I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 62 part 4

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 62 – Ultimate Mission (4)

Lu Zhen soon noticed this kind of change.

Like last time, he could feel that power, but now he could fight it.

At a certain intersection, the force made him turn right. Lu Zhen turned to the left, and after hiding to the corner, Chu Yin passed by after a while.

After two times, Lu Zhen figured out the pattern.

To learn, Chu Yin secretly used “superpowers” to hide from him.

Lu Zhen knew that he was indeed shaking her.

Then to follow her wishes, he waited patiently until the college entrance examination.

By mid of May, they had taken the three-mode of exams.

The difficulty of the first model was moderate. The second mode was intermediate. Chu Yin finished cleanly finished them, ranking first.

The third mode was easy. The purpose eas to increase the confidence of the candidates.

The two-day exam was like carving flowers to Chu Yin.

She had the time to correct general questions and rewrite them. The whole process was very easy.

The school also worked fast. After two days, the results of their mock exams were given.

As Chu Yin held her exam, she saw Lu Zhen in the corner of the corridor. She subconsciously paused before seeing Lu Zhen turning his head to talk to Tan Ke as if he didn’t see her.

Feelings of joy and sour emerged in her heart. Chu Yin shook her head and returned to the classroom with her paper.

Tan Ke glanced at her and asked, “Brother Zhen, aren’t you going to visit her?” He thought that Lu Zhen came to school to find Chu Yin.

Lu Zhen looked at her when she turned around. Only then did he look back, and smiled faintly: “Wait.”

After the papers were issued, the class was beaming with joy.

Song Zhaolin let out an excited roar: “I passed!!”

He got his personal best score ever on the test! Oh my God!

Make sure to throw the paper in his brother’s face tonight!

Han Chuying came over to exchange results, heard his excited voice,  and coolly said: “Yin Yin, my score is 730.”

Song Zhaolin: “…”

Why let me know the cruelty of this world.

Han Chuying smiled and watched him collapse.

Chu Yin sighed. She still had to take care of her silly son.

She patted Song Zhaolin’s head: “But compared with the second mode, your score has narrowed by a few tenths. So, Linlin, you have improved.”

Han Chuying thought. That’s because the topic had become simpler, and if the difficulty was a little more difficult, the difference would be high.

But both she and Chu Yin knew that Song Zhaolin would foolishly believe.

Sure enough, after listening to Chu Yin, his self-confidence rekindled: “I know! I can!”

Chu Yin nodded.: “Yes.” 

With the three-mode test paper, the teacher only taught the basics. It was the responsibility of the students to study more about it. 

After the report card came down, Chu Yin looked at her results in the first row. At this, a reminder sounded in her mind: “Di–“

She had a hunch in an instant that this time it should be a task for the college entrance examination.

Xueji: “Host, I’m here~”

Xueji: “Ding Dong! Release the ultimate system task—”

Chu Yin was calm on the surface but subconsciously squeezed the pen in her hand.

—The ultimate task! 

The system played a tense BGM first before announcing. “Complete the task of [Placing First in the College Entrance Exam.]. The difficulty index is 5 stars! ~ After the task is completed, you will obtain…”

Chu Yin was nervous.

She expected that the task would be this. The important key was how much reward she would get after completing it.

Was it modifying a whole page? Many paragraphs on many pages? Or arbitrarily modify within a certain time?

She thought about many ways for the reward.

But what Xueji said was: “the highest authority of… [self-made ending] ~”

Chu Yin was stunned.

She didn’t recover for a long time.

Xueji: “Host? Hello, are you there?”

A little bit of excitement climbed into her bones.

She never thought that it could be so big.

It turned out that this was the “ultimate”.

As a character in the book, no matter how much she had permissions to modify, she was always under the guidance of the script. This world was still a world of fiction that could leave her speechless.

If she could decide the ending, she had a chance for a smooth direction in her life. From then on, the content of the novel could stop. Because the only protagonist who could see the story had ushered the ending.

—It turned out that the ultimate reward was to finish this game.


The excitement of being able to break away from everything made her tremble slightly.

Can’t wait to squeal in excitement.

She wanted to tell everyone around that they were no longer under a role, and the world could run freely and lively.

She wanted to tell Song Zhaolin, tell Jiang Yan, tell Han Chuying, tell those lovely people.

But in the end, she found that the only person in the world who could share this excitement with her, and the only person who would understand her excitement,

was Lu Zhen.

Chu Yin stood up suddenly.

She ran out of the classroom.

Suddenly she wanted to tell Lu Zhen that would do something very powerful.

If this would be done, they could finally be free.

It felt so urgent for the first time.

But no matter how she looked, she couldn’t see Lu Zhen. Chu Yin thought for a while and ran to the rooftop, only to see Lu Zhen’s figure flashing past the entrance of the corridor in the distance.


She was trapped by her golden fingers, and now she couldn’t find Lu Zhen.

Chu Yin had to hurriedly chase from the other side, and at her speed, she should be able to meet Lu Zhen.

But as soon as she passed by, Lu Zhen turned the corner and didn’t see her.

Chu Yin was anxious. She quickened her pace, chased Lu Zhen behind her, stretched out her arms, and grabbed the corner of his clothes.

Lu Zhen’s back froze.

It’s over.

His pretend of matching her superpowers was over.

Chu Yin finally caught him. She took a breath. 

Seeing that he didn’t turn around, she grabbed the corner of his clothes and shook it slightly.

Lu Zhen curled up his fingers on his side.

She had the strength of a kitten. Gentle scratches as if acting like a baby.

That power was still guiding him to move forward, but Lu Zhen just wanted to turn around and hug her now.

The person in front of her still didn’t respond, Chu Yin pursed her lips, and finally walked in front of him.

Her hair was slightly disheveled. And her expression showed grievances.

“I caught you, can’t you see me?” she asked.

Lu Zhen couldn’t pretend anymore.

He immediately stretched out his hand to hug her in his arms, rubbed her ear, and coaxed softly: “I see you.”

I can only see you.



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