I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 67 Part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 67 – End 3 (1)

The college entrance examination was getting closer and closer.

In the living room of the Song family, Song Zhaolin was pouting as he burned incense in front of the statue of Confucius in their house.

Song Yanchuan just saw this when he came back from work. He walked over and kicked his ass.

“There are still three days left.”

 “–Ow!” Song Zhaolin almost fell to the ground, and turned his head angrily: “My incense is crooked! Can you afford to pay if I don’t pass, brother?!”

“…” Song Yanchuan looked at him blankly, “Don’t think I can’t hit you if you throw the pot to me.”

Song Zhaolin: “…” 

The plan failed. Gah!

Song Yanchuan had just come back from the Lu family. He discussed some things with Lu Zhen. Now when he thought about Lu Zhen and the younger brother in front of him. It was clear they were the same age and grew up together. How could the difference be so big?

On the phone, class groups were chattering and discussing. The closer the results get out, the more anxious they were.

Song Zhaolin was not nervous at first, but he was threatened by his brother, so when he saw the tension in the group, he suddenly felt he want to pee.

Song Zhaolin was anxious for a while and began to calm himself by browning the net.

Chu Yin was browsing the rental information on her phone when Song Zhaolin’s message suddenly popped up at the top of the screen.

[Sister Yin, are you nervous? Are you afraid to check the results!]

[Darling Linlin will serve you!]

Chu Yin clicked in: [What kind of service?]

Song Zhaolin’s excitement could be felt across the screen: [Check the score of the college entrance examination!]

Chu Yin: […? ]

Song Zhaolin sent a voice message: “To directly say the score, 5 yuan! To mildly say the score, 10 yuan! To comfort first before kindly and gently tell the score, 20 yuan!”

Lu Zhen was right next to her. When he heard the voice, he turned his face sideways.

Song Zhaolin’s service wasn’t finished yet. “After saying your score, I’ll fangirl you for 10 minutes, 50 yuan! After saying your score, I will break down into tears and cry to relieve sadness, 50 yuan!”

Chu Yin: “…” 

There was no answer for a while.

Song Zhaolin excitedly forwarded this voice message to his friends and family.

He originally saw it on the Internet. His online service fee was twice as low as them! But Song Zhaolin felt that he could do it very well, and his price was not overpriced!

Money was not the point. The point was that it’s fun to check results for others! Especially people like Chu Yin. So exciting!

He was rubbing his hands and waiting for a reply. Chu Yin sent him a voice reply.

Song Zhaolin opened his ears excitedly and listened eagerly.

The voice in the message was very familiar – cold and calm. “I can also provide these services, free of charge. Do you need it?”

Song Zhaolin was so surprised as he sat up. “???”

Why is this Lu Zhen??

Brother Zhen hadn’t settled the account with him for Sister Yin’s drunkenness. Recently, he had been careful not to go near him.

Now that he heard Lu Zhen’s voice, Song Zhaolin’s heart was tight. He quickly replied: [No need! How dare I!]

It took a few seconds for him to react—

Why is Chu Yin’s phone in Lu Zhen’s hand?

You guys??

Song Zhaolin looked at the phone and imagined the picture on the other side of the screen, his eyes moistened.

Some people find love after the college entrance examination.

-Lu family’s residence- 

In the living room, the housekeeper bowed down and handed the medicine to Old Man Lu.

Old man Lu was in a good mood. He looked up at the wall calendar and suddenly asked, “Is the college entrance examination score coming out?”

The butler was a little surprised. The young master didn’t take the college entrance examination. Why did the old man start to care about the college entrance examination scores?

But he respectfully said: “Yes, sir, it will be announced tonight.”

Old man Lu gave a “hum”

Since his grandson had plans to marry the girl, he needed to know more about this girl. He asked his people to investigate Chu Yin and found that although her family background and growth experience did not meet the standards, her academic performance was surprisingly good.

“Butler Liu, your niece is also in third-year high school. What’s the qualification for being a top student in the city?”

The butler bowed his head and said. “Sir, if you get first place in the citys college entrance examination, you can compete for the top ten in the whole region.”

Old man Lu “hum” again.

Being in the first ten was nothing more than a surprise.

For the students in prestigious schools, college entrance examinations were just a common way. Most of those students (that came from wealthy families) would choose to go abroad and obtain a more cutting-edge education.

The butler looked at his face and asked carefully, “Why do you suddenly care about the college entrance examination?”

Old man Lu turned his face to one side.

He couldn’t persuade or convince his grandson. The child was too mature. He just wanted to see how good this girl Lu Zhen was courting.


The Chu Family at the same moment.

The villa was fully paid off. Now the whole family was living in an ordinary residential building.

A BMW parked outside the residential building. Chu Qiuqiu, looking mature and sexy, walked upstairs in high heels, going straight to her room.

Father Chu scolded her when he saw her. “You’re fooling around outside every day. You’d rather be a mistress than take the college entrance examination! Pack up and get out. Don’t come back with your disgraceful things!”

Chu Qiuqiu glanced at him and smiled disdainfully. Now that her father was in poverty, what qualifications did he have for him to tell her what to do? 

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to come to this shabby place either!”

Chu Qiuqiu went downstairs amidst the thunderous curses of Father Chu, but Chu Shi never paid attention to her from beginning to end.

After venting his grievances and anger, Father Chu looked at his son and asked, “Is the college entrance examination score coming out?”

Chu Shi: “Yeah.”

Mother Chu also walked out of the room, holding the door frame without speaking.

Father Chu hesitated for two seconds before asking, “Chu Yin…do you think she did well in the exam?”

She had been studying well. He heard that she ranked first in the city. If she could get in the top of the whole region, she would receive a lot of bonus money. If she gets good grades in the exam, then the ‘parents of the top student’ would become a useful title.

Chu Shi indifferently looked at his greedy face, and felt sick. 

They never gave Chu Yin anything, but they still wanted to profit from her.

“Don’t you still have contact with her? Let Chu Yin stop getting angry and take him home.” Chu’s father said.



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