I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 61 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 61 – You closed your eyes (1)

Chu Yin understood.

Leaving Lu Zhen and deciding not to kill him led to his complete collapse.

There was no system and golden finger on her first rebirth. On her second, she was given the ability to modify the plot.

—Because this garbage script collapsed.

Once the male lead’s will and motivation collapsed, the world would no longer function. Only this would the special forces intervene. 

The strongest wish that Lu Zhen left in his previous life was for her to be happy, so the system authority was handed over to her.

Chu Yin, who obtained this golden finger, carried out her plan to kill Lu Zhen, but in the end, she used her golden finger to save him.

Chu Yin breathed out softly after a long time.

This information was hard to digest.

—But to Lu Zhen, those were no longer important.

For him, he had died many times. He could finally start anew in this life.

Lu Zhen touched her forehead and rubbed her ears. His voice was slightly hoarse, “It’s been so long. Do you need me to teach you?”

Chu Yin returned to her senses.

“This is not a kiss.”

As soon as she raised her eyes, she bumped into his dark eyes and saw his desires. Her heartbeat heavily as her fingers subconsciously clutched the corner of her clothes.

Body of a minor, but the soul of an adult.

Chu Yin knew the status quo very well.

But she refused.

“No…” Chu Yin pursed her lips and backed away: “Restraint yourself!”

Lu Zhen smiled and lowered his head: “Chu Yin, I’m already very restrained.”

He pressed himself closer to her slowly and carefully.

A little closer…

Chu Yin quickly pushed him by the hand before a sudden thought emerged in her mind.

“No, what about the female lead in the book?” She said while her hand was resting on Lu Zhen’s shoulder. “Your official match.”

Lu Zhen hugged her and rubbed her neck. “I don’t know. It doesn’t matter.”

Maybe there was such a person? But he didn’t care about it at all.

Because his world stopped the moment, she left.

Chu Yin kicked Lu Zhen away, then jumped off the sink, and stood a safe distance away.

She held her arms and said righteously: “I’m underage. You don’t want to break the law.” 

Lu Zhen said, “It will soon be the coming of age ceremony.”

Chu Yin: “I’m not yet an adult.”

Lu Zhen curled his lips: “I know. I’ll wait.”

Chu Yin glared at him: “…I forbid you to wait!”

He was responding as if she was giving him permission once she became an adult!

A kiss was nothing in her previous life. Still, in this life, her main priority was only studying before the truth was discovered.

Not that she thought about it; sneaking into the toilet room with him was ambiguous. It was her mistake as she was only trying to figure out the identity of her ‘stand-in.’

She coughed twice, walking out first with her hands behind her back as if to escape from the scene of the crime.

Lu Zhen still followed her calmly.

After leaving the movie theater, Chu Yin saw a person on the side of the road.

Song Zhaolin was quietly crouching on the side of the road, holding a left-over bamboo stick from the grilled intestines. He watched them walk out one by one.

His innocent big eyes clearly read: I need an explanation.

Chu Yin: “Are you waiting for me?”

Song Zhaolin murmured. “I’m waiting for an explanation.”

Chu Yin had a slightly guilty conscience, but Lu Zhen was very calm: “Go ask.”

Song Zhaolin’s eyes went back and forth. He shook the bamboo stick as he asked: “What did you two do without me?”

After finishing speaking, he couldn’t hold back and covered his mouth as he started laughing.

Song Zhaolin thought of ‘adultery.’ His mind was full of things not suitable for children. Even though he tried to conceal it, his whole body was full of obscenity. 

Chu Yin’s hands were itchy. She, in all her efforts, resisted the urge to beat him: “We did nothing.”

Song Zhaolin, with a face of disbelief, turned his head to Lu Zhen for confirmation.

The corners of Lu Zhen’s lips curled slightly. There was a hint of joy in his expression.

His gaze swept across Chu Yin and then fell on Song Zhaolin: “We…”

Paused meaningfully…as if something happened.

Song Zhaolin’s tail shaking and his ears went up high: “What, what?”


Chu Yin saw a hint of dark motives in Lu Zhen’s eyes – Once Song Zhaolin knows something, the whole school will know about it tomorrow.

So she turned over the script decisively and directly silenced Lu Zhen.

Lu Zhen was about to open his mouth and say, “We did nothing. I just hugged her.” but noticed a force silencing him.

It was like having two forces in front of him – one was his will, the other was an external force giving him instructions. However, unlike before, Lu Zhen realized he could choose any one of them.



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