I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 66 Part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 66 – End 2 (2)

After Chu Yin woke up, her head hurt a little.

She vividly remembered everything.

Asking Lu Zhen to dance in public.

In order to show off, she made a flower rain.

…and admitted the bad things she had done.

Chu Yin covered her face and pressed it in the pillow.

She wants to run.

It’s so embarrassing, it’s–!

This was Lu Zhen’s residence. She recognized it. Chu Yin took a quick wash. She wanted to quietly push the door and leave.

As a result, as soon as she opened the door, Lu Zhen happened to put down the breakfast in the living room and saw her when he looked up.

He was wearing sportswear and a sports headband. He looked so handsome.

His lips curled as he gave her a smile.

Chu Yin’s blood flowed back suddenly.

She suddenly remembered that last night, apart from his self-manipulation last night, before that… kissing on the sofa. She subconsciously felt that it feels very good, and even wanted to indulge more.

Chu Yin’s face became hot. She couldn’t look directly at Lu Zhen.

Although escaping is shameful, it’s the only thing that makes sense! She quickly opened the script.

【Location: Apartment. Characters: Chu Yin, Lu Zhen. 】

【Lu Zhen went out to buy breakfast. Seeing her getting up, Lu Zhen walked over and pulled her to the table.

Lu Zhen: “Now we can have a good chat.”】

Chu Yin: No, I don’t want to talk now –

She crossed out the word “table” and changed it to “door”.

Send me away, thank you!

She finished the change and waited for Lu Zhen to come and pull her out.

Lu Zhen felt the guiding force again.

He glanced at Chu Yin calmly, and then walked over and held her.

Chu Yin waited silently for him to pull her to the door of the room.

But Lu Zhen led her from the door of the master bedroom to the door of the second bedroom.

Chu Yin: “…”

There’s something wrong in this world.

Lu Zhen’s face was calm. He looked puzzled as he raised his eyebrows: “What’s the matter?”

Chu Yin looked at him for three seconds. “You know about it!”

This had never happened before. Combined with the information last night and various details, Chu Yin realized that Lu Zhen couldn’t be controlled by the script!

Lu Zhen smiled and caught her hand.

Chu Yin grabbed his collar fiercely: “What’s going on!”

Lu Zhen explained obediently, “I have been like this since you rescued me.”

He made many guesses and finally came to a conclusion.

His “new life” was placed under the rules controlled by Chu Yin, counteracted with her forces, and completely became a “free man”.

Chu Yin knew this was a good thing, and after she completed the final task, the script would disappear, and her golden fingers would be released.

But she was still a little unhappy.

“I don’t have a trump card with you now!” She punched Lu Zhen in the chest.

Lu Zhen took her hand and held it in his palm. “With me, you will always have a trump card”

It’s nothing but you.

It will always work for him.


 “There are still seven days left before the score of the college entrance examination~” 

In the past few days, Xueji’s system announcement would come every day.

Every time she heard it, Chu Yin’s heart would shake unconsciously.

Getting closer.

She had been watching the news from time to time in the past few days. Some provinces had already announced the results of the college entrance examination, and the scores and names of the champions begun to appear in the reports.

Chu Yin felt a little nervous every time she saw it.

As the provincial capital city, the neighboring school was already one of the best schools. Chang Jinggeng did not participate in the college entrance examination this year, so Chu Yin lost one opponent, but she knew that there were many top students in that school.

It was not easy to get the provincial champion.

On that day, Chu Yin felt that it was even more difficult.


The news came from Chang Jinggeng. He suddenly appeared in the city’s math exchange group where no one had spoken for a long time.

[Sharing good news!]

[There’s this top student who came back from a certain province for the college entrance examination. I talked with him.]

[He conservatively estimated his score, 695! ]

Now everyone was paying attention to the scores of the college entrance examination, and the group exploded as soon as the three messages were posted.

[Fuck, really? ]

[How to estimate English composition and Chinese composition by yourself? Not allowed! ]

[If this is true, he must be the provincial champion?!]

[Once you know, you’ll know. Why send it here…]

Han Chuying immediately poked Chu Yin after seeing it: [I think this was sent for you on purpose]

Chu Yin also knew that Chang Jinggeng was sending these texts on purpose.

But she had to admit that when she saw the news, her heart shook again.

695 is already a very high score.

Judging from the difficulty of this year’s math paper, the overall difficulty was slightly higher than last year.

Chang Jinggeng tagged @ her in the group: [But I also believe in the strength of classmate Chu. Good Luck!]

Chu Yin didn’t care about him.

She pulled out a set of questions casually, casually answering while thinking about things.

Even if she had the strength of the provincial champion, she may be pushed to the second, third, or even lower position because of a difference of one or two points.

The top ten people in the province had the strength to fight for the champion. But in the end, it depends on destiny.

Chu Yin was anxious.

It didn’t show on her face, but someone could still spot it.

In the evening, Lu Zhen left the company and came to pick her up for dinner.

They had Thai food. Lu Zhen didn’t ask much when eating, but just brought her a lot of dishes.

Until the meal was over, Lu Zhen pulled her, “Let’s take a walk.”

Chu Yin nodded.

Lu Zhen slowly walked side by side with her, and asked softly, “Nervous?”

Chu Yin didn’t speak for a long time.

It wasn’t until the end of the road that she said, “Lu Zhen, I have to be in the top”

Lu Zhen raised his eyebrows lightly.

He only knew that Chu Yin’s superpower was related to the college entrance examination results, and guessed that the higher the score, the better for her, but he didn’t know that she had to get the top.

It turned out that she was under such pressure.

Lu Zhen stopped and touched her head: “Then take the first place.”

She was anxious. He was calm.

Chu Yin’s eyes were raised. “What if I can’t?”

The world will remain the same if she can’t get the first place.

Lu Zhen looked at her quietly.

Chu Yin’s words seemed to be waiting for comfort.

Usually, when people hear this, they would say, ‘it doesn’t matter if you can’t’

‘This is a matter of luck, it depends on fate.’

‘You have endured enough. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.’

—These were all gentle persuasions.

But after a while, Lu Zhen lowered his eyes, and his gaze fell on her face.

He said: “It will only be you.”

Chu Yin was startled.

Lu Zhen held her hand and slowly clasped her fingers.

It’s like holding her to catch the ethereal fate.

“I don’t believe in myself,” Lu Zhen said in a low and gentle voice, “but I believe in your fate.”

Take me there, and lead me to the light.



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