I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 65 Part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 65 – End (1)

“That’s not what I meant!”

Chu Yin’s face and lips were red. She raised her hand to wipe the corners of her eyes and then punched Lu Zhen in the chest.

She meant that if they want to start over, they need reciprocity.

She didn’t mean it to be a kiss!

“I’ll kill you!” She used her hands and feet to beat him.

Lu Zhen smiled and caught her fist. The corners of his eyes and eyebrows were filled with joy.

After years of being in chastity, he now wanted to swallow her whole. He was already very restrained.

Chu Yin beat Lu Zhen on the sofa. Lu Zhen held her waist until Chu Yin exhausted her anger.

“You drank secretly.” Lu Zhen said.

Chu Yin stared at him angrily: “What’s wrong with taking a sip!”

Lu Zhen leaned closer and lightly touched her lips: “Very sweet.”

Chu Yin’s face was hot again.

She buried her head in embarrassment.

Lu Zhen laughed.

The silent courtyard, the night sky, the lights, and the person in his arms.

He raised his hand and touched Chu Yin’s hair: “Now there is one more important thing. Here…”

Chu Yin was still buried in his arms. Her voice was dull: “What’s the matter?”

Lu Zhen whispered. “We’ll celebrate your 18th birthday.”

The day you’d finally grow up.

Chu Shi had dinner with Chu Yin the next day. He was very dissatisfied with Lu Zhen’s behavior of cutting him out of the picture.

Gu Qiuze breathe a sigh of relief when Gu Qiuze didn’t come. No marriage offer happened in her previous life with Gu Qiuze. There was no need to forcibly involve him in this life. Plus, he didn’t seem to be interested in her.

Chu Shi, who was also acting as Chu Yin’s parents, cared about his sister’s achievements. “Do you have any academic questions?”

Chu Yin took a bite of the food than thought for a while. “I have four or five questions that I’m uncertain.”

Chu Shi asked with concern: “Which subject?”

Chu Yin swallowed the food: “All. 1 She only has 4-5 questions that she’s not sure of in all subjects. Pretty smart.

Chu Shi: “…”

Although he knew that his sister studies well and was able to compete for first place in the college entrance exam, he was still extremely shocked.

Chu Yin estimated overall grade in the exam was good. Except for the math subject, the error rate of the other three major subjects was within her normal level.

Chu Shi sighed for a while.

The Chu family didn’t give her anything, and even caused her a lot of harm. Despite Chu Yin’s circumstances of growing up alone in the countryside, she grew up so well.

Chu Yin knew what he was thinking as soon as she looked at his expression, so she changed the subject: “How’s the family now?”

Although she didn’t care about her parents and her fake sister, her brother couldn’t be separated from them. As the eldest son, he had to take care of the whole family.

Chu Shi looked at her as usual. “My company is working well. The villa and car at home are mortgaged. My parents are running around.Qiuqiu moved to a house outside Chen Xuanyuan.”

Chu Shi calmly said: “My company is doing well. The family’s villa and car are mortgaged. Our parents are busy running around looking for good business. While Chu Qiuqiu moved in with Chen Xuanyuan. “

Chu Yin raised her eyebrows. She forgot about it.

It turned out that the love between Chu Qiuqiu and Chen Xuanyuan hadn’t ended yet. So touching!

Chu Shi frowned: “The Chen family is against with the marriage, but… that has nothing to do with me.”

Chu Yin nodded, “That’s not your obligation at all.”

Chu Shi was in deep thought. “Yin Yin, then…what is the relationship between you and Lu Zhen now?”

Chu Yin almost choked her food: “For the time being, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Chu Shi was still thinking about this problem.

He knew that he was biased against Lu Zhen. To be fair, in terms of capability, He knew that Lu Zhen’s achievements were extremely high. His family background, appearance, and talents were all top-level.

For a person this talented, there were only a few. Not to mention he was also the future heir of the Lu Family – with high power and complex relations. Could Lu Zhen give up those things for his sister?

Chu Yin could guess what he was thinking.

She was almost full, so she put down her chopsticks, “Brother.”

Chu Shi looked up at her: “Huh?”

Chu Yin patted his hand: “Lu Zhen almost died that time.”

Chu Shi was stunned.

He was seriously injured in the fire. Although he recovered, he suffered greatly and walked around the gate of death.

Chu Shi realized that if Lu Zhen could give her his life, there was nothing else he could not give up.

He was stunned for a long time before he smiled bitterly: “I see.”

There were some things beyond his reach.

Chu Shi sighed and decided not to force Gu Qiuze into Chu Yin’s life.


That dream, in fact, had already changed the outcome.



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