I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 6

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 6The dog man came to me again

Chu Yin had a good dream.

When she woke up, the sun had already covered her bedroom. She was in a good mood as she stretched herself out on the bed.

Then she suddenly remembered something and asked the system: “Do you care about after-sales feedback?”

Xueji: “Good morning, host~ What kind of after-sales service is it?”

Chu Yin rubbed her hands expectantly: “How about the effect of the nightmare package? Did you scare him to the point he peed himself?”

Xueji: “I’m sorry, we’re not an evil system that finds happiness in bad things!”

Chu Yin was disappointed as she got out of bed.

After washing, Chu Yin walked out of the room, wearing the simple baggy Huiwen’s school uniform.

As soon as she opened the door of the room, she saw Chu Qiuqiu wearing a beautiful short skirt while lovingly holding Chu Shi as they step down the stairs. “Brother, will you take the car with me to school later? I want to ask you a question.”

Chu Shi nodded noncommittally: “Ok.”

The parents of the Chu family had already sat down at the dining table downstairs. After hearing this, they expressed their admiration: “Qiuqiu is so hardworking. It’s really a relief for mom and dad.”

Chu Qiuqiu, with a well-behaved and sensible smile, gave a triumphant glance at Chu Yin as she came down.

Their parents preferred her more. Although her brother made her lose face at the banquet before, maybe he didn’t like her bringing many people to him? Otherwise, how could he be more partial to Chu Yin, who he had not met for ten years?

Chu Yin didn’t even look at her. She went to the dining table and her brother opened the chair beside him: “Sit here.”

She nodded and sat down next to Chu Shi.

Chu Qiuqiu quietly curled her lips. Not only did this country bumpkin sister taste the soil, but she was also like a wooden stake, and she didn’t even know how to express her gratitude.

The Chu parents were usually very busy, and it was rare for them to get together for dinner. 

Father Chu sat on the seat, looked at the young, beautiful, and energetic children, and said with satisfaction: “Xiao Yin has finally returned. You are all members of the Chu family. From now on, you will help and support each other.”

Chu Yin and Chu Shi’s faces were both dull, only Chu Qiuqiu responded sweetly: “Yes, Dad! My sister’s education level is different from ours so she naturally need to keep up with the progress, but don’t worry! I will help her!”

The parents nodded with relief.

Chu Yin had no response. She didn’t need Chu Qiuqiu’s help plus she didn’t recognize her as her sister. But Chu Shi beside her frowned. He thought Chu Qiuqiu’s words sounded particularly harsh.

“Why can’t she keep up?” Chu Shi said, “I think Xiao Yin can since she often studies at night.”

Mother Chu looked at her in surprise: “Is Xiao Yin so diligent?”

Father Chu’s interest was also piqued.

Chu Yin drank the milk calmly: “it’s okay.”

She didn’t study hard for anyone to see. She studied for herself, not needing to please anyone.

Because the elder brother helped Chu Yin speak, their parent’s expressions showed a hint of approval. Chu Qiuqiu felt unhappy and smiled deliberately, “So, my sister’s previous grades should be pretty good?”

Chu Yin could see at a glance what Chu Qiuqiu was planning in her heart. She said casually, “It’s okay.”

Chu Qiuqiu rolled her eyes in her heart–’it’s okay’?

She thought of the transcript that she found. Although it was not sent to her yet, Chu Qiuqiu already saw a photo of it in advance. Chu Yin’s grades were exactly as she had imagined. She only got 69 out of the 150 math test. Was this grade okay? Her face was even pretending to be humble!

From the time when Chu Yin answered the problem in the public class last time, Chu Qiuqiu discovered that this country bumpkin sister definitely wanted to prove herself by proving herself with her grades!

Chu Qiuqiu smiled secretly in her heart. It seemed that she needed to find a suitable time to let everyone know her true level.

When she got to school, Chu Yin remembered the matter with this donkey Song Zhaolin. Her eyes were filled with a trace of hidden resentment.

Song Zhaolin didn’t get her real meaning and mistakenly thought that his appearance was too handsome today, which made Chu Yin look at him with attentiveness. He changed countless charming sitting positions back and forth between two classes.

While doing the system task’s questions, Chu Yin glanced at Song Zhaolin in puzzlement.

Then the man immediately changed to another new position–resting his chin with his right hand and looking at the blackboard at a 45-degree angle with a melancholy expression.

Chu Yin is sure.

Her deskmate probably had hemorrhoids. So pitiful.

