I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 59 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 59So hot (2)

She turned around, trying to cool down her face. She pointed at the person on the bed. “I have to study now. No one could hinder me from studying.”

There was still a semester to go before the college entrance examination. Although something big happened, Chu Yin’s priority was still the college entrance exam.

Lu Zhen nodded and smiled. “Good.”

Chu Yin fiercely warned him. “Be careful. If you do that again, I’ll kill you.”

Lu Zhen raised his hand, blocking the smile on his lips: “I understand.”

After that, Chu Yin put on her hood again, glared at him one last time, turned, and walked towards the door.

“Go and study hard. I will always be looking at you from behind.”

Lu Zhen looked at her back, his voice very soft, but firm. “The most important thing in my life is you.”

Lu Zhen, the successor of the Lu family, reappeared in the public eye, looking healthy and calm, breaking all kinds of weird rumors.

Not long later, a board meeting hosted by Grandfather Lu was convened which was unanimously approved, making Lu Zhen the new director and marking Lu Zhen’s official beginning of taking over the affairs of the Lu Group.

From then on, he changed from the young master to the CEO of the Lu.

Lu Linyuan’s case would take time to solve. Grandfather Lu took a great deal to solve this matter carefully. Those who tried to threaten the Lu Family would have to be gouged out.

On a rainy day, Lu Zhen went to the place where Lu Linyuan was detained.

The car stopped outside the prison. Lu Zhen was wearing a black coat.

He walked into the interview room, sat down on the glass side, and waited quietly.

Not long after, the door opposite to the room opened, Lu Linyuan, who was wearing a prison uniform, walked out slowly. His handsome face, which was properly maintained, had grown old in just a few days.

As soon as he saw Lu Zhen, he started to laugh.

“Oh, Azhen~ No, I should call you Master Lu now, right?”

Lu Zhen looked at him silently.

In his previous life, he also sent Lu Linyuan to prison, but it was many years later than now. The process was much harder.

Seeing Lu Linyuan wearing a prison uniform earlier in this life, Lu Zhen felt very calm.

The most important thing had been solved by him. Looking at Lu Linyuan now, he was nothing more than a character controlled by the plot.

“Are you getting used to it?” Lu Zhen asked blankly.

Lu Linyuan’s expression was stiff. The person opposite to him was delicate and calm, contrary to him who was separated by the glass. The stark difference made him feel resentful. His eyes became gloomy.

“It’s okay. Of course I like the place my nephew personally sent me.” Lu Linyuan said weirdly.

Lu Zhen was not surprised: “That’s good that you like it. After all, you have to stay there for a long time.”

Lu Linyuan’s face was distorted for a moment, and he suddenly smiled: “By the way, is that little girl Chu Yin okay?”

He suddenly approached the glass, stared at Lu Zhen as he whispered. “To be honest, she’s so beautiful. I feel distressed when I decided to burn her. Azhen, you forced me to do this. Do you know you killed her?”

Lu Zhen’s black eyes looked at him unblinkingly, and then the corners of his lips slightly curled up. “She’s fine. No parts of her body has been hurt.”

Lu Linyuan had no access to the news in prison. Hearing Lu Zhen’s words, his eyebrows nervously moved.

“But you provoke someone you shouldn’t provoke.” Lu Zhen said.

Lu Linyuan laughed as if he heard some joke, “Someone I can’t mess with? Who? You? My dear Azhen, don’t think highly of yourself”

Lu Zhen smiled and shook his head: “She.”

Lu Linyuan was taken aback.

She? What she?

Was there someone backing up Lu Zhen? Who was it?

When the visiting time was up, the alarm bell rang.

Lu Linyuan looked at him abruptly: “Who is helping you?!”

Song Yanchuan didn’t have the ability to turn against the water. Could it be that an aristocratic family was secretly supporting Lu Zhen? Lu Linyuan thought gloomily.

Many kinds of conspiracies flashed through his mind.

Lu Zhen stood up, looking at him with a condescending smile. He had been his enemy for two lifetimes.

He once thought that since Lu Linyuan ruined their lives, as revenge, he would make him pay twice the agony they had received.

But now he felt it was unnecessary.

She should make the ending for you.

“Accept your fate, uncle.” After that, Lu Zhen turned and left.

This time.

The gods protected me. 

And they chose to judge you.


It took Chu Yin a long time to see Lu Linyuan’s part in the script.

The trial process was long. The Lu family sincerely cooperated with the police. 

When the results of Lu Linyuan’s trial came out, the short winter vacation was over.

Lu Linyuan was sentenced to life imprisonment. But Chu Yin felt that a person like him wouldn’t repent even if he was sent to prison.


He never repented for all the tortures he caused to others. Lu Linyuan just felt he lost to Lu Zhen. He didn’t think any of his deeds were wrong.

Chu Yin laughed at the script twice.

At the thought of what Lu Linyuan had done to Lu Zhen’s mother and what he had tried to do to her, Chu Yin was very angry.

Don’t want to repent? It doesn’t matter, I’ll help you repent.

She would let the old pervert taste the feeling of being tortured so that he would learn to repent!

Amen! Chu Yin’s trial is coming!—

As a former celebrity, Lu Linyuan certainly had superiority compared with these prisoners.

Although he was sentenced to life imprisonment, as long as the means were in place, it was not impossible to turn his cell into a hotel.

But the conditions here are a bit too bad. The cafeteria and bathhouses are all public, and they are all basic living needs. Under the operation of Lu Linyuan, he asked the prison guards to use the toilet in the public bathhouse alone.

But the conditions here were too bad. The cafeteria and bathrooms were all shared. Lu Linyuan asked the prison guards to give him the toilet for his exclusive use.

“Oh, isn’t this the big boss?”

The prisoner who watched Lu Linyuan enter the dressing room whistled.

Lu Linyuan’s face was gloomy. He gave him a disdained look.

“Oh, the big boss wants to ignore us–“

Several shirtless men gathered around and began to push him.

“What are you doing?!”

 “Big boss, these little ones want to serve you!”

“Get out!”

“Didn’t you hear me? I told you to get out!”

Several people, regardless of Lu Linyuan’s scolding and resistance, “serve” him by taking off his clothes. They were surprised at what they saw.


“He turned out to be a eunuch?”


Fuck! This disrespectful behavior.

Lu Linyuan had never suffered such humiliation in his entire life. His face was pale. 

Because of his social status before, he should have a comfortable life here. No one would dare to trouble him.

Why did the situation suddenly change?!



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