I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 61 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 61 – You closed your eyes (2)

Lu Zhen calmly raised his eyes to look at Chu Yin.

He didn’t know if this was a ‘benefit’ left by the world rules.

Chu Yin didn’t know his inner activities at the moment. He grimaced when he saw Chu Yin leaving.

“Don’t go! I haven’t finished talking hey–” Song Zhaolin stretched out his hand, but Chu Yin left without a second thought.

He turned his head and blinked his eyes to look at Lu Zhen: “Brother Zhen, what’s the matter with you two?”

As a big melon eater, he certainly knew that there were many people in the school gnawing on the news of them. Just now, while squatting on the road, there were already posts in the forum talking about the movie theater .-Lu Zhen and Chu Yin were sitting together!

Watch a movie together! Even if it was a boring documentary, this behavior was similar to what a couple would do.

Song Zhaolin rubbed his hands and said, “Are you two together?”

Lu Zhen retracted his gaze and said, “I’m chasing her unilaterally.”

…I can really speak.

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes and chuckled.

It turned out that his words and deeds were no longer bound by anyone.

He was still willing to surrender to her, but… he had some advantages.

Song Zhaolin called out. “Oh my God!”

Lu Zhen was chasing a girl. If it was in the past, Song Zhaolin and Tan Ke wouldn’t believe it, but it was reasonable if the target was Chu Yin.

“Then how’s your progress, CEO Lu!” Song Zhaolin raised his hand wryly and hooked his flexible little finger, “Have you held hands?”

Lu Zhen glanced at him and smiled ambiguously.

Song Zhaolin had been an innocent little fool for the past two lifetimes. Much more than he could imagine.

But Chu Yin didn’t want him to say it. She even silenced him.

Lu Zhen had a lot of patience.

He wouldn’t want to disturb her studying time for her college entrance examination.

After the college entrance examination…

Song Zhaolin sighed very understandingly when he saw that he was not talking: “Oh, it’s okay. You’re still a human! Sister Yin is a person difficult to chase, so, normally, you haven’t held her hands yet!”

Lu Zhen: “…”


He wanted everyone to know his secret desires.

Know that she was his.

Even if not in this present, but the future.

 Chu Yin deeply reflected. “I think I’m slacking off lately.”

Xueji looked at the new workbook that she had just finished on her desk: “…not really?”

Chu Yin corrected the mistake while saying: “I’ve lost some of my energy after the miserable experience of that dog man.”

Xueji looked at her as she wrote. “You’re overthinking, host.”

The speed of Chu Yin’s writing could be described as fast. Take Mathematics as an example. She had been answering and correcting the hard questions repeatedly. With her super memory and good logical thinking, those problems were like cutting vegetables. 

She often did it in class. Those stack of papers estimated for two types were answered by Chu Yin in one class sitting.

Her level of other subjects was also improving day by day. Chu Yin was an organized person. After her daily system tasks were done, she steadily studied for her college entrance examination.

After correcting all the wrong questions, Chu Yin put the workbook aside and took a drink.

“So what about my task for the college entrance examination? When will it be released?”

Xueji: “It’s not the time yet, host.”

Chu Yin snorted.

She could guess the task. It was probably to be placed first in the college entrance examination.

She had made a lot of progress with simulating the exam. Chu Yin was confident.

She was more interested in what the task reward was.

Chu Yin thought that the highest peak of their academic career was the college entrance examination for students. After entering university, although they still needed to learn, the mode was utterly different from that of high school. 

Correspondingly, what was the highest reward?

If the capacity continues to expand, it would be a whole page? Or was there any other modification method?

However, what Xueji said was correct. It was indeed not yet time to release it.

After the coming-of-age ceremony, there was still one left for her to stabilize her rhythm.

Now, she was answering another English test.

Chu Yin finished all the selected parts in more than 40 minutes. As she put down the pen, she was patted on the shoulder by the English teacher: “Go to the office. The headteacher called for you.”

“Oh, okay.” Chu Yin spread the paper on the table, left her seat, and walked towards the office.

As soon as she left, Song Zhaolin’s eyes drifted over.

Before he could even look at it, the English teacher turned back.


“If you don’t want to answer your test paper with your own abilities, you don’t have to answer!” the English teacher yelled at him.

Song Zhaolin flinched back quickly.



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