Song Zhaolin didn’t know that he had fallen into a hidden disease in Chu Yin’s heart. He was peeped into two classes by Chu Yin’s eyes, and the whole person was in a state of ecstasy.

Song Zhaolin didn’t know that he had already suffered from a hidden illness in Chu Yin’s heart.

After class, Song Zhaolin went to the international class at a fast pace.

He walked to the back row where Lu Zhen and Tan Ke. Song Zhaolin went there and said confidently, “Am I extremely handsome today?”

Lu Zhen laid on the table, not paying attention to him.

But Tan Ke Le said, “Did you take the wrong medicine?”

Song Zhaolin shook his head: “The beauty sitting next to me had looked at me two times between two classes. I suspect it’s because I’m handsome today!”

Lu Zhen slowly straightened up from the table and showed a handsome face full of drowsiness from his arm. At present, he was still a little green and black, and the brown and red tear mole was listless.

Lu Zhen slowly got off the table and straightened up, revealing a handsome face full of sleepiness. His eyes looked tired and listless.

Song Zhaolin blinked.

Lu Zhen spat out: “Roll.”

Song Zhaolin obeyed the order immediately.

As he rolled out, he wondered–Why did brother Zhen look so sleepy today? Did he not sleep well?

When it finally became quiet, Lu Zhen leaned back on the table again.


He had nightmares back to back last night and couldn’t sleep.

When Song Zhaolin came back, Chu Yin was still struggling with the hardest question.

“Host, you seem to be struggling. Can you finish the task this time?”

Chu Yin bit the tip of her pen, her brain rapidly working.

She vaguely felt that after the completion of each task, the task difficulty and rewards seemed to be gradually increasing. For example, she could solve the previous hardest problem smoothly, but this time, the math problem was obviously more difficult.

After thinking about the problem, Chu Yin still couldn’t solve it for a while. It just so happened that it was break time, she was going to ask her math teacher.

Just as Song Zhaolin returned to his seat, Chu Yin thought for a moment and asked him, “Where have you been?”

Song Zhaolin’s heart had a burst of excitement – his deskmate began to care about what he was doing!

In the past, she only had books in her heart!

But now, he was part of it!

Song Zhaolin told her: “I went to the international class, but I didn’t stay long because brother Zhen was sleepy and wanted to go to sleep, I rolled back…”

Chu Yin got the answer she wanted and stood up with her test paper.

Lu Zhen was in the classroom–safe! √ 

After Chu Yin left, several people in class 5 laughed.

“If I’m not mistaken, will this ‘bookworm’ student in our class ask the teacher?” said a girl named Xing Lan.

Both she and Fu Mingxuan were one of the top students in class 5, and they simply scoffed at Chu Yin’s behavior.

“Lan Lan, study committee member, would you like to have a look? I’m afraid that the question “Xueba” asks is too simple, which will make our sister Wang angry. ” Fu Mingxuan said sarcastically.

“Yes, I’ll take a look.”


Chu Yin walked into the math office and found the math teacher in class 5. She politely greeted the teacher.

Although she didn’t answer questions in class, she still listened well. This teacher surnamed Wang gave a good lecture.

“What’s the matter?”

Teacher Wang was a typical female teacher. She liked good students but had a general attitude towards poor students and students that didn’t make an impression. The transfer student in front of her was obviously the latter. With her head down while wearing a mask every day, she still didn’t know what this student looked like.

Chu Yin took out her paper and said, “There is a question I want to ask you.”

Teacher Wang saw that she was still self-motivated, so she patiently looked at it, “Which one?”

Chu Yin pointed to the last big question of the paper: “This.”

Teacher Wang saw that this was the most difficult final question in the whole set of papers. It was very difficult that only the top students in the grade could do it.

She looked again and found that the whole set of papers for this student was blank, and she only did this question. She was so angry that this student didn’t even try to solve the other questions- What she hates most is this kind of ambitious student that has no skill at all.

Teacher Wang patted the paper: “You didn’t do the previous questions. Can you guarantee that they are all correct?”

For Chu Yin, all the questions except for the last two questions were very simple to her. It’s not that she didn’t do it, but she only prioritized the hardest questions first.

As Chu Yin was about to speak, a voice suddenly came behind her: “Teacher, is Student Chu already at this level? I can’t even solve the second question.” 

Teacher Wang looked at Xing Lan, a good student in the class, with a soft look: “Don’t learn from her!”

