I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 62 part 3

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 62 – Ultimate Mission (3)

“Lu Zhen will be an adult next month,” Liang Yueqi looked at her with a faint smile, “You probably don’t understand what it means to be an heir to a wealthy family.”

Chu Yin touched her chin. She understood. In her last life, Lu Zhen rebelled and refused to marry. At that time, he was still immature and was under great pressure from his family.

This life… seems to be more comfortable.

Liang Yueqi said with a smile. “I’m doing this for you. I’m afraid you will sink into the mud because of Lu Zhen’s temporary love. But you have to know the current situation, the Chu family has fallen – of course, even if it hasn’t fallen, it won’t do anything. It will be difficult if you plant to marry into the Lu family.”

Chu Yin’s face was expressionless. She thought she was funny.

It was almost time for the college entrance exam and yet she was thinking this kind of thing. No wonder her grades were bad.

Liang Yueqi’s family background gave her enough sense of superiority in front of Chu Yin, and when she left this warning, she thought she had the upper hand.”For your information, the Lu family and the Liang family made a verbal agreement a long time ago, and the children of the two families will be married in the future…”

The subtext is that she is the one who will become Lu Zhen’s fiancée. Liang Yueqi finished speaking, observing Chu Yin’s expression implicitly and triumphantly, wanting to see her panic or unbelievable look.

The subtext was that she would become Lu Zhen’s fiancee. 

After speaking, Liang Yueqi secretly observed Chu Yin’s expression, hoping to see her panic look.

But Chu Yin was very calm.

Instead, a cold voice rang behind her.


Lu Zhen walked a few steps to Chu Yin’s side and looked at Liang Yueqi: “Then we’ll break the agreement today.”

Liang Yueqi’s face paled, “You, what did you say?”

Lu Zhen coldly said. “I thought I was clear enough. If you still misunderstood, I am sorry.”

Chu Yin tilted her head to one side, feeling that Liang Yueqi’s expression at this time was a bit pitiful.

Liang Yueqi was embarrassed, staring incredulously at him. “Will you take responsibility for your words? Aren’t you afraid that I will tell Grandpa?!”

Lu Zhen’s expression was very light. “Be sure to tell him. Thank you.”

Liang Yueqi almost fainted with anger.

In front of her rival, she simply couldn’t bear the insult of being slapped in the face by the person she liked.

Liang Yueqi turned around to leave.

Not far away, the young man said again: “And to clarify…”

Liang Yueqi looked back at him.

Lu Zhen pointed at Chu Yin.”I’m courting her. She hadn’t answered me yet..”

With this, Liang Yueqi’s mentality completely collapsed.


The coming-of-age ceremony was over. The last activity of the senior high school students was over.

In the next month, they had to focus on their college entrance examination.

Chu Yin changed her dress and placed it in her small bag. Lu Zhen sent her back to the classroom.

“So I will be very busy for the next month,” Chu Yin said as she walked, “you are not allowed to talk to me.”

Lu Zhen silently glanced at her.

Not talking to her for a month…

It’s a bit difficult.

No, it’s very difficult.

Chu Yin stood still, poking his shoulder: “Thanks to you, the whole school now knew of our relationship. There will be commotion tomorrow.”

She was afraid of this group of enthusiastic students. Couldn’t they just focus on their college exams?

Lu Zhen carefully took her hand and said softly, “Then I will keep a low profile, okay?”

Chu Yin threw his hand away: “Don’t you know how high-profile you are!!”

Lu Zhen blinked.

He looked innocent for a moment.

Then he suddenly curled his lips and laughed, rubbing her wrist bone, “Are you complimenting me?”

Chu Yin glared: “Don’t think too much.”

In short, in the month before the college entrance examination, she would never allow any mistakes, nor would allow anyone or anything to affect her study.

Lu Zhen didn’t disturb her. He would only visit during break time and gym class. If it wasn’t for today’s activity, he wouldn’t have come.

But… Chu Yin glanced at Lu Zhen secretly.

Now the influence of the dog man was growing on her. This was not a good sign for a college entrance exam candidate.

Chu Yin finished her daily study exercises and sat cross-legged on the bed to purify herself.

Learning was currently the most important task.

Lu Zhen…she could throw him aside first.

But now she couldn’t completely ignore Lu Zhen.

Chu Yin pondered for a while, then suddenly had an idea-


How about if she used her golden finger!

She flipped through the script. Although Lu Zhen didn’t bother her, he still appeared occasionally. So she simply repeated the old tricks, changed the script, and put on the invisible man’s vest again.1 Remember the early chapters when Lu Zhen can’t find Chu Yin? This is what she is doing now.




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