I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 63 Part 4

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 63 – Baby (4)

However, Song Zhaolin knew that Chu Yin’s grades were much more important than him, so even if he was nervous, he did not dare to influence her.

“Sister Yin! This year’s exam result is yours!”

Their examination rooms were both on the third floor.

Chu Yin looked at Song Zhaolin’s nervous expression as if he was about to die. She remembered the first day she transferred to the school when she became deskmates with him.

It was a long time ago. Time flies so fast.

“Lin Lin.” Chu Yin called him as she took a spare eraser from her bag to him.

“I bless you. Don’t be afraid.”

Song Zhaolin almost cried.

He held Chu Yin’s rubber eraser tightly. His confidence soaring. “Okay!!”

There were identity and security checks. 

She entered the classroom and sat down.

At 9 o’clock, the language test officially began.

Chu Yin took a deep breath,m. And when she opened her eyes again, her eyes were calm and firm.

–let’s start.

For two and a half hours, the classroom was full of swish sounds of papers.

Chu Yin was immersed in the exam. She couldn’t hear other voices. 

After smoothly writing an essay, Chu Yin gently put down her pen.

There were fifteen minutes left.

The people around were still writing essays, but Chu Yin had already reviewed back to the first page and carefully checked it from beginning to end.

When the bell rang, Chu Yin was in a good mood.

The language exam was stable. It was a good start.

At noon, the advantage of being close to the test center became apparent. 

The whole street was blocked. There were parents of students who were anxious.

Chu Yin bypassed the crowd and walked into the hotel. 

When she returned to her room, lunch was already prepared.

She looked down. The dishes on the table were all her favorites.

…Someone was trying hard to hug her thighs.

But she had to admit that this level of service saved her an hour of rest.

After Chu Yin finished her meal, she reviewed the two-page formula, and then set the alarm clock and slept. 

In the afternoon, she went to take the math test with full energy.

This was the top priority among the four subjects.

If she wanted to be the champion, mathematics was the best subject in liberal arts. 

The examination room in the afternoon was more serious than in the morning. For most liberal arts students, mathematics was a terrifying subject.

When the test paper arrived, Chu Yin’s heart beat faster.

She steadied her mind and then immersed herself in the test questions.

Most of the questions were like cutting melons for her. Only the last question made it hard to answer. She was stuck.

Chu Yin could guarantee that the correct rate of this question would not exceed 1%. 

She finished the whole paper and still had more than ten minutes to review.

Chu Yin checked back and forth to make sure that the other parts were free of errors. She then set aside five minutes to ponder the last question alone.

 Was her answer correct?

After struggling for a long time, checking the calculations several times, sweats began to pour out her forehead.

In the last thirty seconds, before the bell rang, Chu Yin decided to change the answer.

 When she finished making changes, the bell rang and the math test was over.

Chu Yin panicked for no reason.

Generally speaking, teachers did not advocate changing answers, because people’s first instincts were often accurate.

The answer card was taken away and Chu Yin’s heart jumped heavily.

After leaving the examination room, Song Zhaolin saw her from a distance and thought she had failed the exam. He was about to pounce on her, to try and comfort her, but Han Chuying slapped his back.

“Why did you do that!”

“Don’t go there! Didn’t you see Yin Yin just wanted a quiet space?!”

Chu Yin didn’t notice them and walked back to the hotel with her head down.

Others thought she did not pass the exam, but …the points that she lost did not affect her admission to the best university.

But Chu Yin wanted more than that. They didn’t know the meaning behind her score.


If…she didn’t perform well in the math test..she wouldn’t be the champion. She would lose the permission to make the ending. The world will still be the same.

The college entrance examination would only happen once. Could she wait for another opportunity?

When she went back to her room, dinner was already served. There was a sweet-scented osmanthus plum soup.

Chu Yin looked down for a moment, got up from the chair, walked to the desk, and picked up the piece of paper.

What if she couldn’t do it?

 Hugging her thigh was for nothing.

She hesitated for a long time before deciding not to make a call.

She sent a text message instead.

 [What if I fail the exam?] 

After sending the text, she hugged her arms, squatted on the chair, and curled up. She was uneasy.

She didn’t even realize that she was waiting to be comforted.

In the corridor of the hotel, Lu Zhen leaned against the door of her room. He lowered his eyes to read the text message on the phone.

A few minutes later, Chu Yin’s phone screen turned on.

She picked it up and looked–

[The world doesn’t have to be carried by you.]

Chu Yin blinked.

The anxiety in her heart suddenly died down.

There was someone in this world who knew her thoughts.

And told her that she didn’t have to carry it herself..

Chu Yin pursed her lips, realizing that the depression in her heart was quickly dissipating.

Her appetite also recovered. She picked up the sour plum soup on the table and took a sip.

And Lu Zhen sent a second text message.

She took a sip of the sour plum soup, gulped, and then read the content of the text message-

[You are already the best, baby.]

Chu Yin was dumbfounded.

The sour plum soup fell into her stomach, and the sweet and sour taste remained on the tip of her tongue.

After a long time, Chu Yin lowered her eyes, and gently scratched the tabletop with her fingertips.


It’s too cheesy.



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