he wanted to save from this whirlpool. Because of her power, she could live happily and freely outside the control of the world. 

Don’t be tortured by the world and just escape, okay?

She isn’t his ‘moonlight’

She is the sun of his life.

Chu Yin was slightly startled when she heard the teacher calling the names of each student.

After a while, Song Zhaolin’s loud voice rang, calling her name.

Chu Yin had to leave.


Lu Zhen stood under a tree a few meters away, with Chu Yin’s silk towel wrapped around his arm, smiling and waving: “Protect yourself, then…wait for me.”

He was ready this time. Everything will be over soon.

Chu Yin squeezed her fingers, suppressing all doubts. She turned and left.

The moment she walked out of the woods, she glanced back.

The young man smiled at her from a distance, then turned and disappeared among the trees.

Something big will happen.


“Teacher! Chu Yin is gone!”

Song Zhaolin yelled in panic and everyone around him panicked.

“What to do! Help – Ah!”

“What’s the funeral? I’m here.”

Song Zhaolin quickly turned around, exclaiming in surprise, “You scared us to death, Where did you go?”

Chu Yin pointed at a small pavilion: “Answered math problems.”

Song Zhaolin touched his head: “Huh? Why didn’t I see you just now?”

Chu Yin lied to him without giving a detailed explanation.

Her eyes passed over the small shop without a trace. The old woman who sold water was no longer there. The purpose was to specifically block her. Chu Yin did not mention the fact that she almost got kidnapped.

The students sighed.

“Damn, Sister Yin deserves to be my Sister Yin. She even studies in this kind of place!”

“Senior year of high school is all about having this kind of spirit!”

Chu Yin: *ashamed of it*

It was a false alarm. The headteacher finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then led a large group of students down the mountain.

 “–Oh, yes, I saw a person who looks like Brother Zhen!” Song Zhaolin said, “but I must have seen it wrong. Brother Zhen went to a different province for inspection two days ago. How can he come and climb the mountain? Hahaha.”

Chu Yin’s eyebrows slightly raised.

He went to investigate plus he couldn’t show himself in public when he came in this mountain just now. Lu Zhen was deliberately guarding her against someone.

Song Zhaolin said naively, “But I am quite envious of the passerby, who can look like Brother Zhen. Why can’t I be like him!”

Chu Yin: “…”



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