I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 66 Part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 66 – End 2 (1)

The petals were falling…

Lu Zhen was kissing her.

This time it was slow as he sucked her warm lips a little bit. Then, he stepped back a little to see her expression.

Chu Yin was full of entanglement.

Judging from the logic she considered sober, this was obviously wrong. But she was so confused that she couldn’t think of a solution.

Lu Zhen gently covered her lips again.

Their eyelashes rubbed against each other, making them feel slightly itchy. He put his arms around his waist and kissed her lightly.

The night was captivating. There was a slight smell of smoke in the air, as well as the vapor of wine in their breaths.

It feels good.

Chu Yin’s head became even dizzier.

She was still insisting that she wasn’t drunk, but now she was starting to feel groggy.

She wanted to hit him, but her fist became limp and only fell on Lu Zhen’s shoulder.

“I’m drunk,” she explained, “so I don’t have the strength.”

Lu Zhen couldn’t help but laugh as he kissed her.

“It’s okay,” he said, “you will hit me tomorrow if you have strength.”

Chu Yin nodded seriously: “Okay.”

She was like this when she gets drunk. She replies seriously.

Lu Zhen rubbed the back of her head for fear that she would have a headache tomorrow, and then asked softly, “Who made you drink?”

Chu Yin thought for a while, “No one asked me to drink. Everyone is drinking.”

She paused before explaining: “Oh, but Lin Lin handed me the wine and I thanked him.”

 eyes darkened

Lu Zhen’s eyes darkened: “Don’t thank him.”

Chu Yin still didn’t know that her honesty had sold her silly son.

Lu Zhen then asked, “Then… how did the petals fall?”

Chu Yin frowned, thinking that his question involved a very important secret. But she subconsciously knew that the person in front of her could be trusted.

She struggled to answer this time. After three full minutes, Chu Yin said cautiously: “I wrote it down.”

She just changed the ‘wind’ in the script to ‘flowers’, and the petals floated down.

Lu Zhen raised his eyebrows lightly.

It seems that it was indeed an invisible mechanism. No one could see her movements.

He patiently rubbed the acupoints for Chu Yin and then began to seek justice himself. After all, Chu Yin told him not to be humble.

“So you threw the knives?”


“You exploded the basketball.”


“You broke the glass door.”


“Pig…It was originally a cat…was it you?”

Lu Zhen gently pinched her face.

Chu Yin didn’t answer, because she was already falling asleep.

If she was awake, Chu Yin would feel guilty. But at this time she couldn’t feel it at all. She was even confident when she answered.

She was so sleepy. Her eyes slowly closed, and the light blue blood vessels could be seen on her eyelids – fragile and beautiful.

Lu Zhen stared at her for a long while, then chuckled. He carried her sideways and walked to the bedroom.

“Well. I won’t ask. Go sleep.”

He gently put her on the bed and covered her with the quilt.

Then he whispered softly, “I accept everything you give.”

“Good night.”

Early the next morning.

Lu Zhen woke up very early.

Because there was a drunk person living in his house, Lu Zhen did not dare to sleep well all night.

He woke up at dawn, got up, took a shower, and then swept the petals away. He went out to exercise and bought breakfast food after.

After Lu Zhen finished exercising, he walked back to the building and saw a familiar car parked downstairs.

Old man Lu sat on the bench downstairs in the apartment with a cane.

“You’re back?”


“Grandpa.” Lu Zhen nodded, carrying a bag of breakfast, and sat down on the other side of the bench.

Grandpa and grandson admired the fresh morning breeze together for a while, and then Grandpa Lu coughed: “You brought someone home?”

Since Lu Zhen was an adult, he didn’t care if it was a woman. But the person Lu Zhen brought back this time was too special.

Lu Zhen was very calm: “Yeah.”

Since Old man Lu arrived, he knew who Lu Zhen brought back, what time the girl went in, or if she had left now. 

Old man Lu looked at his grandson’s calm and handsome face, and asked, “Is it the little girl from the last time?”

He thought that after such a dreadful event, they would break up, but instead, got closer?!

Lu Zhen’s voice was very weak: “It has always been her, and it will only be her in the future.”

Grandpa Lu stamped his cane: “Nonsense!”

Lu Zhen remained unmoved: “You know I’m not kidding.”

Of course, Grandpa Lu knew – it’s because he knew that he felt it was absurd.

His life almost got destroyed. How can you willingly stumble on the same person? Besides, the girl’s family background is too far from status with the Lu family. I heard she grew up in the countryside!

“Do you know that Old man Liang had tea with me the day before yesterday and asked about your attitude.” Grandpa Lu slowly said. “Even if it’s not the Liang family, you should choose what’s good for you in the future.”

Lu Zhen raised his hand and touched the bag to make sure that the breakfast inside was still hot before he said: “I have chosen my future.”

He walked this road for two lifetimes. It only got glimmer after he almost died.

“I can do whatever I want,” Lu Zhen said. “I will decide for myself.”

Grandpa Lu was surprised: “Do you mean to marry the girl in the Lu family?!”

In his opinion, Lu Zhen had met the standards that all heirs should have and even far exceeded everyone’s expectations. He was mature, steady, and decisive. He should be able to make accurate and correct choices.

But Lu Zhen nodded and said, “Yes.” 

More than just marrying her, he could give her everything.

Grandpa Lu was completely shocked and speechless this time. He felt that he needed an emergency pill to calm his nerves.

Lu Zhen didn’t want to make the breakfast food cold, so he stood up and nodded slightly: “Thank you for coming here, grandpa. I’m still courting her. She hasn’t answered me yet, so you don’t need to bother.”

Grandpa Lu suddenly felt that he was about to pass out. “What did you say? Haven’t answered you yet?! – Who is that little girl, a god?!”

He didn’t agree with them being a couple, but when he heard that his grandson was still courting her, his almost-heart attack became even more severe.

Lu Zhen’s lips twitched lightly: “Yes.”

He turned and walked a few steps, then stopped, and turned his face halfway: “Grandpa, you don’t know this but she actually rescued me.” 

Old man Lu was surprised. “What, how can a little girl-”

But before he finished speaking, he suddenly realized that Lu Zhen was able to recover under that situation, which could not be explained by common sense.

“You can choose to believe it or not,” Lu Zhen turned around, “but I know who saved my life.”

Hearing his solemn tone, Grandpa Lu looked shocked for a moment.



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