I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 57 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 57 – Giving it back to you (2)

Song Yanchuan went home that day with a serious expression.

He had never been a good person, and he was only completely focused on the interests of the Song family. 

If in the end, his judgment would make him switch to Lu Linyuan, his cooperation with Lu Zhen would break down immediately. 

He carried the entire Song family behind his back. Every small decision was of utmost importance. He was now making the final decision—Who is he betting on?

Song Zhaolin heard the sound and jumped out to him: “Brother, you’re back?”

Song Yanchuan gave an “um” and glanced at him: “What are you doing?”

Song Zhaolin scratched his head and said, “Cooking.”

Song Yanchuan’s eyebrows raised. “Where’s the housekeeper?”

“Well, I see you working hard every day so I want to personally cook for you…”

Song Yanchuan:  “And then poison me?”

Song Zhaolin’s heart was broken: “How could you say that?”

Although he said mean things, he placed down his bag, rolled up his sleeves, and went to the kitchen. “Let me taste the food you cooked.”

A plate of scrambled eggs with burnt tomatoes, a plate of burnt chicken wings with black coke, and a plate of black unidentified food. What kind of dishes are these?

Song Yanchuan: “You want to fucking poison me…”

Song Zhaolin put the oil into the pan, took the spatula, and said confidently: “Brother, believe me, I can do this!”

A few seconds later.

The oil ragingly jumped from the pan and into Song Zhaolin’s hand. He subconsciously turned and hid.

Song Yanchuan took over the job of cooking with a blank face: “If you want me to save the ingredients, get out of the kitchen.”

Song Zhaolin went out.

Song Yanchuan finished cooking, then glanced at Song Zhaolin’s back jumping up and down, and suddenly smiled.

He forgot something.

A boy this age should be like his silly younger brother Song Zhaolin. A person who is similar to Lu Zhen who thinks deep will grow up like that old pervert.

He (SY) had been heartless ever since he was a child. As an elder brother, he shouldn’t let his younger brother down.

Lu’s board meeting.

The board of chairman was in ICU, so the meeting was presided over by the secretary of the board of directors. 

The two forces were battling over the equity decision. The board of directors finally reached a delicate balance, after a long time, in the proportion of equity.

Lu Zhen had 1% more than Lu Linyuan. Once Mr. Lu’s equity was transferred to him, Lu Zhen could act as the actual person in charge to take over the control of the group. Lu Linyuan was at a disadvantage.

Chu Yin could occasionally see these rights struggles in the script. Lu Zhen seemed to proceed smoothly, much better than she had imagined. Lu Linyuan didn’t seem to have the capability to take the Lu family from him.

After the last incident of the person knocking on her dorm room, Chu Yin didn’t encounter any strange things. 

In the future, the plot would develop towards the peak of the domineering president Lu Zhen.

She gradually relaxed.

—Until the next weekend.

Chu Yin suddenly unlocked a blank script.

The glowing pages were spread out, but there were no words on them.

Chu Yin vaguely felt that something was wrong when she encountered this situation for the first time and poked the system: “What’s the matter?”

Xueji issued a prompt tone: “Ding! Touched the core plot! Ding Ding Ding!”

Chu Yin was stupefied: “Core plot?”

Before she had time to think about it, the door of the dormitory was knocked again. “Dong Dong Dong.”

Chu Yin’s heart jumped and realized that something big would happen in the script. She wouldn’t the important plot in the script since it’s a blank paper now!

She glanced at the phone subconsciously. Lu Zhen didn’t send her a message this time.

Chu Yin had an inexplicable panic, and an indescribable sense of familiarity came to her heart. 

She knocked on the system: “How do I have access at the core plot?”

Xueji: “You need to consume the maximum permissions held in the host account to unlock. If you do not use the permissions after unlocking, the permissions will not be refunded.”

Chu Yin hadn’t had the time to reply to anything yet when the door was knocked again. Two very soft sounds.

She suddenly looked over and thought that she would use her authority to kill the man outside the door, which was too bad—

But at this moment, a voice rang outside the dormitory door.

“Chu Yin, open the door.”

—Lu Zhen’s voice.

Chu Yin suddenly opened her eyes.

She walked slowly to the door of the dormitory and asked aloud: “Lu Zhen?”

Yeah.” Lu Zhen said, “It’s me.”

Chu Yin: “What are you doing?”


Lu Zhen: “…to pick you up.”



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