I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 58 part 3

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 58 – Salvation (3)

But she still couldn’t relax because the task released by the system this time was not getting first place in the exam, but having over 700 points.

The final exam for senior three was in line with the college entrance examination, and the degree of difficulty was high. 

Chu Yin currently scored 561 points in three major subjects, and the last remaining Chinese was the one she was least good at.

She needs to get 139 points. 

When the result of the Chinese subject was announced, Jiang Yan ran over excitedly: “Yin Yin! You got perfect scores in essay!”

Chu Yin raised her eyes, “Total score?”

Jiang Yan: “140! Too awesome!!!”

Chu Yin sighed abruptly and then felt tired afterward.

She knew that her Chinese language was weak. She only wrote half a copy of her composition materials in the past few days, which seemed to be useful.

“Ding –  [Final exam 700+]. Task completed. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the [Change a Single Sentence] permission~”

“Host, what are you going to use for~”

Chu Yin: “Return things.”

Xueji was puzzled: “What thing?”

Chu Yin: “Life.”

Lu Zhen paid her back, but she didn’t want it. 

She would rather Lu Zhen wake up and explain everything clearly.

Xueji looked coldly and said, “Host, didn’t you always want the male lead to die?”

Chu Yin: “But this time Lu Zhen saved me from death, okay.”

Xueji: “Then what if he died by accident and not by saving you?”

Chu Yin: “Shut up.”

I don’t want to think or to answer.

…And I don’t want him to die.

She looked at the script and wrote, 【Medical Experts finally gave up regretfully and announced they couldn’t do anything】

Chu Yin drew a long line and crossed out all these words.

She wrote: 【Lu Zhen is cured. It was a miracle.】

‘god’ was so unreasonable.

Because she had superpowers.

Grandfather Lu lost a lot of his hair from worry.

Everyone was watching the future of the Lu Household.

If Lu Zhen falls, even if Grandfather Lu was in good health, there would be no successor in Lu’s family, which would inevitably end in a dwindling day.

All the wealthy families were watching silently, and the Song family was also one of them.

Nothing else was special, but Song Yanchuan felt a little surprised seeing Song Zhaolin’s unusually diligent learning state these days.

However, after observing for a while, he found that after ten minutes of writing, Song Zhaolin would hold his pen to his chest, close his eyes, and recite words with a devout face.

Song Yanchuan simply suspected that he had entered a cult.

He went to listen to him secretly and heard his mutterings: “God, God, Buddha, bless Brother Zhen. Give him strength to get through the difficulties so he regains his consciousness. Amen, Hallelujah, Amitabha!”

Song Yanchuan: “…”

First of all, pray to have normal intelligence.

Song Yanchuan went to the balcony and lit a cigarette.

He didn’t expect that the “chosen son” would end up like this.

Because Song Yanchuan stood on Lu Zhen’s side and made a thorough friendship with the Lu family, he knew more details. With the current level of medical treatment, Lu Zhen had no hope.

Even if he would recover consciousness, he would have brain damage, which he had to carry for the rest of his life.

Well, god knows…

Outside Lu Zhen’s ward, the bodyguard rushed out excitedly: “Young Master is awake! Young Master is awake!!!”

Lu Zhen opened his eyes.

All the muscles in his body were stiff, it should be because he laid down for too long.

It took him a few seconds to sort out the situation and realized that this was a hospital ward.

Before losing consciousness, the pain of being smashed by the ceiling disappeared.

He felt it slowly and found that his whole body was normal. As if he had never died once.

…the boiling sea of fire, the girl in his arms, the cold kiss, the tearing pain, and the whistling sound in his mind.

Lu Zhen was quiet for a moment.

Then suddenly began to laugh.


Uncontrollably laughing as his body quiver.

It’s Chu Yin.

…She didn’t let him die.

It was a miracle, coming by her own hands.

The news of Lu Zhen’s recovery was more tightly covered than the news of his serious injury and paralysis.

After Grandfather Lu was overjoyed, Lu Zheni issued a severe seal order, and no one was allowed to expose Lu Zhen’s situation. If people knew, he (LZ) would be dragged into the laboratory for anatomical observation.

With such a serious injury and severely damaged nerves, he completely recovered with no side effects.



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