I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 57 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 57 – Giving it back to you (1)

Chu Yin’s heart violently jumped.

She immediately looked at the door. Because there was no one staying in the dormitory, she could lock the door anytime, and now, Chu Yin was grateful for this situation.

But…how come the troublemaker is here again?

Last time she was chased in the wild woods, and this time it followed her to the dormitory?

Since Chu Yin didn’t respond for a long time, Lu Zhen sent a few more messages, and finally made a voice call.

“Hello?” Chu Yin answered, lowering the volume subconsciously.

The door was knocked again—”dong dong dong”, which was heavier than before, accompanied by the sounds of pushing.

Lu Zhen’s voice came, sounding eager: “Are you in the dormitory?”

Chu Yin: “Yes.”

“Don’t open the door,” Lu Zhen said, “It will be resolved soon.”

Chu Yin: “Oh…”

She could solve it herself.

Lu Zhen heard the slight breathing sound turned into an electric current,  “Are you afraid?”

Chu Yin looked at the door.

When the third knocks came, they became more forceful and stronger.

I’m not afraid…this scene is just strange.

After the knock on the door suddenly stopped, it was followed by a muffled sound of a fist hitting the outside door. After a time, the sound of heavy objects being dragged away gradually disappeared.

“It’s a little scary now,” She said.

Lu Zhen chuckled softly: “Don’t be afraid.”

Chu Yin snorted, “I’m not afraid.” 

On the call, Lu Zhen was standing outside the ward while the lawyer on the other side was preparing internal documents. The corridor was full of bodyguards in black. All of them were his bodyguards.

Lu Zhen had been busy meeting visitors from all sides during this time. If the time comes that Master Lu would pass away, he could predict what earth-shaking events would take place. The general public always had something to say about the future successor of the Lu Family.

He experienced all of these so it was easy for him to fix the mess cleanly. He knew exactly what would happen next and predict all the movements behind Lu Linyuan. The only variable was the person on the phone.

But she still kept a nonchalant tone, telling him that she wasn’t afraid.

Lu Zhen’s heart suddenly softened: “…Okay.”

Chu Yin put her ears to the door and listened. She then asked, “Lu Zhen, how do you know someone’s coming after me?”

Lu Zhen was silent for two seconds before he said, “My people are outside.”

As expected by Chu Yin.

The successive incidents and Lu Zhen’s protective attitude made her realized that she couldn’t avoid the affairs any longer. She would eventually get involved in it. It was like some kind of fate that she couldn’t escape.

She had speculation but there wasn’t any conclusive evidence for it.

After all, she couldn’t understand the motive behind kidnapping her? What benefit would the other party get? Aside from having no money, no one knew about her golden fingers.

Chu Yin hesitated for a few seconds before vaguely saying, “Lu Zhen, do you know that your uncle…is different from what he was showing in the surface, right?”

The person she doubted the most was Lu Linyuan.

Lu Zhen raised his eyes and saw Lu Linyuan walk from the end of the corridor. He asked Chu Yin, “How is he different?”

Chu Yin snorted in her heart and thought that this young master was still a piece of white paper 1 innocent and ignorant

“Just be careful of him.”

Now she had to leave it all to the male lead’s halo. The grievances of the villains were as deep as the sea. She didn’t want to get involved too much.

“Okay.” Lu Zhen smiled and hung up the phone.

Lu Linyuan walked to the ICU room and watched the Old Man Lu lying on the hospital bed through the glass. His expression was very painful: “Dad was fine before, how could he suddenly be this ill…”

Lu Zhen was silent.

His people surrounded the entire floor, while Lu Linyuan’s people stood behind him. They faced each other in silence.

Lu Zhen looked at Lu Linyuan: “Uncle, let’s talk about the equity issue.”

Lu Linyuan: “Ah Zhen, what’s the hurry? Dad is still…”

Lu Zhen smiled, “It’s what Grandpa wants. “

Lu Linyuan raised his eyebrows, and then slowly laughed: “Really? Okay.”

Lu Linyuan walked out of the hospital building and got inside the car waiting outside.

He lit a cigarette and asked the man next to him, “Where is she?”

“They intercepted.”

Lu Linyuan raised his hand and knocked his head on the back of the driver’s seat with a bang. The metal sheet on the back of the chair injured the person instantly, and blood trickled down his forehead.

“Trash, you can’t even handle a little girl.” Lu Linyuan said coldly.

He never felt that there was anything wrong with using women. It was right for businessmen to take effective measures.

To be honest, Lu Zhen surprised him very much. The little nephew, who he thought was completely dependent on him, was now going against him.


When looking at Lu Zhen’s face, he recalled the memory of him pressing his elder brother’s head. A twisted desire to torture surged into his heart again.

The future of seeing his nephew’s shocked and painful face, he couldn’t wait to tell him the truth. Lu Linyuan took a long cigarette, suppressing the desire for destruction in his heart.

“Contact Song Yanchuan.” He said.

Song Yanchun knew that the Lu Family’s recent power change would get him involved secretly. Lu Linyuan would surely come for him for help.

“These are the benefits I can give you, Little Song, how about it?” Lu Linyuan looked at him in a cloud of smoke.

Song Yanchuan also lit a cigarette.

How about it? His chips were even higher than Song Yanchuan’s expectations, so it’s hard not to be moved.

“What about the conditions?”

Lu Linyuan smiled: “Your brother and Chu Yin are in the same class. Don’t these classmates usually come out to play?”

Song Yanchuan’s eyebrows jumped. How can this perverted man always think of perverted stuff? Really, go for the little girl?

He frowned: “What can she do?”

“She’s very useful,” Lu Linyuan smiled meaningfully: “I have succeeded once. I don’t mind succeeding the second time.”

Succeeded once? Although he knew that Lu Linyuan was evil, Song Yanchuan was still shocked by the huge amount of information he got.

His heart shook. Can this kid, Lu Zhen, defeat this old pervert in front of him? Although Lu Zhen is stable, as if he can foresee, heaven can’t always favor him.

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