I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 62 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 62 – Ultimate Mission (2)

Of course, the boys were not the only ones who were uncomfortable. Fu Mingxuan and Liang Yueqi once again stood on the united front.

“Lu Zhen likes her?” Fu Mingxuan bit her lip.

Liang Yueqi frowned as she looked at the two figures in the distance.

It was obvious before, but it after Lu Zhen got better, he became more and more immune to Chu Yin’s indifference.

“Lu Zhen likes unruly people,” Liang Yueqi hugged her arms and watched Chu Yin’s fierce look when she turned her head to talk to Lu Zhen, “She is bold and strong.”

“What do you mean?” Fu Mingxuan asked immediately

Liang Yueqi pointed at Chu Yin with her chin: “She wasn’t like this before, did you forget?”

Fu Mingxuan recalled. She was stunned when Chu Yin first transferred to the school. She didn’t speak. She was a dull person, not the same as she was now.

“I’m guessing she was pretending before, just to create a sense of contrast.” Liang Yueqi analyzed, “That will attract Lu Zhen’s curiosity.”

Fu Mingxuan’s eyes widened: “Then she is too scheming!”

Liang Yueqi sneered: “This kind of sly person will marry into the Lu’s house?”

Fu Mingxuan was angry. “Then you will just give up like this after seeing them?”

Liang Yueqi didn’t say a word.

The more she thought about it, the more upset she got. 

Liang Yueqi stood still watching Chu Yin, with a mocking smile on her lips.

While Fu Mingxuan had an idea.

At the end of the social dance, there was a photo session. Everyone was free to take photos. They could take photos with parents, classmates, or with their teachers.

Fu Mingxuan walked through the crowd and walked straight to Lu Zhen. She blushingly asked, “Brother Zhen, we’re going to graduate soon. Can we take a photo together?”

Chu Yin was right next to Lu Zhen. There were already many classmates. Cautiously gathered around to take a photo, but because of Lu Zhen’s presence, he dared not approach.

Chu Yan was beside Lu Zhen. Many students carefully tried to ask for photos but couldn’t dare to approach him. 

Hearing Fu Mingxuan’s voice, she immediately turned around and waved to Lu Zhen: “Go ahead.”

Lu Zhen raised her eyes and looked at the people gathered around Chu Yin. 

There were many boys. He squinted slightly, raised his hand and pulled her, and gently took her to his side.

“We take it together.”

Fu Mingxuan was stunned: “This…”

But her mobile phone was already in someone else’s hands. The person who held the phone was standing opposite to them: “This, this-a little closer!”

Fu Mingxuan couldn’t dare refuse and shyly took a step closer to Lu Zhen.

Lu Zhen was expressionless as he put his arm on Chu Yin’s shoulder.

Chu Yin felt cold on her shoulder and touched Lu Zhen’s metal cuff. She looked at him with her face and lowered her voice. “What are you doing?”

Lu Zhen whispered in her ear: “After this photo is taken, save a copy and cut off the side.”

Chu Yin was speechless and amused.

How can a dog man be so naive—!!

Although Fu Mingxuan was uncomfortable because Chu Yin joined, she immediately showed a sweet smile when the photo was taken.

It was a rare opportunity to have a photo with Lu Zhen, even if there was an eyesore in the photo, it was enough to cut off Chu Yin anyway.

After taking the photo, she immediately ran over to look at it excitedly.

She felt that she was standing very close to Lu Zhen, but after seeing the photo, she seemed to be splashed down by a basin of cold water. 

There was a palm distance between her and Lu Zhen, but Lu Zhen was leaning close to Chu Yin.

His arms were resting on Chu Yin’s shoulders, The corners of the young man’s lips were curled with a faint smile, his head tilted slightly towards Chu Yin.

It was a kind of intimacy no one could get in.

Fu Mingxuan became a fool play for them to show their affection!

Her face was red and white. IIn the end she could only direct her anger on the person who took the photo: “How did you take the photo?!” 

The other person was innocent: “I just took it directly.”

Fu Mingxuan: “Then you should’ve told me!”

The other party was also speechless.

How to tell you?


Chu Yin took many photos with her classmates.

Lu Zhen was pulled back by the International Class. He took photos with Tan Ke and the teachers.

When Chu Yin was free from her classmates, she decided to change her dress so she could go back to studying.

But as soon as she passed the corner of the stairs, she met Liang Yueqi head-on.

Since the winter camp, Liang Yueqi hadn’t shown her face in public. The two of them hadn’t met since then. 

At this time, she, in her elegant dress, stood in front of Chu Yin with her arms folded.

“I can’t see if it’s a good method.”


Chu Yin: “?”

Liang Yueqi encouraged Fu Mingxuan just to see Lu Zhen’s reaction. When she observed from a distance, she found that Lu Zhen was interested in Chu Yin.

All she had to do was try to beat her in this game.



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