I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 58 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 58 – Salvation (2)

Grandfather Lu sighed a long time. His son and grandson were all put in great danger because of their woman.

“Are the medicine experts from the United States not here yet?”

“They will arrive tonight.”

“Well, directly escort them and arrange for the best hotels.”


All the top and best doctors were gathered in Lu Zhen’s ward.

After studying his CT film for two days straight, the situation was still not optimistic.

When there were few people, Chu Yin went downstairs and walked from his ward to the intensive care unit.

 Lu Zhen’s ward was surrounded by layers of bodyguards, and she couldn’t get through.

Xueji: “Everything is so familiar.”

Chu Yin asked: “Seems familiar? This had happened before?”

After Xueji expressed its misleading attitude, it fell silent.

Chu Yin didn’t bother to pay attention to it and slowly stepped forward. The bodyguard immediately stopped her. 

“Little sister, you can’t go there.”

Chu Yin pursed her lips: “I’m his… classmate.”

“You have no permission to visit Young Master.”

The bodyguard next to her recognized her, “You’re the one that day…”

The girl in front of them was the girl Young Master saved. 

Because he saved her, his spine got smashed by the falling ceiling and now he was lying on the hospital bed.

The bodyguard looked at the girl in front of him.

She was wearing a hospital gown and her clothes were loose. She had a fragile beauty. Both her face and skin were as delicate as porcelain. Her eyes were beautiful and pure. She had an indescribable beauty.

He could understand why the young master would be like that.

This kind of girl would make people go crazy.

Although his young master was excellent and mature, most people thought of him as an emotionless machine. The Young Master rushed into the sea of flames to save his sweetheart…this was truly admirable.

The bodyguard sighed. “Let me tell you something. The Young Master’s condition is not very good. The medical experts have no positive diagnosis until now. So, little sister…”

“If you want to wait, no one can blame you.”

He overheard the conversation between the president of the hospital and the head nurse. If the young master’s situation would be improved, it would be considered a medical miracle.

 Chu Yin paused for a few seconds, nodded, and thanked him. She turned around and left.

No problem.

Medical experts can’t, but she can.

Lu Zhen was seriously injured and fell into a vegetative state. He was almost at death’s door at first.

The bloody storm of the Lu family’s fighting for power had just ended. Lu Linyuan was put to jail under the flashlight of the reporters, but the successor, Lu Zhen, had yet to show up. 

Reporters from the city scratched their hearts and squatted for several days, and finally got news from the nurse who leaked the news.

Since the media reporters couldn’t shut their mouths, the news of Lu Zhen’s hospitalization spread like wildfire.

Although they didn’t know the specific situation, the injury must be so serious that he couldn’t show up in public.

Huiwen school soon learned the news.

[My brother Zhen!]

[Although I didn’t vote for you this year, you’re still my ex-husband ah!!]

[Brother Zhen, don’t worry, wuwuwu]

The wealthy people knew more about it. The Liang family had plans to marry the Lu family, and they paid close attention to Lu Zhen. 

After several days of investigating, they finally discovered Lu Zhen’s condition. They didn’t expect it to be so serious.

Liang Yueqi had complicated feelings.

Although she couldn’t get this person no matter how hard she tried, now that he fell into this despair, Liang Yueqi felt regretful.

Fu Mingxuan, and other wealthy daughters who had the same ambitions for Lu Zhen, wanted to come and see him, but since it was a serious matter, they knew they couldn’t.

Song Zhaolin knew more about the details through his elder brother. He even knew… Chu Yin was there that night, and Lu Zhen’s spine broke just to keep Chu Yin from being injured.

When Chu Yin returned to school, her classmates thought that she was on vacation. She didn’t explain too much. As she was sorting out her notes, she heard Song Zhaolin next to her burst into tears.

Chu Yin looked over.

Song Zhaolin cried: “Sister Yin, Brother Zhen’s illness is serious.”

Although he knew he couldn’t elaborate, he couldn’t help but feel sad.

Chu Yin sighed, didn’t say anything, and just rolled out the papers and worked on the questions.

There were still a few days left for the final exam, she must hurry up.

…to get the system’s permission.


Song Zhaolin looked at her in shock, Chu Yin didn’t seem to be affected at all, even when this situation happened because Lu Zhen saved her…

He always knew that Chu Yin was a ruthless person, this kind of ruthlessness was indeed very handsome and cool, and he also knew that. 

But maybe, he was too sentimental, he was very sad whenever he thought of the once incomparably beautiful young man lying in bed with a tube full of pipes.

Chu Yin stopped writing, sighed, and turned to look at Song Zhaolin, “I’m praying.”

Song Zhaolin sniffed his nose: “Huh?”

Chu Yin said, “I asked around. The senior students who were about to take the college entrance examination pray very well.  As long as they study hard, the Buddha will hear it.”

Song Zhaolin’s eyes lit up: “Really!!”


But he would believe it.

Chu Yin touched her head: “So study.” 

In the next few days, Song Zhaolin started to study hard.

The speed of Chu Yin answering questions was comparable to that of the devil.

The final exam was over.

It was time to return to school to get the results.

During this time, Lu Zhen’s actual situation was dug up bit by bit by the public, and it had caused a lot of noise.

It was reported that the only heir of the Lu family had cancer and was receiving treatment recently.

There was also gossip that the sole heir couldn’t show up because of stress and mental problems.

There were various kinds of rumors, each sounded terrible and tragic.

When the results were announced, Chu Yin’s grades on each subject were excellent. Although several events happened this semester, the good thing was that she has a good foundation and worked hard enough. She was still in the first place.



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