Xing Lan chuckled and laughed: “Teacher, I thought Chu Yin is very good at learning.”

Chu Yin put away her papers. It seemed that she couldn’t ask for help from this teacher.

Her eyes looked around the office, leaving only one teacher present. She thought about it and walked over with the paper.

“Excuse me, teacher. Can I ask you a question?”

The teacher was older. He didn’t know Chu Yin nor her level. After taking the paper, he looked at Chu Yin’s solving steps.

At this time, he was surprised.

The girl’s handwriting was neat and clear. He could see her good foundation and thinking ability.

The difficulty of this question was far beyond the scope of high school students, and her solution had obviously exceeded the knowledge range of the high school.

The old teacher followed Chu Yin’s problem-solving ideas and continued to explain to her. Unfortunately, just halfway through the lecture, the class bell rang.

Although Chu Yin was regretful, it was not good to delay the class. The teacher saw that she was clever and liked her in her heart. He said with a smile, “Come, follow me to my class. I’ll send out the pre-class quiz, and then I’ll finish explaining it for you.”

Chu Yin’s eyes brightened: “Thank you!”

On the other side, after Xing Lan returned to the classroom, she said with an exaggerated smile: “The ‘bookworm’ actually asked help with the final question from teacher Wang which made her angry to death!”

Fu Mingxuan looked at her manicure and said with disdained: “A poor student is precisely like this.”

“The most amusing thing is that after she was scolded by teacher Wang, she turned to find the teacher on the opposite corner.”

Fu Mingxuan was just about to open her mouth to laugh when suddenly she realized something: “Teacher seating diagonally from teacher Wang? That’s the math teacher in the international class.”


“What does this mean? Did the country bumpkin do this on purpose so she could go to the international class!”

——They all knew who was in the international class.

Fu Mingxuan was immediately upset, and she had always had an inexplicable hostility towards this country bumpkin, which at the moment, was getting stronger.

Xing Lan quickly comforted her: “Xuanxuan, don’t think about it. Even if she lies in front of brother Zhen, brother Zhen will not look at her, okay?”

“That’s right. How can Lu Zhen look at her?”


Chu Yin looked at the class card at the back door of the international class and felt a burst of heart attack.

The old teacher looked back and kindly told her, “It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. Come in.”

Chu Yin pursed her lips and followed the teacher in through the back door.

There was a small gust of wind when she passed.

A moment later, the boy sleeping on his stomach straightened up.

Lu Zhen took a breath as he smelled the light fragrance again.

Chu Yin and the teacher stood on the platform. 

She was forcing herself to focus on the topic – only after finishing this problem could she have the authority, and only when she had the authority could she change her life.

“Qiuqiu, isn’t that your sister?”

“What’s the matter with her? Why did she come to our class just to ask a question?”

Chu Qiuqiu looked at Chu Yin on the platform and laughed.

There were too many girls with this kind of mind. Every day, girls from different classes would come to see Lu Zhen who was in the international class. 

No one noticed that in the corner of the classroom, Lu Zhen sat up straight. His black hair was slightly disordered, his black eyes half-closed as he looked at the figure on the platform.

Finally, the old teacher explained to her the last step. Chu Yin sincerely said thanks and then turned around and left.

While walking, she asked the system, “Can I unlock the script now?”

Xueji: “Task is deemed completed once the host finish all the problems~”

Chu Yin pursed her lips, okay, she’d just do it as soon as possible.

She quickened her pace and walked out of the international class.

People in the international class made fun of her. Most of the girls implicitly thought that the girl came to see Lu Zhen. Otherwise, who would ask other teachers?

It’s a pity that Lu Zhen wouldn’t have any interest in her.

But at this moment, there was a sound of a chair across the ground from the back of the classroom.

Someone opened the classroom door and went out.

Before Chu Yin finished her breath, she heard a cold voice behind her: “Wait a minute.”

Chu Yin: “…..”

The dog man came to her again!

She wanted to run, but the boy caught up after a few steps.

Chu Yin had to look back, although his face was as usual, but his heart had listed his eighty ways of death in the script tonight.

Chu Yin had no choice but to look back. Although her face remained calm as usual, she had already listed 80 ways for him to die in the script tonight.

What matter was so important that he had to talk to her?

The 17-year-old Lu Zhen stood in front of her, looked down, and asked, “What kind of perfume are you using?”

Chu Yin: “……..”

一She almost blurted the famous line of “You’re so good 1 Chinese internet slang that describes a person’s frivolous behavior ” 



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