I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 57 part 3

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 57 – Giving it back to you (3)

Chu Yin’s eyelashes trembled, and a stronger sense of familiarity surged into her heart – everything in front of her was very similar to that night.

She was living in a university dormitory at the time and was chased by a group of people in the school for some reason. The group chased her until she escaped, but she still couldn’t avoid the danger as she was taken away by Lu Zhen.

The reason why it was the core plot, was because… After the timeline was advanced, the plot advanced to this day?

Chu Yin’s fingers trembled: “Why?”

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes across the door: “I’m sorry…someone will come after you later, I want to…”

…put you in a safe place.

But before he could finish speaking, the restraint was pressed down again, and the nerves in his brain were strained again, which turned him pale with pain.

When Lu Zhen recovered, the door in front of him opened a crack.

Indeed, Lu Zhen was the only one standing outside the door.

He didn’t look good. His clothes were slightly messy. His face was pale and sweaty. 

There were series of footsteps on the stairs from the distance.

Lu Zhen frowned and held Chu Yin’s wrist, “It’s too late.”

All the people under Lu Linyuan’s hands were involved in the underworld. He doesn’t know mercy in this aspect.

The sound of footsteps in the stairwell was disorderly, accompanied by the panic cry of the dormitory keeper. 

In the chaos, Lu Zhen’s palm was hot and firm. He pulled her away from the crown and ran out with her all the way to the car waiting outside.

He took off his coat and put it on Chu Yin. The little girl held her arms and asked him calmly, “Where are we going?”

The situation was different from the previous life.

Although Chu Yin hadn’t unlocked the script, she instinctively judged that the other group was more dangerous than Lu Zhen after the previous two events.

In the fast-speeding car, Lu Zhen looked at the night sky, and then touched her head: “You’ll know soon.”

The car stopped outside a suburban community. Lu Zhen took Chu Yin as they quietly entered a residential building.

Lu Zhen took her to the sixth floor, which was “old and small”, with dim corridors and small advertisement posters pasted outside. 

It was difficult to connect this kind of place with Lu Zhen. Lu Zhen opened the door with the key and lead her in.

“Wait until the night ends.” 

After a night, everything would be fixed.

“There are people with me outside the door and downstairs. Don’t be afraid.”

The lamp on the ceiling was also old and yellow, and the light it cast was dim. It shone on Lu Zhen’s face. Chu Yin found that his expression was calm.

He’s completely different from his previous life.

The answer might be on the blank page of the plot.

Lu Zhen glanced at her one last time.

He couldn’t explain, the young man who knew nothing and lost everything, had no choice but to take her away, lock her up, and take her to wherever he went.

But this time, he had the ability to hide her before the long night begins, and then solve all the problems alone.

“I’m leaving.” Lu Zhen could only have this little time.

He turned and walked towards the door. Chu Yin looked at his back and suddenly shouted: “Lu Zhen–“

She actually had a lot to ask, but when she glanced at his stiff face, she swallowed it back. 

“Well, I’ll wait for you… just for one night,” Chu Yin hugged her arms, “Don’t bail out on me.”

She fully realized that there were many hidden secrets in her previous life.

So after he comes back, they should talk about everything cleanly. 

If one made a mistake, one must repent. If one had been misunderstood, one must justify itself. 

Then they could… let go of everything, walk out of the past, and move forward.

Lu Zhen immediately had infinite courage.

The road ahead was a long night, and at the end of the night, his god was carrying a lamp 1 His god, which is Chu Yin, is giving him hope .

He laughed: “Okay.”

After Lu Zhen left, Chu Yin knocked on the system.

The blank page opened again.

She only had one single permission, which was very precious. Chu Yin didn’t want to use it recklessly.

But what if there was an answer on this page?

Those things that she didn’t know in her previous life…she could find the answers here.

Xueji: “Do you want to unlock the core plot of the blank page?”

After a long time, Chu Yin nodded: “Solution.”

As soon as the voice fell, there were lines of writing on the blank page. Chu Yin looked at it word by word, and her pupils shrank.

Seizing power was harder than she thought. But what was even more frightening was…

【Lu Linyuan used his firepower to suppress Lu Zhen. In front of pure evil, the boy, who was like a white paper, had no power to fight back. Lu Linyuan evilly smirked as he recounted to Lu Zhen everything he had done. He killed Lu Zhen’s purpose and spirit in just those words.】


The amount of information was too great.

Chu Yin’s fingers squeezed tightly, took a deep breath, and continued to read down.

This time, she almost broke her finger.

【He intended to repeat his old tricks to Chu Yin again – torture her, imprison her, brainwash her, and turn her into the next remote control to restrain Lu Zhen. Just like what he did to Su Yumin…】

Chu Yin felt like she couldn’t breathe.

She didn’t know this happened in her last life until this moment.

She didn’t feel relieved. She just thought it was absurd.

This was Lu Linyuan? Couldn’t he use some advanced methods? What else was this old pervert expect from holding a woman hostage?

But Chu Yin also understood that Lu Linyuan could completely do these things.

This garbage world, this garbage villain, and this garbage story’s conflict.

But Lu Zhen was still threatened by this inferior method.

There were still many mysteries between her and Lu Zhen. The dog man had not yet fully explained it to her, Chu Yin now knew what she was going to do.

—The world gave her the “right to revise”, which was to correct the injustice.

This evil man was nothing. 

This was in, a true sense, life-changing.

“Do you want to use the permission to change the script?(Warm reminder: Because the situation can greatly change after the modification, the system can not predict the random events.)

Chu Yin: “Use it.”

How could she not use it? Could she make Lu Linyuan, a dog man, be happy?

Don’t even think about happiness.

After Chu Yin cut off a section of a paragraph, an extremely sour and refreshing feeling overtook her – she knew that these plots that had tortured them in the past life would not happen again.

She grabbed the light pen and wrote down a new plotline by word:

【Lu Linyuan failed. He couldn’t say what he wanted to say and everything he wanted to do was unsuccessful. He couldn’t get everything he wanted to pursue. In the second half of his life, he would pay for all the evil things he did and spend his life in prison.】

Chu Yin threw the pen. Hehe.

I can also write a new story for you when you’re in jail, and I can make it into a series.

In the alley outside the city, the scene is very chaotic.

After several gunshots, the situation was temporarily brought under control.

How did it get to this point? No one knew. 

But from the beginning, the negotiations from both people on both sides weren’t optimistic. This resulted in fighting.

Today, the two sides had completely revealed themselves.

Lu Linyuan’s people were more ruthless and even more desperate than Lu Zhen’s professional bodyguards, so they took the initiative.

Lu Zhen was crushed under the street lamp, watching Lu Linyuan indifferently walk towards him.

This scene was exactly the same as in the previous life. What was different was his state of mind.

Next, Lu Linyuan would smile gently, tell him everything, and destroy his spirit. From that moment on, the rules of the world would suddenly become clear, and the “human design” began to collide with his independent consciousness.

But now, Lu Zhen’s heart was calm. He quietly just waited for him to speak.

Then tell Lu Linyuan, he knew all about it.

…But things didn’t seem right.

“Azhen, do you know, actually…” Lu Linyuan smiled, but he oddly couldn’t speak.

“I…those… are me…” Lu Linyuan’s expression changed.

Lu Zhen stared at him for a long while, then suddenly smiled.



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