I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 61 part 4

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 61 – You closed your eyes (4)

It’s not that pretty. This color was popular this year. Chu Shi chose the tulle lotus leaf sleeve style, which would make the person wearing look like an immortal fairy.

…But not for her.

Chu Yin generally didn’t want to wear this color.

A chuckle came from the top of her head. Lu Zhen bent over and held her wrist.

“So, take mine.”

Chu Yin frowned and looked at him.

Lu Zhen smiled and rubbed her face.

“The goods have been delivered. Return and exchange are not supported.”

“See you at the coming-of-age ceremony.”

Fearing that she would refuse, he quickly strode away.

Chu Yin looked down at the box on the ground and sighed after a long time. She had to carry all the boxes into the dormitory first, then opened Lu Zhen’s chest and took out the dress to take a look.

This was a tiny black dress with a sharp cut on the waist. It didn’t expose too much skin. The skirt was pleated, and the length was above the knee. The whole dress was embroidered with intricate flowers and decorated with streamer beads.

Dog man knew her style.

Chu Yin hesitated for a long time.

She didn’t need two dresses, so she just returned the other one to her brother.

She searched on the Internet, only to find similar styles, not knowing if he customized it. The shoes were also of the same brand, with thin high heels, still precisely to her taste.

In the end, Chu Yin had to transfer the money for the dress and shoes to Lu Zhen at a similar style of the same brand.

Her heart was bleeding when she transferred the money.

But she had to admit that she liked the style Lu Zhen picked.

The next day was the coming-of-age ceremony.

The school’s auditorium had been decorated, and the door was renovated specially for this ceremony. Students had to walk through this door as part of the tradition.

This day was an occasion for everyone to compete for beauty. Huiwen never lacks Bai Fumei (White, Rich, and Beautiful) students. All the spring and autumn set dresses could be seen in the auditorium. It was dazzling for a moment.

Chu Yin’s speech would commence early, so she was already preparing backstage.

With her black dress.

All the people backstage dared not speak loudly, holding their breath.

Is this, this, this their university God Chu Yin!!

They only remembered Chu Yin wearing a little dress at last year’s ball, but she was very perfunctory at that time. She was still wearing a warm knitted skirt – but today! She was stunning!

The texture of the high-end dress was completely different. The pure hand-made skirt naturally had a sense of high fashion. The pinched waist design drew out her narrow waistline. Her shoulders looked white and soft, like a piece of warm porcelain in the light.

Chu Yin was born with red lips, white teeth, and pure facial features, but when she gently raised her head to read, she had a kind of inexplicable beauty.

The host and staff were about to cry.

At this time, there was also a commotion in the field.

“Damn, Lu Zhen’s suit is such a killer!!”

“Ah ahh!! I’m shaking again-”

“My former husband is still so handsome~”

Lu Zhen’s black hair was tied up, revealing clear and deep eyes. His skin was cold and white, and his tear mole and lips showed an unspeakable cold and abstinence.

His figure was masculine and tall. He was wearing a black handmade suit tailored for him with a flower brooch pressed on his chest.

Lu Zhen looked around and didn’t see her.

Soon, the coming-of-age ceremony began.

The students and some parents of each class took their seats. The host went on the stage and then asked the principal to give a speech.

While the principal spoke, the people underneath were taking selfies with excitement.

There were still many people secretly taking pictures of Lu Zhen.

Ten minutes later, the principal’s message finally ended. The next part was the student representative’s speech.

Class 5 cheered immediately.

Han Chuying instantly took out a DSLR from nowhere and pointed it at the podium.

The girl came out from backstage and walked to the microphone step by step.

She wore the dress he gave her. Lu Zhen silently chuckled.

He put a lot of thought into these details. 

The flowers on his chest and the embroidery on the hem of his back were all the same style as her. 

There was a secret and exclusive connection between them.

The audience was so quiet as if the pause button had been pushed.

“Hello, teachers and students, I am Chu Yin from the third year of class 5.” 

With this sentence, their spirit recovered and cheered again. This time it was more potent than the last time. Everyone was staring at the person on the stage.

The smile on Lu Zhen’s lips gradually disappeared.


There were many sounds of admiration in the audience, and countless pairs of eyes were staring at her.

Lu Zhen suddenly realized that the dress he picked was too short.

Chu Yin’s legs were white and slender. Her beautiful shoulders and neckline were exposed. It was as white as porcelain, so moist as if they were shining.

Lu Zhen started to get hot from the bottom of his heart. His irritation surged up as he continued to look at her.

After a few seconds, he got up and left the seat.

The speech that Chu Yin prepared was concise, and it was over in less than five minutes.

She clutched her collar and bowed slightly, then stepped down amid the warm applause from everyone.

The host who met her blushed.

“Senior Sister is awesome!”

“Senior Sister, go and rest!”

Chu Yin smiled: “Okay.”

She walked down the stairs backstage when she was suddenly caught by her wrist.

Lu Zhen was waiting for her here.

Chu Yin almost yelled. “Are you a ghost!”

Lu Zhen’s fingertips were very hot, holding her wrist. He subconsciously rubbed it a few times.

“Chu Yin, change your dress.” Lu Zhen said.

Chu Yin looked at him in surprise: “Why?”

Lu Zhen’s voice was low: “…it’s not good-looking.”

He picked it out by himself. How could it not be good-looking? Chu Yin didn’t believe it was because she didn’t look good. She frowned and looked at him for a long while and then suddenly figured it out.

Chu Yin hooked the corners of her lips and suddenly moved closer.

Lu Zhen’s breath suddenly touched her with a light fragrance, and his fingers tightened.

“I bought it.” the girl’s breath was sweet. Her teasing was provocative. “I’ll wear it.”

Lu Zhen’s heart instantly beat rapidly.

She would always have a significant influence on him.

After Chu Yin finished speaking, she planned to leave and go out.

Lu Zhen subconsciously pulled her back, then turned around and gently pressed her against the wall, using his body to block her tightly.

“It’s not over?” Chu Yin glared at him.

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes, looking at her rosy lips under the light. He wanted to take a bite.

Make a mark.

She was his.

He knew how to control the rhythm, knew how to restrain himself.

But at this moment, he was still driven by instinct, like a demon. 

He lowered his head to get close to her.

Chu Yin immediately noticed it and quickly reached out to cover her lips.

Lu Zhen’s kiss fell on the back of her hand.

He tossed her around for a moment, then took a bite of her.

It’s just a little flesh.

Chu Yin “hissed” and scolded him aloud: “Are you a dog!”

He really shouldn’t tease him. Dog man is really a dog!!!

“Well,” Lu Zhen released her. He kissed the knuckles he had bitten and pressed her into his arms, “Chu Yin, grow up quickly.”

She wasn’t yet an adult even after this ceremony.

She was still young and had to take the college entrance examination.

Grow up quickly so they could be together.

Chu Yin couldn’t move, so she had to beat him hard: “Can I control my growth?”

Lu Zhen buried her in his warm neck and chuckled.

“The day you became an adult…” He remembered some details of his past life. His heart was warm and tender. “I kissed you for the first time.”

Chu Yin’s face suddenly reddened.

When she became an adult in her previous life, it was already after she graduated from high school.

Lu Zhen celebrated her eighteenth birthday, and under the stars, he secretly kissed her.

“Oh, I remember,” Chu Yin’s cheeks were hot, her tone pretending to be calm, “I almost slapped you at the time.”

Lu Zhen squeezed the back of her neck.

“Um… but when I lowered my head to kiss you.”

Lu Zhen bit her earlobe and whispered, “–you closed your eyes.”

So grow up quickly.

Love me again.



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