I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 64 Part 3

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 64 – No drinking (3)

Lu Zhen’s car was parked in front of a small alley.

By this time dusk had passed, and although the days were long in summer, the night had already fallen. 

It was dark.

Lu Zhen held Chu Yin’s hand, leading her.

“This is a private kitchen,” Lu Zhen explained. “It’s quiet and suitable for relaxation.”

Chu Yin nodded.

When she reached the door, she realized that this was a courtyard-like building, with the vermilion door closed. 

Lu Zhen took her hand and opened the door directly.

A waiter immediately greeted them, quietly leading them to the box.

As soon as they entered, a gust of wind blew on their face.

One side of this box was open, connected to a small courtyard. 

The private kitchen only had one menu a week, and the ingredients were prepared in advance. After they came, the chef started cooking.

The waiter brought up a pot of tea. The fragrance of the tea was delicate and the smell was top grade.

But Chu Yin’s attention was focused on the dark-colored glass bottle beside Lu Zhen.


Who wanted to drink tea if the wine was being served?

Lu Zhen sat opposite her, noticed Chu Yin’s gaze, and the corners of his lips curled up: “You are a minor.”

Chu Yin: “Are you an adult?”

 Lu Zhen’s eyebrow raised: “Last week.”

“Ah.” Chu Yin remembered, “Happy birthday! although it’s a little bit late…”

Lu Zhen smiled.

It didn’t matter whether he was an adult or not. Chu Yin’s adulthood was more important.

Chu Yin turned the teacup in her hand and said, “But I’m an adult, so I can drink.”

She could smell it. It was plum wine, which was very sweet.

Lu Zhen poured a cup out and looked up at her: “So you can fall in love now 1 Remember Chu Yin rejected Lu Zhen in the previous chapters with the reason of being a minor ?”

Chu Yin blinked, then looked up at the sky.

She was a woman with double standards.

The waiter had already served the dishes quietly, and Chu Yin planned to drink it secretly for a while.

For each serving, the waiter would briefly introduce the dishes. After listening to the name, Chu Yin found it to be quite supplementary.

South African dried abalone, rattan pepper, and big prawns, scallop and flower snail soup, and a cup of crab powder and fish maw. 

The private kitchen cooked very delicately. The food orders were too much. The table was full.

“Very good.”Chu Yin said.

It tasted amazing. Chu Yin ate a lot even if she wasn’t hungry.

Lu Zhen didn’t eat much but had been drinking. Chu Yin had been watching secretly. 

After finally waiting for Lu Zhen to get up and go to the bathroom, she pulled the glass cup over and poured herself a glass of wine.

This kind of fruit wine has a very low alcohol content.

Chu Yin took a sip. It was really sweet, suitable for a summer night.

She secretly drank a cup, and when she put the cup back, Lu Zhen came in.

“Have you eaten?” Lu Zhen asked.

Chu Yin nodded nonchalantly: “Yeah.”

Lu Zhen walked over and pulled her up, “Go and relax yourself outside.” 

The night fell softly. The lantern in the small courtyard was lit.

There was a soft fabric sofa under the eave. As soon as Chu Yin sat down, Lu Zhen sat down next to her.

Lu Zhen put his hand behind her, embracing her.

Chu Yin: “…this sofa is not right.”

Lu Zhen smiled and squeezed her earlobe.

She was originally worried that she would be found out stealing alcohol, but fortunately, Lu Zhen also smelled of sweet alcohol. 

The breath of the two people entwined, and they couldn’t tell who was who.

The evening breeze in the summer night was gentle and warm.

The leaves rustle lightly. Insect sounds could be heard in this quiet courtyard.

They’ve been here for two lifetimes…    

The college entrance examination has passed, Lu Zhen did not disturb her. Chu Yin didn’t think about the results.

At this moment, she was thinking about their relationship.


In this life, Lu Zhen had stretched out his hand again, treating her well.

And she was still testing the waters.

She needed time to figure it out.

Chu Yin always felt that the relationship between the two of them was not fair. 

After a lifetime, she had felt resentful, and Lu Zhen should have had it too.

Chu Yin leaned back and asked softly, “Lu Zhen, what did I do when I came back to your side again 2 She came back again as a different person after she died ?”

That section laid deep in her memory. Although Lu Zhen said that she didn’t do anything to him in the end, Chu Yin didn’t know if she caused other harm.

Lu Zhen’s fingers wrapped around her messy hair. His voice was low: “Worked with me, ate with me, and made coffee for me.”

Nothing bad was mentioned.

Chu Yin turned his head: “What else?”

Lu Zhen looked down at her, his expression gentle under the night sky.

Chu Yin asked, “I didn’t really hurt you?”

Lu Zhen touched her hair, “It doesn’t matter anymore.”

Chu Yin frowned slightly.

“Now this life is because of you,” Lu Zhen said calmly, “You are free to choose whatever you want.”

Chu Yin stared at him for a while.

“Lu Zhen, I will hit you if you act humble again.”

Compared with the somewhat domineering man in the previous life, Lu Zhen in this life was too restrained.

Doing so much in silence as long as the reward was a hug. 

His birthday passed silently without asking her for gifts.

He wanted to start again, but still waited carefully for her decision.

Chu Yin kept putting him behind her studies during this period, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t feel it.

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes, his pupils slowly darkening.

Chu Yin thought for a while, and said,  “I’m not your God, you don’t have to worship me. You won’t lock me up again, and I won’t kill you again. Although I may still act mean to you…you must not act so humble.”

If you want to continue our relationship in the past, you can.

The purest heart ever, a young and energetic teenager, and a fearless girl.

They were still at this age.

Lu Zhen’s pupils darkened a little, his voice stammered.


Chu Yin raised her face and said, “Yes.”

Lu Zhen: “Then I want it.”

Chu Yin blinked.

In the next second, Lu Zhen had already stroked her cheek and kissed her face sideways.

He put one arm around her waist. The tip of his tongue had passed through her teeth, engulfing her and swallowing her whimpers of protest.

The dusty memory was awakened. The long-suppressed desire was freed. 

The girl was pressed on the soft sofa, her eyes were red and hazy.

“Chu Yin,” Lu Zhen said dumbly, biting her soft lips, “Minors are not allowed to drink alcohol.”



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