I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 65 Part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 65 – End (2)

After dinner, Chu Shi took her to the real estate agent. Chu Yin had to move out of the school dormitory because, in September, she had to attend college. 

They looked around looking for good places to stay then Chu Yin went back to school.

Many new messages popped on her phone. She clicked the notifications and was directed to a chat group.

Group name: [Darling LinLin’s protection family]

Lin Lin was a favorite by many. Everyone loved him in a weird and strange way. For example, his brother loved to beat him and Han Chuying also loves to beat him.

Chu Yin browsed the group. This group was indeed created by Song Zhaolin. The members here were all his best friends.

Kall: [Even though the college entrance examination is over, our friendship will not break!]

Kall: [May our friendship last forever! [Cheers] [Cheers]]

Chu Yin clicked into the group members and looked at them. There were a few people in total. The girls were Jiang Yan and Han Chuying, the boys were Tan Ke and some members she didn’t know.

Lu Zhen was also there.

Their two names happened to be next to each other, ndcy and rndd, inexplicably unified.

Song Zhaolin was still active in the group at the moment.

[Dinnery party in two days! Everyone must come!]

Over the years, there would be meals at the end of the third-year high school. At that time, teachers would also be invited to review the past three years together. Because many students became adults by this time, some would drink at the dinner.

In her previous life, Chu Yin didn’t participate in this activity. She didn’t have any friends in school. But this life was different. The teachers were very kind to her, and there were many students and friends who were friendly to her.

ndcy: [Yes]

When she sent out this message, a new unread message appeared.

After checking the notification, she saw it was Lu Zhen’s.

rndd: [Minor]

Chu Yin suddenly remembered that last night when he said: “Minors, no alcohol” in her ear, and her face suddenly became hot.

[Got it. I know!]


The small group Song Zhaolin created was inactive for two days. It was quiet for a while before Song Zhaolin suddenly forwarded a link.

[I came with a deep love for everyone! ]

[—Answers for all subjects in the college entrance examination are available!]

As soon as the news came out, the group exploded.

[Ah!! Song Zhaolin, you’re awesome!]

[Damn!! You rock!]

Chu Yin’s heart jumped when she opened it.


Although a few days had passed, the college entrance examination questions were still printed in her mind. At this time, she could basically get a rough score.

Xueji said, “Host, you can consider checking it.” 

Chu Yin had this dilemma. She thought for a long time before opening the answers to the exam.

Chu Yin squinted her eyes, covered half of the phone screen with one hand, and flicked down a little bit, just to stop on the familiar parabolic graph.

Her heart pounded. She bit her lips as her eyes fell on the screen.

The answer to the last question.

Chu Yin: “!”

Xue Ji: “Ah oh~”

Chu Yin almost cried out.



The answer she changed to was right!

The other questions were not important anymore!

She felt like embracing the whole world at that moment. Although it was only a rough guess of her score, she felt she was one step close to her ultimate goal!

This happy mood lasted for several days. Chu Yin was happy even when she went to the dinner party.

Lu Zhen was waiting for her under her dormitory building. Since he entered the school premises, many students had been watching. 

—It’s true, it’s true!!! 1 Lu Zhen x Chu Yin

Evening time.

When Chu Yin came out of the dormitory, Lu Zhen just raised his eyes.

She walked over and asked, “Are you attending?”

Lu Zhen shook his head: “I’ll send you there. I will go to the company for a meeting.”

Chu Yin shrugged, “You’re really busy, Mr. Lu.”

Lu Zhen smiled: “I’ll pick you up when I’m done.”


Chu Yin waved her hand: “No need.”

Lu Zhen took her to the car. He didn’t mention this but he secretly liked picking up Chu Yin.

The car drove to the appointed place. Dinner meals for the senior students were being prepared. Both the restaurants and KTV ordered by each class were close to each other.

Lu Zhen escorted her to the place. He took her hand when Chu Yin got off the car: “Don’t drink.” 

“Don’t drink, don’t drink, don’t drink.”

She was not a child anymore. She knew how much she could drink. 

The two teachers had just been offered a few glasses of beer by the male students. Their feelings were influenced by the alcohol that they burst into tears.

Chu Yin was a bit sore. The college entrance examination was not easy.

Even if her grades were good enough, everyone had the same pressure and struggle. The pressure on teachers was also very heavy. 

“Today is the last time the students in our class will get together. From tomorrow on, we will go to different cities, different schools, meet different people, and have different lives. But I hope you will remember and cherish each other. Your friends in high school will become your lifelong friends… “

Then some female students began to cry.

Chu Yin rubbed her eyes then turned her head when she heard a loud cry next to her.

She turned and saw Song Zhaolin was crying.

“Sister Yin,” Song Zhaolin cried, handing over a whole glass of beer, “Come on, straighten up..”

Chu Yin took the glass and drank it.

How could she refuse this? These were her youthful days.



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