I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 60 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 60 – Not a kiss (2)

He had signed a contract with a university for social science and humanities. Being signed in by a university meant he wouldn’t have to experience the pressure of college entrance examinations. He had a sense of superiority written on his face – especially when he saw Chu Yin.

Since he spent too much time looking for a university to sign him, placing second in the mock test wasn’t surprising. When he inquired, he learned that Chu Yin hadn’t signed in with any other school.

Cleaning the school gate of Huiwen for a month was a dark history of his life. Chang Jinggeng had finally moved on and was a step ahead of all of his peers. He felt he had won against Chu Yin.

“Oh, classmate Chu, long time no see? How are you preparing for the exam?” Chang Jinggeng stopped Chu Yin as she passed by.

As soon as he said this, all the Huiwen students outside the cinema looked over.

“Why is he talking to Chu Yin?”

“To show off. Didn’t he sign a contract with Q University?”

“I’m speechless.”

A black Maybach stopped slowly on the far side of the road, and a tall figure came out of the car.

Chu Yin faced Chang Jinggeng with a very light expression: “It’s fine.”

Chang Jinggeng put his hands on his back and showed a concerned smile: “it should be hard, right?”

Chu Yin raised her eyes and looked at him: “Oh, it’s okay. It’s not as hard as cleaning the school gate.”



“Elder Sister Chu Yin so cool! Hahahaha I am laughing!”

The students of Huiwen and even students in Chang Jinggeng’s school couldn’t help but laugh.

Chang Jinggeng was angry. Chu Yin made fun of the darkest period of his life!

He snorted. “If you want to be admitted to Province B, you need to work harder. It’s not that I’m attacking you. Famous universities in Province B accept few people. Good luck.”

Chu Yin laughed. Up. Huiwen, a private nobleman, was incomparable in signing the college entrance examination with a veteran such as No. 1 Middle School. The projects that she could get were not the schools and majors that Chu Yin liked, so she did not participate in any projects during the winter vacation.

Chu Yin laughed. The projects she could get were not the majors that Chu Yin likes, so she didn’t take part in any projects during the winter vacation.

What’s more, she planned to take the college entrance examination seriously, and Chang Jinggeng’s mockery of her was simply meaningless.

Chu Yin smiled, stretched out her hand, and patted Chang Jinggeng on the shoulder.

Because she used too much strength, Chang Jinggeng almost fell. Chu Yin caught him as he was about to fall, then patted him twice. The threat was unmistakable.

“It’s my business whether I take or not. Do you want me to mind your business too?” She smiled.

Chang Jinggeng remembered at this time that Chu Yin had knocked down three gangsters. “No, 

Chu Yin gave him one last pat before wandering off to the cinema.

It wasn’t until she left that Chang Jinggeng shouted unwillingly: “Welcome to Q University!”

The person who came out from the Maybach happened to pass by. Hearing this, he glanced at Chang Jinggeng expressionlessly.

Chang Jinggeng shivered as he was glanced at by Lu Zhen.

Jiang Yan, who was beside Chu Yin, asked in a low voice, “Yin Yin, do you plan to go to Q University?”

She remembered that Wei Heming, the senior of the neighboring middle school, had also told Chu Yin that he would be there. He would be waiting for her at Q University.

Chu Yin shook her head: “I don’t want to.”

It was better to study business in B or R Universities. Her college entrance examination goal was these two.

“Hmm!” Jiang Yan nodded.

Because they were delayed, the seats in the front row were total.

Song Zhaolin stretched out his arms and greeted them: “Here, here!”

He was at the far end of the second-to-last row, near the back door, so he could sneak out to buy popcorn at any time.

Jiang Yan wanted to sit beside Chu Yin, but there was only one seat beside Song Zhaolin, so she was in the back of Song Zhaolin.

The whole screening hall was buzzing with excitement, even if the show they watched was boring.

It didn’t take long for the documentary to officially begin, the music promoting the main melody sounded, and the theater finally quieted down.

