I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 62 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 62 – Ultimate Mission (1)

It was impossible not to close her eyes.

She won’t ever admit that she did.

Chu Yin’s ears were hot. Because she felt shame remembering what she did, she pushed him away in her short black dress.

Lu Zhen had no choice but to follow her helplessly. 

The dress looked better on her.

Lu Zhen had to think of a way to return her money.

Han Chuying was already carrying the DSLR when Chu Yin came back to the audience seat.

“Don’t move! Yeah, keep this pose!”

Han Chuying came up and wildly snapped photos.

She was too far away from the stage to see the details. Now that she was closer to Chu Yin, she could how beautiful she was! The short black dress made her complexion whiter plus with her exquisite face, she felt she couldn’t breathe anymore.

 But just after taking two shots, a figure suddenly appeared in the lens.

Han Chuying was dissatisfied, looking up from behind the camera: “Hey, that classmate-“

She couldn’t finish her sentence when she recognized the classmate.

Although she only liked beautiful sisters, a term like “beauty” had gone beyond the concept of gender. 

Han Chuying was stunned. She then keenly noticed that the flower brooch pinned to Lu Zhen’s chest was very similar to the beaded embroidery on Chu Yin’s dress.

Damn! Were they showing off?

She reluctantly raised the camera again and pointed at Chu Yin: “Yin Yin, look at the camera!”

Chu Yin smiled helplessly and looked at the camera. The boy in a black suit, who was 2 to 3 meters behinds her, turned his head slightly and looked over.


In that photo, the beautiful girl was smiling at the camera, and behind her was a young man silently watching her.

Even beyond the camera lens, one could feel the passion of the man.

Han Chuying, too, couldn’t help looking at the camera for a long time.

“Is it okay now?” Chu Yin asked her.

Han Chuying returned to her senses: “Oh oh oh! It’s okay! Thank you!”

A solo photo of Chu Yin looked beautiful but she had to admit, that the photo of Chu Yin and Lu Zhen looked amazing.

Chu Yin was usually photographed by her, so she didn’t bother to look at the photos, and went back after taking them.

The next step was to organize all classes to walk under the renovated ‘door of adulthood’. This process was simple and boring, but because girls could show off their bodies, they liked this phase.

When Chu Yin came back, the class monitor said happily, “Now that you’re here, you may proceed to the platoon.”

–He didn’t finish his sentence when he suddenly saw Lu Zhen behind Chu Yin.

Wasn’t he in the international class? ? Why was he here in Class 5?

It was not only him who was watching but all the students in the venue were.

Lu Zhen’s expression was calm and indifferent.

The young master stood in the eyes of countless people, still cold and dignified.

Chu Yin felt helpless: “He wants to be here.” After all, he couldn’t persuade President Lu.

Chu Yin went through the door. As soon as she looked up, she saw Song Zhaolin taking pictures of her and Lu Zhen. He looked like a proud aunt.

Chu Yin: “…”

At this time, the forum went crazy again.

[Ah! my husband and my wife went through the door together!! I announce that they are officially married today!]

Anonymous 1: I’m a witness!

Anonymous 2: I’m the flower girl!

Anonymous 4: I can host the ceremony!

No one could rival Song Zhaolin post:

Anonymous 21: I declare that I am their beloved son–!!

The people underneath his comment laughed:

Anonymous 22: Hahahahaha!

Anonymous 23: Hahahahaha!

The “passing door” was over, the next phase was ballroom dancing.

Today, all the students wore formal clothes and tuxedos. Everyone present was free to invite anyone.

Lu Zhen was always next to Chu Yin, and even though many people were staring at them, no one dared to come over.

They stood side by side with their shoulders close together. He smiled and asked, “Do you want to dance?”

Chu Yin glared at him, “Do you want to be trampled to death by me?”

She couldn’t dance even if Lu Zhen taught her many times in their last life. Every time they attend occasions where dance sessions were present, Lu Zhen would frequently be trampled in the feet by her.

Lu Zhen also remembered. The corners of his lips slightly curled up.


As they watched the excited young students in the auditorium, a sense of time had passed away.

Only the two of them knew.

They stayed in the same spot yet no one dared to invite them to dance.

Zhao Yuxiong and several other boys from Class 5 looked at the picture of them standing side by side in dismay.

They dressed in the same color, same fair and beautiful. They had to admit that these two were so beautiful no one could reach them.

The squad leader patted them on the shoulders: “Let’s give up.”

After today, who didn’t know they were a couple?

Zhao Yuxiong: “Are they really together?”

The squad leader lightly punched him. “Even if they’re not together, can you dare?”

Even if there was no ‘Lu Zhen’, there was still ‘study’.



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