I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 57 part 4

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 57 – Giving it back to you (4)

“Uncle, what do you want to say?”

“Are you going to say that… Grandpa is seriously ill because of the family doctor and nurse that you hired?”

“You have actually had an affair with my mother for more than ten years, and her mental illness was because of you? You even considred it as your piece of work.”

“You held my mother hostage, leading to my father’s car accident?”

“And you’re ready to torture the next person to get the same results you want?”

Lu Zhen learned everything in his previous life.  After his spirit and motivation were destroyed, he ran away in a hurry, like a dead beast. When he found the last person he could protect, he caught her in his arms, tightly clinger to her.

But Lu Zhen, in this current life, spoke lightly. Because no matter how intense the shock and despair, after a single lifetime, it would fade.

The shock in Lu Linyuan’s eyes was very similar to him in his previous life.

Lu Zhen smiled. “But it’s a pity – Grandpa is not ill and is in good health. My mother has been transferred to the hospital and is receiving psychological treatment. And…my person 1 Referring to Chu Yin , you can’t touch her.”

“Uncle, there is a better place in the world for you. Go there.”

After speaking, the police sirens sounded not far away, piercing the entire night sky.

From the beginning to the end, he did all these steps by step. The so-called Lu family’s struggle for power was only a way to push him out of power.

Since he had already returned, he would not give Lu Linyuan another opportunity to take advantage of it.

A larger group of people emerged from the dark, surrounding him, and the people on Lu Linyuan’s side resisted with difficulty but were eventually disarmed.

Lu Linyuan’s face became a little distorted, and suddenly he raised his gun at Lu Zhen.

“Azhen, are you so sure of winning? Are you sure you can keep that little girl?”

Lu Zhen: “The materials Song Yanchuan provided me, I will use it well.”

Lu Linyuan suddenly realized that Song Yanchuan, that bastard, was also on Lu Zhen’s side.

 For people like him, the sense of failure was the biggest torment.

Lu Linyuan’s face twisted for a few seconds, then he aimed at Lu Zhen’s heart and pulled the trigger—

“AZhen, then die with me!”

He didn’t see the seconds before Lu Zhen raised his gun. After two startling sounds, Lu Linyuan’s hands fell soft as blood trickled down.

“I forgot to say.” Lu Zhen took the gun and watched Lu Linyuan being thrown to the ground by his men.

He whispered, “In my previous life, I used you as an aim target.”

The police car came, flashing red and blue alternately.

The reason why the destruction of the factory last time was suppressed was that it was not the right time. If it was suppressed, Lu Linyuan would doubt and would start investigating him. The sexual abuse towards underage, illegal business, and even drug trade was now gone.

Everything is over…

Lu Zhen casually threw the gun he had just picked on the ground.

There was a frivolity of unreality.

Probably his god was protecting him, so everything went well.

He needed to go back and find her.

Lu Zhen’s fingertips curled up lightly, and in such a chaotic night, the dusty excitement and longing rose in his heart.

If she knows all this, will she understand?

They can still…

But at this moment, Lu Linyuan, who was sitting in the police car in handcuffs, suddenly began to laugh.

He laughed so violently that his body curled, bursting into tears.

“Azhen, you really used a good method, I’m ashamed, but…”

“The person you want to protect may be burnt now~ Hahahahaha…”

Lu Zhen’s pupils shrank suddenly.

Everything was in a trance.

When the smoke billowed, Chu Yin had just woken up from her sleep.

The fire had burned the room.

The old houses were all made of wood. The floor was wooden and all the furniture was made of wood. The tongue of fire quickly burned the entire sofa.

Chu Yin covered her mouth, knocking the system violently: “Quickly, quickly script–“

This dog world!!!

The system unlocked the script for her, and Chu Yin worked hard to read it, but suddenly she was stupefied.


There was no kind of plot.

The house was about to burn, but there was nothing written in the script.

Chu Yin pulled off the pillow towel, wet it, and covered herself with it. As she moved to the door, she asked Xueji: “How come there’s no such kind of plot in the script?!”

“Answer the host, this is a derivative plot after modifying the paragraph. It is the dying blow of the villain and belongs to the logical self consistent part of the plot of the original book. It is not within the scope of system prediction. “

The air was full of burnt smells. Chu Yin tightly covered her mouth and nose, lowering herself, “I can write another sentence by myself!”


Xueji’s voice was regrettable but cold: “Unfortunately, the host does not have a single-sentence permission at this time. There is only one-word permission left in your account.”

A single word.

…But there was no plot, what word could she change?

Chu Yin forced herself not to panic.

The door of the room was not closed, and the whole living room was in flames. This was the sixth floor. The air conditioner outside the old building was sparse. She would die if she jumped down.

Chu Yin needed to move towards the gate.

With such a big fire, people outside didn’t respond. They may have been disposed of.

Under the high temperature, the window glass began to crack. Chu Yin didn’t know how hot the room was becoming, but she had difficulty breathing and her skin was burning.

The distance from here to the door was far away. What was even more frightening was that if the people outside had been dealt with, then the door must have been locked from the outside.


Chu Yin was almost out of strength.

In a daze, she thought, probably this was her life as the short-lived Bai Yueguang… The male lead had solved the core plot, the villain fell, and her role value was over.

…What the hell was this?

She hadn’t had the chance to walk up to Lu Zhen, tell him face to face that this old day 2 Referring to her remembered everything, and that he should atone for all his sins.

Amidst the sound of cracking and burning, Chu Yin heard the horn of the fire truck coming from a distance…

And the next moment, the door that was incomparably far away, was violently broken down.

A person rushed in desperately.

“Young Master!!”

“Don’t go there! The beam is about to collapse!” 

The flames singed on Lu Zhen’s clothes and jumped on his skin. Not even realizing it, he rushed towards Chu Yin.

He finally understood.

The rules of the world still wouldn’t let him go.

Even if he was born in the next lifetime, he was still under the rules of the world…

Since he can’t help her…

The only solution is to die for her…

Lu Zhen rushed over from the sea of ​​flames, threw himself on Chu Yin, and wrapped her tightly around his body.

…If the rules were still affecting him and if he was destined not to be with her.

…Then die. He was the biggest threat to her in this world.

Because he loves her forever.

Chu Yin laboriously opened her eyes, seeing Lu Zhen’s blur silhouette.

He rushed in through the door as the beams of the room gradually collapsed.


The young man’s arms were wide.  For a moment, in this burning room, a cold kiss suddenly fell on her lips.

In a few seconds, the beam finally smashed down. The sound of bone fracture being broken down seemed to roar in Chu Yin’s mind.

At the last moment, she heard the young man’s hoarse voice.

“I love you.”

“I’ll give you your life back.”



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