I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 64 Part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 64 – No drinking (1)

After reading the text messages sent by Lu Zhen, Chu Yin calmed down.

Although she was confident in herself, she still felt pressure which made her feel depressed.

Chu Yin put down her phone and started to eat.

The dishes prepared for dinner were light and nutritious. They were comfortable to eat. After Chu Yin filled her stomach, she felt peace of mind.

The first night after the college entrance examination was over would be a test of mentality. Many people—especially liberal arts students—would experience breakdowns after taking math exams. Those who could easily adapt could continue the exam tomorrow. But if their mentality completely collapses, leading to their subsequent exams being affected, then it would be bad.

Chu Yin reviewed the question that made her hesitate just now and stabilized her mind.

Give her another chance. She would do everything to change the outcome.

Lu Zhen waited outside the door for a while, thinking that she should be all right now.

Lu Zhen knew she had a strong mentality. 

He lowered his head and smiled. He opened the door opposite Chu Yin’s suite and walked in.

That night, Chu Yin didn’t waste any more energy thinking about math.

The hotel desk was spacious. The leather chairs were luxurious and comfortable. She leaned on it as she read the keynotes that she had condensed for the last time. Then she fell asleep listening to her academic audio.

A good night’s dream.

For the next day, there were only two battles left

As soon as she entered the examination room, some of the people in the room were not as mentally prepared as they were yesterday.

It might be because of the math test. Or it may be because of not having enough sleep. Chu Yin closed her eyes and prepared herself, then calmly faced the essay exam.

This was one of the hardest essays among the four subjects. Chu Yin answered the exam whilst maintaining a good posture with her wrist.

After two and a half hours, two answer sheets were written. Chu Yin put down her pen, her wrist was sore. After looking at her essay, her heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Her knowledge structure and her calm attitude played a big role. Chu Yin was sure of the essay she wrote.

She reviewed her multiple choice questions then checked the hardest question again. When the bell rang, the invigilators collected their exams

-One last subject!

Everyone knew that it was not time to relax but they couldn’t help but feel excited! They would finally be free!

Song Zhaolin was the representative of this group. He couldn’t hold back his excitement. In the end, Han Chuying had to force him to calm down by lecturing him. 

Chu Yin’s mentality was very calm. She did not care about the long vacation that was about to come in a few hours. 

She had to be more cautious about her own strengths in Math and English because she couldn’t accept mistakes.

At noon, she settled in the hotel for lunch, then studied for a while, took a nap, and entered the examination room again in the afternoon.

The English test was only two hours long. A half-hour listening test was included. With Chu Yin’s English reading speed, she had already started writing the composition when most of the students still had two major readings left.

She was not in a hurry. With these two hundred words, she had plenty of time to arrange every conjunction, every sentence pattern, every high-level vocabulary, and polish it into an excellent article.

Chu Yin finished writing the composition word by word, turned around, and checked the answer sheet before finally putting down her pen.

It’s done.

The bell hadn’t rang yet when she had already finished her college entrance examination.

Chu Yin turned her head and glanced out the window. At this time, the gate of the testing center was full of parents of the students who took the exam. 

She raised her head slightly, seeing the hotel where she was staying.

The biggest event at the age of 17 had finally ended. Only then did a sense of relief come to her.

The bell rang. The invigilator had a smile on his face, as he collected everyone’s test papers and answer sheets seriously.

Excited cheers rang out in the classrooms as the invigilators were about to leave.

The classmates around Chu Yin also began to cheer.

Finally, the invigilator counted the number of test papers and smiled: “You can leave, congratulations everyone!” 

The whole classroom was filled with joyous sighs.

“The exam is over!”


Chu Yin slowly stretched.

The most important task was done.

The building was overcrowded with excited students. Chu Yin didn’t worry anymore and walked out slowly with the flow of people.

It wasn’t until she got out of the test center’s gate and looked at the scene outside that she felt completely different. 

 ——The huge word “future” appeared in her eyes.

After this college entrance examination, her life would enter a new chapter.

They could think about the future.

The gate was blocked with people and there were horns honking everywhere.

Chu Yin bypassed the crowd, entered the hotel lobby, and took the elevator to her floor. Then she walked to the door while taking out the room card.

As soon as she swiped her card, the suite door behind her suddenly opened with a “click”.

Chu Yin looked back subconsciously.

Lu Zhen leaned on the door frame and looked at her with a chuckle.


Since that time, Lu Zhen hadn’t come to see her.

After careful calculation, they hadn’t seen each other for about 20 days.

Chu Yin blinked and asked afterward, “You live in the room next to me?”

Lu Zhen nodded, “Yes.”

It was convenient for him to silently support her here. 

Chu Yin squeezed the belt of her schoolbag: “…oh.”

It turned out someone also supported and accompanied her in her exam.

Lu Zhen smiled and looked at her for a long while.

The top floor of the hotel was very quiet. There were only two rooms on this side. There was a bouquet of perfume lilies in a vase in the corridor, which emitted a light fragrance.

The atmosphere was a bit ambiguous.

Lu Zhen straightened up from the door frame, walked slowly in front of her, and lowered his head: “So we…” 

Before he could finish his words, Chu Yin’s cell phone suddenly rang.

She recovered from the inexplicable atmosphere, and quickly answered the phone: “Hello?”

Chu Shi’s voice came from the phone: “Yin Yin, we are stuck on the road now, don’t worry, we will be there in a while! “

Since the distance between them was close, Lu Zhen could hear Chu Shi’s voice

Chu Yin hurriedly said, “Don’t drive in. There are too many people now. The road is blocked. It’s not easy to drive away when you drive in. I’ll go back to school by myself later.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lu Zhen suddenly bowed his head and leaned in softly, “Then what about me?”



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