I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 63 Part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 63 – Baby (2)

After they were done, Teacher Wang asked Chu Yin about her well-being.

“How is it? Isn’t it stressful?”

“Do you sleep well at night? You don’t have insomnia and loss of appetite, right?”

“Relax your mind, don’t think too much. Don’t set extremely high goals for yourself!”

Chu Yin laughed as she responded one by one.

Although she studied a lot, her mentality was still stable.

Nothing could make her anxious nor excite her.

After leaving the office, Chu Yin refilled her water bottle before returning to her classroom. Passing by the second-floor classroom, she suddenly heard someone calling her.

—”Senior Sister!”

Chu Yin turned her head and saw Hao Diao standing at the door of the classroom. He flung his school uniform like a flag and shouted with passion, “You are the best!”

As soon as he finished, people poked their heads out, whistling and cheering.

 “Senior sister, you can do it!”

 “Good luck!”

“You will top the college entrance exam!”

Chu Yin stood in the corridor for a second and then smiled.

This youthful air influenced her mood.

She thought she wouldn’t get excited about anything, but now looking at their cheering faces, she felt her face hot. It was as if she was a 17-year-old who was about to step into the most important battlefield of her life.

Chu Yin shook her fist: “Yes!”

There was another series of “Yeah!” in the corridor, and even the instructor came out.

The students in the second year of high school were in high spirits and Chu Yin left with a smile.

She was excited. The kind of excitement that would make her want to do ten sets of questions non-stop.

She must ace the college entrance exam.


Soon, the test centers were posted.

Song Zhaolin nervously found his examination room, and then yelled: “Damn! Someone I know is in this room as well!”

He shared a classroom with Han Chuying?! It must be a special fate!!

He felt psychologically safe!

Looking at his excited look, Chu Yin couldn’t help reminding: “Lin Lin, remember not to confront Xiaoying after the exam.”

Song Zhaolin blinked his eyes, puzzled.

Chu Yin graciously rubbed his head: “Because she will tell you the correct answer.”

Song Zhaolin thought about the scene for a moment, and gradually felt he wanted to weep.

Chu Yin also went to see her examination room. 

Her seat was on the third floor by the window. 

After knowing her seat, she no longer cared about other things.

Admission ticket, ID card, transparent stationery bag, and the academic key points.

Now the knowledge of the liberal arts formed a clear and strict framework in her mind. 

After two years of unremitting efforts, Chu Yin had confidence.

She was ready for the ultimate task.

Two days before the exam, some students stopped coming to school.

After Jiang Yan and Chu Yin exchanged a question, Jiang Yan suddenly remembered and asked her, “Yin Yin, where do you live at night?”

Chu Yin raised her eyebrow: “Dorm.”

Jiang Yan’s eyes widened, “You didn’t book a room in a hotel?”

Although the school was not too far from the testing center, it was not too close! If she wanted to get to the examination room an hour earlier, Chu Yin would have to get up at least six o’clock. In the middle of this, if there was a traffic jam on the road, there was a high chance she would get delayed.

And she had no place to rest at noon.

Jiang Yan was a little upset. If she had known this in advance, she could’ve booked another room. The hotels around the test site were popular. It was too late to book now as there won’t be any available rooms!

“Yin Yin, come to my room,” Jiang Yan said, “My mom will accompany me. If you don’t mind, let’s sleep in the same bed.”

Chu Yin smiled, “It’s okay, you can live by yourself.”

The college entrance examination was a big thing, how could she delay others?

Chu Yin had never booked a hotel for the college entrance examination in her previous life, and she never thought of this, but it was not a big problem. She could just find a restaurant and sit down.



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