I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 56 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 56 – Don’t open the door (2)

The daily routine of senior high school continued. 

The wind was surging among the wealthy people.

Lu Zhen had made great progress in the business world and was often reported by various media. Chu Yin often saw Lu Zhen in the news about his development projects that earned high profits.

After the young man turned and left that day, he indeed became the best.

But Chu Yin couldn’t help wonder, does the 17-year-old Lu Zhen have such a strong business ability? According to this period, Lu Zhen shouldn’t be able to manage his family properties well.

Although there was no more detail in the script, Chu Yin could imagine the scene of the raging smoke in a few simple sentences. 

Huiwen’s study life was calm as water.

The new selection of the School’s Flower and Apollo had begun again.

Song Zhaolin said: “Sister Yin, this year you should be the School’s Apollo, while I defend the title of the School’s Flower. Do you think it’s appropriate?”

Chu Yin: “…”

Since Lu Zhen didn’t come to school for a long time, and the newly enrolled high school students had never seen the rumored School’s Apollo yet. 

In the voting, under the incitement of senior high school students, they voted only for a specific person.

After the results were announced, Chu Yin held the title of “School’s Flower and School’s Apollo”

She was speechless.

She passed the title of School’s Flower to Song Zhaolin last year. She didn’t expect to win two titles on her head this year.

But today was different from the past. She was not afraid to add ten more titles.

No one dared to trouble her anymore.

The high school year was boring. Chu Yin stayed in school every day. The only way to self-regulate was to read the script.

The kidnapping incident that day never happened again which relieved her. 

Because she was watching the script diligently, she found that Lu Linyuan’s old pervert was still active.

Hehehe, her sledgehammer is ready to be used at any time.

Other than that, life seems extremely peaceful.

But…unpredictable variables often happen on calm days.

Not long after, when the winter came, Grandfather Lu, the ruler of the Lu family, became seriously ill.

This seemed to be some kind of signal.

From then on, the Lu family officially faced a turnover of power.

Lu Linyuan walked out of the basement and slowly put the leather gloves on himself.

A batch of goods had just been inspected and the condition was good. The quality and caliber of the bullet were all excellent, and Lu Linyuan was fairly satisfied.

Same as before, these activities should be discreet. The volume was much smaller than before. Fortunately, he only had to deal with few people.

The confidant walked over from the side and approached Lu Linyuan’s ears: “The old man woke up at three o’clock this afternoon, .”

Lu Linyuan snorted, “The old thing is quite strong.”

It’s better to die cleanly than to witness the people in his own roof kill each other. Would he die of anger?

“Where is Azhen?” Lu Linyuan asked.

 “…The old man woke up and called the lawyer. The young master and the lawyer talked for a long time. Most of it were about inheritance rights.”

Lu Linyuan’s expression suddenly turned gloomy.

The pressure Lu Zhen put on him was even greater than what his elder brother gave him back then.

His voice was soft but with a gloomy feeling like a cold-blooded animal, he asked, “What about the little girl?”

“She never left school, I…”

Lu Linyuan suddenly kicked him to the ground.

Then his (LL) toes fell between his legs and rolled it hard. “I don’t want to hear excuses.”

The man cried out in pain: “Yes-! Mr. Lu”

“You let her escape last time, huh?” Lu Linyuan pressed his foot harder as he softly said, “Now do you know what to do?”

“Yes!” After Lu Linyuan had done enough torment, he let go of his feet, tidied up his leather gloves, and recovered his calm aura.

“Let’s go and meet Little Song.”

The news from the Lu family was simply overwhelming.

#Lu family’s only successor Lu Zhen, will soon take over the position#

#Lu family’s heir is still a minor, his uncle will be the regent?#

#War to seize power?! The battle for power between the second and third generation of top wealthiest people#

Chu Yin, even if she didn’t read the script, could still see the news of Lu Zhen from various channels.

As soon as Grandfather Lu fell, Lu Linyuan began to grab the family property. This world deserves to be a novel of blood and wisdom. The villains had all these plans.

She said before the Lu Zhen wasn’t ready for power because of his minor age – but was the other party, Lu Linyuan, considered an adult too 1 She’s insulting him for acting like a spoiled kid with all his evil antics. ?

However, Grandfather Lu wouldn’t survive this winter… Lu Zhen should be uncomfortable. After all, the few relatives around him had died, had gone crazy, had seriously gotten ill, and had too many evil minions.


Looking at this, Lu Zhen was a bit pitiful.

But these things in the Lu family had nothing to do with her.

Even if Chu Yin usually eats melon seeds, she never thought that these things would have any trouble with her. 

In the memory of her last life, she had not been exposed to any information about Lu family’s power taking.

This week, Song Zhaolin appeared worried.

Chu Yin remembered the contact between Song Yanchuan and Lu Linyuan, wondering if Song Zhaolin, the little fool, finally noticed something. She sighed, not knowing how to comfort him for a while.

It’s better for little fools to be happy, and leave the distress to the adults.

She touched Song Zhaolin’s head: “Don’t think too much.”

Song Zhaolin sighed: “I’m not thinking much.”

Chu Yin thought for a while, pulled out a set of math papers, and put it in front of him: “Think about this.”

Song Zhaolin: “…” Thank you, I am indeed comforted.

At the weekend, several of Chu Yin’s roommates went home one after another, while she stayed at school.

The students of Huiwen were all from the city, so the dormitory corridors on weekends were empty, and there were almost no people.

Chu Yin implemented her study habits even on weekends. 

Early on, she had breakfast, then she did a listening set in the dormitory, and after that, she took the time to make a set of papers.

By noon, the cleaning aunt went to eat, and the building became quiet.

Chu Yin suddenly heard footsteps coming from the corridor at this moment.

She didn’t care at first but when the footsteps stopped at the door of her dormitory, Chu Yin raised her head.

“Boom boom boom.” The door of the dormitory was knocked.

Chu Yin put on her slippers and walked to the door of the dormitory – occasionally the cleaning aunt would knock on the door to send back personal belongings in the corridor.

She had just walked two steps when the phone on the desktop suddenly rang.

Chu Yin reached for the phone and opened the message.

It turned out to be a message from Lu Zhen.

He said: [Don’t open the door]



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