Song Zhaolin was sleepy, but Chu Yin next to him was very energetic.

He turned his head and found that everyone was watching it seriously. Just when he wanted to sneak out to buy popcorn, a white and slender hand touched his shoulder.

Song Zhaolin was taken aback and abruptly turned. Lu Zhen was looking at him condescendingly.

Song Zhaolin showed a surprised expression: “!”

Lu Zhen curled his lips and smiled lightly.

Song Zhaolin blinked his eyes: “?”

Lu Zhen still smiled.

Song Zhaolin suddenly understood. He stood up silently and gave his mother 1 Chu Yin is the father. Lu Zhen is the mother. a seat.

This was the story of three people.

Chu Yin didn’t care when Song Zhaolin got up, but she turned her head suddenly when a familiar smell came from her side.

Lu Zhen smiled and leaned on the back of his chair. The light of the big screen gradually fell on his face, which was indeed a flawless face.

Chu Yin glanced at him and sullenly turned back.

The act of whipping the corpse was not done yet.


Lu Zhen had just come back from Province B when he heard that Huiwen’s students would be in today’s cinema.

It wasn’t a movie. And Chu Yin didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

Lu Zhen came in through the back door, plus they sat too far back, so no one noticed his existence for a moment.

They sat side by side for a while. Chu Yin stared at the big screen and ignored him. After a while, she suddenly felt cool on her wrist.

As soon as she lowered her head, she saw him tying something on her wrist.

Chu Yin lowered her voice and said, “what are you doing?”

After Lu Zhen tied it up, he raised his finger to poke her cheek: “Mosquito-proof.”

Chu Yin turned back with a cold face.

Lu Zhen gently rubbed her wrist, then moved a little closer, and asked, “Are you going to take the exam at Q University?”

His breath swept over gently, with the sweetness of mint.

It seemed that Lu Zhen heard Chang Jinggeng’s words. Chu Yin suddenly understood why he asked. She deliberately replied: “It’s possible. Q University is outstanding.”

The fingers on her wrist suddenly tightened slightly.

Then he relaxed. His voice was low as he whispered: “I thought you would choose universities like B and R.”

Chu Yin hummed coldly from the bottom of her heart. He got it right.

Lu Zhen knew that she had a mission to watch this movie, so he didn’t bother her.

It was not until the documentary was over and the lights in the projection hall turned on again that Lu Zhen turned his head and asked in a low voice, “Unhappy?”

Chu Yin had no expression: “Watching this documentary seriously.”

She planned to wait so there would be fewer people in the cinema before asking Lu Zhen the question about her ‘stand-in.’

But when the light turned on, people immediately saw Lu Zhen. Then they saw Lu Zhen and Chu Yin sitting together.

They covered their mouths in excitement and looked back as they walked.

After the students left the scene, only the cleaning aunt with a broom walked in. When she saw them both, she suddenly smiled with a very understanding face.

“Oh, these teenagers look like dolls!”

“Such a good match! They look like people from the magazines!”

Lu Zhen’s lips hooked. When Chu Yin caught a glimpse of him, she was even more unhappy. She squeezed his sleeves. : “Come with me.”

Lu Zhen obediently followed her.

Chu Yin turned around and walked to the bathroom on the second floor of the theater. There was no one bathroom.

Lu Zhen patiently stood in front of her and smiled. “Say it.”

He even felt joy in his heart. It seemed that Chu Yin had a lot to say to him.

Chu Yin was about to open her mouth but found it challenging to speak again.

How to say it? It seemed that she cared.

In fact, what happened after her death had nothing to do with her.

But she was inexplicably uncomfortable.

Facing Lu Zhen’s smiling face, she paused for a few seconds and simply asked: “Who was my stand-in?”

Lu Zhen’s eyebrows were slightly raised.

Chu Yin coldly looked at him. “It said in the book that you looked for a stand-in.”

