I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 59 part 3

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 59So hot (3)

Soon, more and more people gathered around him. Lu Linyuan’s nude body was publicly shown to everyone: “Go away! Get out here! All of you!”

“Hahaha!! Come and have a look!”

People began to toss him amidst the laughter.

And in the crevice of the crowd, a person looked at him with a strange smile on their face.

Lu Linyuan’s prison life had just begun.

The new semester had begun.

This was the last semester before the college entrance examination start. It would be in a few months.

Chu Yin was busily preparing for the exam.  

And Huiwen was very lively today, because…

Lu Zhen was back.

The young man in black clothes and trousers stood at the entrance of the corridor, his lips hooked as he watched Chu Yin walking in with her bag. 

She had been busy studying hard these days. He sent her messages every day and she would occasionally reply to them.

The Huiwen students were very excited when they saw Lu Zhen.

After all, they thought Brother Zhen was going to die, but now he was standing here, still as handsome as before. How could they not be excited!

The whole corridor was secretly watching him.

Lu Zhen leaned against the wall, and when Chu Yin walked over, he smiled and stopped in front of her.

Chu Yin raised her eyes, glanced at all directions, and pursed her lips. “Why?”

Lu Zhen raised his hand and straightened her collar. When he lowered his head, he whispered, “I miss you.”

His low voice made her feel itchy in the ears.

Chu Yin was instantly alerted.

Fortunately, no one was standing close, otherwise, she couldn’t imagine how big the uproar among the students would be.

However, all the people in the corridor were already shocked.

—No! What happened?

—The former School’s Apollo was fixing the present School’s Apollo, bah – School’s Flower! Her collar?

—Something’s wrong! Something’s wrong! 

Chu Yin stepped on Lu Zhen’s foot expressionlessly and said in a low voice, “You. Don’t. Disturb. Me.”

Lu Zhen snorted and then looked down. Seeing her white and small ears becoming red, Lu Zhen laughed: “I understand.”

Chu Yin was about to walk into the classroom when suddenly, a voice full of emotion, roared.


Song Zhaolin threw himself in front of Lu Zhen: “I miss you so much!!!”

Although he knew the news of Lu Zhen’s recovery in advance, Song Zhaolin hadn’t seen him at all. 

When looking at Lu Zhen this time, he couldn’t help but burst into tears!

Lu Zhen smiles: “I know.”

Song Zhaolin saw Chu Yin next to him, and hurriedly rushed over: “Sister Yin! I miss you too!”

But before he took a step, he was directly tossed by Lu Zhen. Pulling back his collar, Lu Zhen warned. “Keep your distance.”

Song Zhaolin blinked his eyes: “Huh?”

Lu Zhen: “Don’t get close to her in class.”

Song Zhaolin: “Huh?”

Lu Zhen patted him on the shoulder: “Or I’ll beat you.”

Song Zhaolin: “…Oh.”

After a second, he suddenly felt that something was wrong – CEO Lu, how can you act like this to your savior?!

“Brother Zhen, don’t you know! I prayed day and night for your health recovery!”

Lu Zhen: “?”

Chu Yin: “…”

She forgot that she fooled him.

Song Zhaolin triumphantly said. “For you, i studied hard for a few days, begging all the gods in the east and the west. Hey, sure enough! They answered my prayers and healed you.”

Chu Yin covered her face, pretending not to see him.

“Oh?” Lu Zhen chuckled and glanced across Chu Yin, “So it’s thanks to you?”

Chu Yin put down her hand, her little face was tensed. She turned and entered the classroom.

But before she stepped into the classroom door, she was held back.

Lu Zhen smiled. He placed sweet milk in her palm.

The milk was still hot.

Lu Zhen carefully closed her fingers and poked her cheeks. His eyebrows softened as he said: “I know it’s you. Go study.”


Chu Yin lowered her eyes. She snorted before taking the milk from him.

Song Zhaolin looked left and right. He realized something was wrong.

It was obviously the three of them. Why couldn’t he join the conversation?


