I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 63 Part 3

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 63 – Baby (3)

She received a call from Chu Shi within a short while. “Xiao Yin, your brother looked around. The hotels close to the test centers were full. Don’t worry, I will go to the nearest one to see if there are any available rooms.”

Chu Shi didn’t take the college entrance examination. He didn’t know that he had to book a room. Gu Qiuze had to send a text message to remind him. 

Chu Yin: “No need, brother,”

But Chu Shi had already hung up and went to the hotel.

Chu Shi was about to get inside the hotel lobby when someone suddenly called him on the side of the road.

Turning around, Lu Zhen leaned on the black Maybach. His eyes were raised as he said, “This hotel is full.”

Chu Shi frowned, “Mr. Lu also wants to book a room?”

He heard that Lu Zhen had been busy recently. Did he still have to take the college entrance examination?

Lu Zhen shook his head, took out a black and gold room card from his trouser pocket, and handed it over.

Chu Shi: “…”

 He was silent.

“Fuck.” Chu Shi said, “Are you insulting me?!”

Giving him a room card? What did he mean?!

 Lu Zhen: “…”

He remained silent for several seconds before asking, “Big brother-in-law, are you stupid?”

Chu Shi subconsciously wanted to curse back but noticed there was something wrong with how he called him.

“This is for Yin Yin? No, who the fuck is your brother-in-law?!”

Lu Zhen was too lazy to talk to him. He waved his hand and asked his assistant to pass the room card to Chu Shi’s hand.

Chu Shi suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. This hotel was facing the test center and was the best location closest to the examination room. The room number Lu Zhen booked was the best one in the hotel.

He couldn’t book this kind of room for his sister, but Lu Zhen could.

Chu Shi was a little bit sour. “Mr. Lu is really rich and powerful, enough to give his suite.”

Lu Zhen turned around and pulled the car door. He smiled lightly when he heard this sentence.

“No, I booked it three weeks ago.”

This suite had been waiting for Chu Yin for 20 days.

Ten minutes later, Chu Shi called Chu Yin’s phone.

He asked the hotel if he could book a room. He was notified that even if he tripled the money, he couldn’t get the room. He had to pinch his nose and accept the room card Lu Zhen gave. He couldn’t delay his younger sister’s college entrance exam.

“The hotel room is right across from the testing center. I have seen it. The soundproofing is very good. You can have a good rest.” Chu Shi paused and said reluctantly, “–Lu Zhen booked it.”

Chu Yin was slightly taken aback.

Chu Shi said, “Although Lu Zhen is not good, he is interested and devoted to you…”

Chu Yin thought for a while and asked him, “Brother, did Lu Zhen say anything?”

Chu Shi said, “Ah? Oh, he said he will let you live freely with no hardships. This is to hug your golden thigh.”

Chu Yin’s eyelashes fluttered, and then laughed silently.

“Hugging your thigh? Yin Yin, does he have any intentions against you?”

“No,” Chu Yin said with a smile, “He’s correct.”

Since there was a room, she didn’t need to be stubborn. 

Her brother had given her the room key in advance. Chu Yin got on the elevator. Her room was at the end of the top floor. There were only two rooms at the end. She checked the number and entered the one on the right.

This should be the largest room in the hotel, a small suite. There was a large desk in the room, and a bay window was made on the opposite side of the big bed. 

Chu Yin looked around and stopped by the desk.

A note was placed on it.

[Find me for anything that you need]-behind it was a series of phone numbers.

She was familiar with the font.

It was Lu Zhen’s handwriting.

Chu Yin smiled lightly.

She put down her school bag and pressed the paper under the pencil case.

Then she took out her notes and started to review as she planned.

The next day, outside the test center, there was a huge crowd.

Chu Yin was extremely thankful that she didn’t have anyone to accompany her. It was easier for her to calm down on her own.

She ran into Song Zhaolin outside the examination room. He looked so nervous that he was about to pee.

“Sister Yin!! uwuwu!” He rushed to her as soon as he saw Chu Yin.

Although he didn’t have high expectations for his exam, he was still very nervous.



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