Lu Zhen’s eyelashes flicked as he suddenly smiled.

“Don’t you remember?” he asked.

Chu Yin: “Huh?”

She thought of all the possible answers, but she hadn’t expected that Lu Zhen would throw this question back to her.

Lu Zhen carefully looked at the blankness in her eyes, then lowered his eyes and took a step closer.

Chu Yin stepped back subconsciously. Her waist was pressed on the sink.  “What are you doing?”

Lu Zhen touched her cheeks. 

He whispered. “You don’t remember. You came back.”

Chu Yin blinked. She was at a loss for a moment. From her perspective, after losing consciousness in her previous life, she had a long dream before waking up and realizing she turned back to the time she was 17.

Lu Zhen suddenly understood a lot of things.

“…Chu Yin.” his fingertips touched her warm skin, and he whispered. “Who can replace you?

Chu Yin’s back shuddered slightly inexplicably: “That’s…what’s going on?”

Isn’t the ‘stand-in’ the female lead of this book?

Lu Zhen leaned close to her ear and told her a short story.

After she passed away, it was confirmed that he thought of her day and night, and it was confirmed that he met another “she” one day.

Different looks and different bodies. Everything was different.

But Lu Zhen knew that it was her.

Suddenly a little light appeared in his devastating life.

“But you returned to kill me.” Lu Zhen’s voice was smiling.

Chu Yin’s brain became a little chaotic. Some scattered fragments began to reappear. What happened in the middle of that long dream?

“You entered my company and went to my side,” Lu Zhen chuckled, “You planned to poison my cup, but you poured it out. You planned to kill me in my sleep, but you gave up. I’ve given you many chances to kill me, but your heart softened numerous times.”

Chu Yin’s eyelashes trembled. This was absurd.

But subconsciously, her memory was showing up bit by bit.

“You didn’t kill me.” Lu Zhen looked at her very closely, his pupils clear and deep, “In the end, you left..”

Chu Yin’s fingers tightened. She heard a distant collapse in his voice.

Lu Zhen looked at her intensely.

This strange world made the 27-year-old Lu Zhen meet Chu Yin again.

She wanted to kill him. He was willing.

But she gave up and left again.

Lu Zhen’s world collapsed completely.

Then he killed himself in his bed.

He didn’t eat nor drink. He was like the living dead.

He made himself sleep all the time. To sleep so he could dream.

To sleep and dream of that year.

Warn the 17-year-old Lu Zhen that if he wanted her to be happy, he must die.

The teenager, who recalled everything, stood awake all night.

He shed tears after seeing her.

Lu Zhen looked at the girl in front of him and sighed softly.

Rubbing the skin under her eyes, he whispered, “No one compares to you.”

There will only be one of you.

Chu Yin lowered her head and said nothing.

She had two chances. Because of her intense hatred, she directly went to Lu Zhen, intending to kill him, but she couldn’t. The second time, she was sent back to her younger days and was given a chance to rewrite everything.

Lu Zhen held her face and kissed Chu Yin’s eyes softly.

Chu Yin’s heart was filled with unresolvable emotions. She punched him in the chest with her fist, “Don’t kiss.”

There was a muffled sound.

Lu Zhen said with a smile, “Don’t cry.”

Chu Yin touched her face.

Only to realize she was shedding tears.

It’s embarrassing.

Chu Yin rubbed her cheeks and pushed him away. “Lu Zhen, I should kill you, right?” 

“Yes,” Lu Zhen said with a smile, holding her on the washing table with his arms on both sides, “but you didn’t.”

Chu Yin wrinkled her red nose.

“You didn’t,” Lu Zhen kissed her tears a little bit, “So I’m here.”

Chu Yin was so upset.

Trapped in Lu Zhen’s arms, she could only push him hard: “Don’t kiss.”

Lu Zhen held her cheek against her forehead. His eyes darkened.

“Chu Yin,” he said with a gentle smile, “this is not a kiss.”



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