The whole grade found out.

Lu Zhen rarely appeared in school, but there was one thing in common where he would only appear.

Chu Yin was there.

Lu Zhen did not interrupt her study but went to her during the break or occasional physical education class.

Lu Zhen didn’t disturb her study. He would sometimes visit her during breaks or when it was time for a physical education class. 

But wise people noticed that the wind had changed.

Lu Zhen would appear in the cafeteria and put a cup of hot milk tea on Chu Yin’s table. He would appear during the physical education class and accompany her to run.

Various posts were floating in the forum— [My ship is finally sailing!]

[Is my CP truly dating! I’ll start my investigation now! Tune in for more melon-seeds news!]

While Chu Yin was studying, she periodically heard these rumors.

Song Zhaolin couldn’t believe it. “Really? Really? No, no, no, no?”

Chu Yin: “Be quiet!”

Next time Lu Zhen comes back, she must educate him!

The weather was getting warmer, so you don’t need to wear a jacket for gym class. High school seniors have very few physical education classes. This semester is only one week a week. After class, all the students ran out excitedly.

The weather was getting warmer. It was no longer necessary to wear a jacket in gym class. Senior students had few gym classes. This semester only had one class a week.

Chu Yin sat in an empty classroom to study. Not long after, a figure swayed in.

He placed a cup of milk tea on the table. And added her favorite taro balls.

 As soon as she raised her head, Lu Zhen had already sat on the chair. He leaned against his temple with one hand, tilted his head, and smiled at her.

The sun was warm. The blue sky and white clouds were beautiful. The young man slightly smiled. She was the only one reflected in his dark eyes.

Chu Yin was stunned for a second and was dazzled by him. Her eyelashes fluttered a few times before remembering an unfinished business.

“Come here.” She hooked her finger, and then led the person to the corner of the corridor.

At this moment, a random student happened to pass by. When she saw these two figures, she immediately raised her vigilance.

The student held her breath, quietly stood by the wall, and peeked out her head.

The legendary elder sister (CY) leaned her back against the wall, with one hand on her hips, saying something.

The legendary senior (LZ) stood in front of her, with his head slightly lowered, showing a well-behaved and obedient attitude.

This situation looked like a teacher educating a student??  It’s just that their posture was a bit wrong.

The student didn’t understand what was going on. She temporarily put her head back, took a breath, and then stretched her head out again. To eat melon-seeds, she didn’t mind acting indecently anymore!

But as she poked her head out, she was suddenly stupefied.

They’re fighting??

What the fuck?

Her heart was beating, but when she took a closer look, she misunderstood.

The legendary senior was beaten unilaterally!

Chu Yin wrapped him by the arms, kicked him with her foot, and then beat him several times with her fist.

She could faintly hear her low and fierce voice: “Don’t laugh!”

She retracted her head in shock.

Was the CP fake? Were these two fine on the surface but not on the inside? 

Oh my! This was amazing!

She took a breath again and then secretly poked her head out one last time.

This time, the elder sister (CY) had stopped beating the senior (LZ).

But she was stupefied again.

Because she saw the legendary senior carefully hugging the legendary elder sister. The senior then lowered his head…

And lightly kissed the elder sister’s ear.

—The student ran away.

Her face was red. Her heart jumped 180 degrees.

She was not worthy to witness such a bright and special occasion. She was not worthy!!!

Lu Zhen carefully hugged Chu Yin. He asked with a low smile: “Still fighting me?”

She breathed. There was a sense of joy overcoming her heart.

Chu Yin didn’t know if it was because of the exercise she had, but her porcelain face was slightly red.

She whispered. “Restrain yourself. If you can’t, don’t come to school! Or I’ll kill you!”

“Okay.” Lu Zhen responded obediently, and then carefully held her hands.

Chu Yin was distracted by him so she subconsciously looked up, “Hey–”

Lu Zhen smiled, lowered his head, and kissed her small ears.

“Ah, it’s hot.” He chuckled.



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