I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 58 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 58 – Salvation (1)

 Chu Yin had a dream of people talking.

“You’re the only one I’m willing to be with till I die.”

“You’ll die in my hands…”

Lu Zhen smiled, leaning over and saying something in her ear.

Chu Yin couldn’t hear it.

This was the afterimage of her last life before she died. Now it’s reappearing in her dream.

What did Lu Zhen say at the time?

Chu Yin wandered in the dream. And for some reason, his voice suddenly became clear.

It turned out that on that day when Lu Zhen leaned in to whisper in her ears, he said in a voice full of despair:

“You can take my life anytime.” 

His voice was low and hoarse, overlapping with the voice of the young boy.

— “I’ll give you your life back.”


Chu Yin immediately opened her eyes –

Lu Zhen was also reborn.

This was her first thought when she woke up.

Her pupils gradually gaining their focus. She slowly saw the pure white ceiling above her head.

The smell of disinfectant floated in the air. The curtains were closed, and the winter sun shone through and warmly fell on her.

Burning the house was probably Lu Linyuan’s alternative plan. He knew there were chances he couldn’t get Chu Yin, so if he failed, he could simply drive Lu Zhen mad.

Chu Yin opened her eyes and stayed in a daze for a while.

When Chu Shi came in from the outside, he found that she was awake and ran to the doctor with great excitement. Then he went to Chu Yin’s bed and asked softly, “How is Yin Yin? Is there any pain?”

Chu Yin hooked her lips and shook her head.

Lu Zhen came in time and took her out in his arms. Chu Yin didn’t get burnt, but her throat was severely swollen and painful because of the smoke she inhaled.

After painfully swallowing her saliva, she asked softly, “Where’s Lu Zhen?”

The last time she saw Lu Zhen was when the ceiling collapsed in the fire. The sound of broken bones rang in her mind, making it unforgettable.

Chu Shi’s expression froze for a moment, got up to give way to the doctor, lowered his head, and said nothing.

When he learned that Chu Yin was trapped in the fire, his mentality collapsed.

Even if he wanted to rush to save her immediately, it was too late. Chu Shi hurriedly left the company.

Two people were pulled out from the fire scene. Although Chu Yin’s face was covered with ashes, when Chu Shi rushed to the stretcher, he found that her breathing was stable, and there was no big problem with her body. His heart fell with great relief.

And the other person who was rescued…

When he saw Lu Zhen, he had completely lost consciousness. His entire back was bloody, and his bones were extremely distorted.

Chu Shi heard someone say that as the beam of the house collapsed, Lu Zhen jumped on Chu Yin and used himself as a human wall to block all the things for Chu Yin.

It took him a long time to digest this fact.

Lu Zhen – the future successor of the Lu family, the wealthiest heir, it wasn’t too much to say that he was a man worth thousands of gold. To save his sister’s life, he sacrificed his.

When Chu Yin woke up, Chu Shi repeatedly recalled the dream he had. He began to doubt deeply. Would such a person hurt his sister?

The doctor performed a simple examination on Chu Yin. There was nothing wrong with her. “Don’t be afraid, it’s all over. You can go home after two days of recuperation.”

Chu Yin nodded, “Thank you.”

Since Chu Shi did not answer her, it gave Chu Yin a bad feeling. She stretched out her hand, grabbed the doctor’s hem, and asked, “Where is the person who came out of the fire with me…?”

“Oh, that boy?” The doctor looked at her gently and said, “It’s okay, he saved your life. It’s – don’t think too much. Just take care of yourself first.”

It was impossible not to think about it.

How serious was his condition for the doctor to describe it as saving her life?

Chu Yin now understood.

She thought the wrong direction before, thinking that other special energy fluctuations would be someone who has special golden fingers like her. But now she suddenly realized that in addition to Goldfinger, she could be…reborn just like her.

Her thinking process before was wrong. She thought that the special energy fluctuation refers to him having a similar golden finger as her. But now she realized that besides the golden finger, Lu Zhen could be reborn like her.

Lu Zhen also remembered all of them.

 “So, how is he?” Chu Yin spoke a little bit laboriously.

Chu Shi sighed, unable to lie in her bright gaze: “Lu Zhen… his spinal cord was severely damaged, causing his entire body to be paralyzed…”

Chu Yin stared at him motionlessly.

Chu Shi replied in difficulty as if his throat was swollen: “In short, he’s in a vegetative state.”

Chu Yin closed her eyes.

Her breathing was a little hot as though she was still in the fire.

To compensate me in exchange for his life, who the hell made this tragic solution?


Chu Shi held Chu Yin’s hand and said in a warm voice, “Listen to the doctor, don’t think much. Because of the status of the Lu family, the world’s famous doctors will be transferred to Lu Zhen for treatment. Don’t worry. “

Chu Yin closed her eyes and nodded.

But her long eyelashes were trembling. No one knew what she was thinking.

The Lu Family had experienced another unprecedented turmoil.

First, the two sides seized power and fought each other at night. Then one side went to prison and the other to the hospital.

The heir became a vegetable, lying on the hospital bed and relying on equipment to survive.

Grandfather Lu’s‘ serious illness’ was supposed to be fake, but all of a sudden, he fell ill.

He didn’t know if God would punish him for making his son go first. And now he dragged his only grandson to the gate of the dead. 

Seeing Lu Zhen lying in the ICU with pipes inserted in his body, his hair immediately turned white.

The secretary next to him held on to the old man: “Master Lu, this is a crucial time to hold on! Young Master will surely wake up!”

Although Grandfather Lu was very old, his face became several decades older overnight. 

When Lu Zhen told him about his plan, he hesitated. The reason was that Lu Linyuan’s performance over the past few decades has been too watertight and his ambition was not extreme. 

But it turned out that everything Lu Zhen told him came true one by one. Even he was shocked at how deep his young son took advantage of Lu’s limelight.

Lu Zhen was fierce. He single-handedly chopped down obstacles to his future.

But if Grandfather Lu had known the price of this, he would rather let Lu Linyuan take over the company and let his grandson grow up safely.

The girl Lu Zhen rescued…

He had nothing to say. The greatest self-restraint he had was not going to the Chu Family for trouble.



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