I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 60 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 60 – Not a kiss (1)

On the same day, a new thread appeared at Huiwen forum.

[Help! I’m dizzy with sweetness!!]

Various wise men quickly replied in the thread.

Anonymous 1: Where??? Is what I’m thinking correct?!

Anonymous 2: We want melons!!

Anonymous 3: I can’t say more!! Hahaha! I’m so happy!

Anonymous 4: Ah!! I want to kill the person who posted this thread!

The owner’s full name was not mentioned, but netizens continued to chat until someone came out to spread new gossip.

Anonymous 65: I am from Class 5! I declare! Student Chu is late for gym class! Do you understand what this means!

 Anonymous 66: Damn! Someone saw Student Lu coming into the school!!

Anonymous 67: Ahhh!! 

Anonymous 70: This is it!!

Chu Yin walked out from a corner with a red face.

“Go! Don’t accompany me to gym class.”

When Lu Zhen came, the students in the gym were looking at them, which was too flashy.

“Okay,” Lu Zhen smiled. He followed behind her calmly and asked in a low voice, “Will you send me off?”

Chu Yin: “No! I’m going to class.”

Lu Zhen said, “Send me to the gate of the school. I won’t bother you for a week.”

He was going on a business trip soon and only came to see her before leaving. 

Even if Chu Yin didn’t send him off, Lu Zhen wouldn’t be able to visit her for a week.

But Chu Yin did not know this.

 She stopped, looking back: “Really?”

Lu Zhen laughed. “Really.”

Chu Yin raised her chin. “All right.”

There was no one on campus except for the teachers who wouldn’t care about them cutting classes during this time.

—One student was the teachers’ favorite, and the other student was a wealthy young master. The people walked together. The girl looked severe as she led the way while the boy lazily followed her behind.

The teacher thought with satisfaction that she was indeed a Huiwen child, excellent and beautiful!

Chu Yin defiantly walked, leading Lu Zhen to the gate of the school. When they arrived, she raised her chin arrogantly, “Go.”

Lu Zhen nodded, “Drink the milk while it’s hot.”

Chu Yin “Oh.”

Lu Zhen raised his head and touched her. He couldn’t help asking: “Do you still hate me?”

Chu Yin raised her eyes before lowering them after. She kicked the small stone as she said, “Not that much.”

Lu Zhen smiled and touched her hair.

“Then I’m leaving,” Chu Yin said.

After she turned around, Lu Zhen suddenly said behind her: “Chu Yin, I have also read that book.”

Chu Yin paused.

The boy’s voice was clear: “You like me back then. I will try to win you over again.”

Chu Yin’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

Then she turned her head, scolded him in her mind.

But Lu Zhen behind her added: “…In a way, it won’t affect your study.”

Chu Yin suddenly smiled.

“Oh, then you work hard.” Chu Yin said.

Then she curled her lips, raised her chin again, and walked away.

“So, Lu Zhen has also read it?” Chu Yin poked the system.

Xueji: “It looks like he did.”

Chu Yin stroked her chin, guessing that he might have read this in their previous life.

However, after the male protagonist’s “self” awakened, he would know that this world was unusual. Chu Yin understood it.

Since Lu Zhen had broken free from the shackles of the ‘male lead,’ correspondingly, her ‘bai Yue Guang status had disappeared.

Chu Yin walked to the classroom while thinking about things. She returned to her seat, saw the milk on the corner of the table, and suddenly remembered something.

She got the golden finger since she knew that the world was a book. She had been busy with the dog man that she never thought deeply about the Bai Yueguang character in the novel. If she was destined to ‘deadly die early,’ who was the female lead?

She frowned. Somehow, the first words she heard when she woke up suddenly came to her mind. Xueji narrated a paragraph in her mind – the core content of the whole book.

She remembered that there was a word “stand-in” in that paragraph. Was this the female lead? 


Chu Yin’s fingers suddenly squeezed. She asked coldly, “Who’s the substitute?”

Xueji: “The system can’t tell.”

The warmth that had just emerged in Chu Yin’s heart was wiped clean. She felt cold.

If Xueji didn’t want to say it, she could get the answers herself. It should look like her at least. She pondered for two seconds and snorted in her heart – Could it be Chu Qiuqiu??

It’s probably only her fake sister in the world who looks like her, right?

Chu Yin banged on the system, gnashing her teeth: “Is what I thought correct?”

After a few seconds, Xue Ji said leisurely: “No, host. You guessed it wrong.”

Chu Yin: “?”

Xueji: “The ‘substitute’ doesn’t look like you at all.”

Chu Yin was stupefied.


Doesn’t look like her?

What kind of body did you replace?

Chu Yin hadn’t figured it out yet. She sometimes thought about this issue while she was busy with her studies.

—Every time she thought about it, she would drag Lu Zhen’s in her mind and whip it.

The dog man did not come to bother her recently. Chu Yin secretly decided that the next time she saw him, she had to ask him. If his explanation was not clear, she should just cremate him.

Destroy it!

With over two months left before the college entrance examination, Chu Yin’s mock test results were excellent, ranking first in the city.

Now the atmosphere within the students was getting tough day by day. Jiang Yan and the others had been working hard with Chu Yin as their goal. Han Chuying wholeheartedly wanted to follow Chu Yin.

Even Song Zhaolin increased his study time from one hour a day to three hours a day. Under Song Yanchuan’s violent suppression, he earnestly studied. The game consoles were confiscated, and he was not allowed to go out to play on weekends.

“I can finally breathe soon!” Song Zhaolin roared during the break, “I will be able to watch movies next week hahahaha—”

“…” Chu Yin was silent for a moment, “Linlin, what’s the name of the movie?”

Song Zhaolin said that the “movie” was a documentary on Ideal Education organized by the Municipal Education Commission. This was a required movie for liberal arts students.

After watching the movie, they would have to write a reflection with political analysis.

Chu Yin ultimately regarded this as the content of her study.

Song Zhaolin: “I don’t care! As long as it’s in the cinema, it’s the same as watching a movie!”

With his current pain and boredom, he would enjoy himself with this documentary.

“After watching the movie, there will be a coming-of-age party soon!” Song Zhaolin snored. “I will rely on these two activities to continue my life!”

At the coming-of-age ceremony, Huiwen permitted senior high school students to wear dresses and suits! This year, everyone would be fighting for the best look. Song Zhaolin liked this kind of scene the most!

Chu Yin remained unmoved, glanced at the paper in his hand, and sighed at the bright red 60 points.

“I think it will be difficult to continue to living your life.”

Although she didn’t understand Song Yanchuan, she knew that he was the last to join Lu Zhen’s side. She didn’t know whether Song Zhaolin was a factor for him changing sides. Humans were indeed cold-blooded animals whose interests were paramount.

“I hope you won’t be beaten to death by your brother after you get your score, Lin Lin.” Chu Yin said regretfully.

Song Zhaolin shivered, honestly picked up the book, and started to study it.

On the day of ‘watching the movie,’ the students of Huiwen went to the cinema designated by the Municipal Education Commission under the guidance of the teachers.

The senior high school students in the neighboring school happened to be there. The two groups of students met each other on a narrow road outside the cinema.

Han Chuying appeared beside Chu Yin, patted her on the shoulder, and pointed in a direction with her chin: “Look, ‘Great God Chang’ is acting arrogant again.”

Chang Jinggeng stood in the crowd, hatefully looking at the group of students opposite to him.

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