I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 63 Part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 63 – Baby (1)

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They were standing at the entrance of the corridor. Because it was summer, the doors of the classrooms were open. There was a high possibility that someone might see them.

Chu Yin hurriedly got out of his arms, pulled Lu Zhen’s wrist, and took him to a corner.

Lu Zhen held her backhand. Chu Yin tried to shake it away but couldn’t.

She also realized that her tone was a bit…too delicate. Her face was hot now.

Lu Zhen rubbed her palm, smiled, and bowed his head: “looking for me?”

She was running after him.

Chu Yin shyly touched the tip of her nose before her excitement skyrocketed again when she remembered what she had to say.

She lifted her face as her eyes sparkled. Her tone was full of irrepressible pride: “I’m planning to do the grandest thing ever.”

Lu Zhen’s lips curled up. He liked her.

He lowered his eyes and asked her in a pampering tone: “What’s your big plan?”

Chu Yin blinked and whispered. “Change the world. Lu Zhen, you already know that we’re still in this bounded world.”

Although they weren’t bound by the rules of the world, they still live as characters in the book.

Lu Zhen was slightly startled. He understood what she was talking about.

The corners of Chu Yin’s eyes and eyebrows flew with satisfaction: “I will have the answer after the college entrance exam. I will be able to…”

She pursed her lips and held back…‘-make my own ending’ was so revealing she couldn’t say it yet. Anyway, as long as Lu Zhen was still here, she would always have someone to show off.

Even if Chu Yin didn’t finish her sentence, Lu Zhen had enough information.

He knew that Chu Yin’s ‘super power’ could either be used at will or a certain value must be paid in exchange. 

Moreover, it was related to studying.

No wonder she loves studying in this life. Lu Zhen couldn’t help but laugh.

“So amazing.” He raised his hand and gently squeezed her earbones.

“Since you know I have this kind of superpower,” Chu Yin hugged her arms, “I have the final say in this world. You better hug my thigh. If you do, I might look kindly at you.”

Lu Zhen stretched out his hand to hold her. He smiled: “Then I’ll follow you.”

Chu Yin snorted proudly, then patted him away: “If you talk, just talk. Don’t move your hands.”

She said at the moment. The enthusiasm for learning is burning in her heart. In the next three weeks, she will let herself learn to the death.

At that moment, her heart was burning with enthusiasm for studying. In the next three weeks, she would study until she couldn’t.

Lu Zhen guessed that the result of this college entrance exam played a vital role in her ‘powers’. 

He wouldn’t disturb her next time.

Today was the last day he would give way to his greed.

He held the young girl, who would change the world, in his arms. As he kissed her softly on the ears, he said, “Don’t work too hard.”

Lu Zhen wouldn’t study abroad. He had plans. 

His academic background and management experience were enough in this life.

Whether Chu Yin would end the rules of the world or not, he just wanted to stay with her even in the future.

Chu Yin shrunk her neck to avoid his kisses.

There can be no achievements without hard work, not to mention that this is a major event related to her future life.

No pain, no gain. 

Not to mention this was a major event related to her future life.

“I won’t bother you,” Lu Zhen looked at her black pupils, “but you can come to me if you need anything.”

Chu Yin snorted, “I don’t need you.”

“…if there is any,” Lu Zhen said with a smile, “I will show up in five minutes.”

Chu Yin looked at him, then closed her eyes.

Are you trying to be superman?


During this time, as they were talking, a figure quickly escaped the corridor.

This was the same student who accidentally bumped into their love quarrel that day. She didn’t know how much luck she had to experience it the second time! 

Unlike the last time, the elder sister didn’t beat the senior.

Her face didn’t frown in disdain too.

Although the elder sister didn’t have any expression on her face, she moved her hand to grab the corners of elder brother’s clothes and pulled them lightly.


This tsundere is so sweet! She was about to faint!

Cp is true! ! It’s all true!!

Lu Zhen did what he said. In the last period, he didn’t come to school again.

He was also very busy. He had taken over half of the Lu family now, and he couldn’t count the things he had to decide every day.


He would take advantage of this to finish all his official business ahead of schedule so he could set his time for Chu Yin after the college entrance examination was over.

Most of the students entered a period of burnout. They had to answer neverending test papers as they prepared for the entrance examination. They had no choice but to look forward to the exam that was about to come.

Chu Yin sat there steadily like a clock.

—The goddess hadn’t stopped yet, how could they dare to stop?

Moreover, Chu Yin seemed to have worked harder than before!

Because she lived in the dormitory, she was the first to arrive in the classroom every day.

Looking at the other students, her blood also warmed up a little bit.

It was not time to relax. This is the last part of the road

She gritted teeth and continued. Her future self would surely thank her for her persistence.

As a result, the atmosphere before the exam in the entire Class 5 was extraordinary. Every morning and evening, all the students would quietly study. Even Song Zhaolin studied honestly for a while.

The headteacher was simply overjoyed, knowing Chu Yin’s influence was strong.

There was only one week left before June would start.

As usual, Chu Yin asked the teacher for academic questions.

In fact, by this time, there were no questions she couldn’t understand. The reason why she still asked the teacher the questions was because of the difference in their experience and thinking. Doing this would help her come up with solutions quickly.



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