I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 67 Part 3

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 67 – End 3 (3)

This was at the side of the road. There were pedestrians walking around. What would they be thinking when they saw this?

Lu Zhen held her in his arms and bit her small earlobe: “I know you won’t go.”

Chu Yin’s ears were very sensitive. She hesitated before hitting him. “Then why are you acting like this? Are you crazy?!”

Lu Zhen kissed her in silence for a while before whispering, “You walked with him before.”

Chu Yin opened her eyes: “When?”

Lu Zhen’s black pupil looked at her: “Last year at the school gate.”

Chu Yin thought about it for a long time before she remembered it. She suddenly laughed: “I was — he said he wanted to send me two math notes, so I went with him.”

Lu Zhen hugged her tightly. After a while, he raised his head and kissed her on the tip of the chin.

“You also stood in the same umbrella as him.”

He thought they were together. This made him feel hopeless. Lu Zhen’s heart was broken that day.

Chu Yin made him laugh bitterly that day.

What kind of old vinegar was she feeding him?

Lu Zhen pressed the back of her neck and raised her chin.

Chu Yin suddenly stretched out a finger and blocked the space between them.

“Lu Zhen.” She looked at him closely.

“…Hmm.” Lu Zhen’s throat rolled inexplicably.

Chu Yin stared at him with her beautiful peachy eyes. “Did I let him hold me? Did I let him kiss me? Your jealousy doesn’t make sense because it’s only you who did all these.”

Only you.

Lu Zhen was stunned.

After a long while, he laughed uncontrollably.

Lu Zhen’s chest trembled.

She pinched him: “Smile. You’re like a dog, acting silly. 1 得了便宜还卖乖的狗男人: There are two meanings for this. (1) it means acting silly and cute for people who are close (2) taking advantage of the situation for people that aren’t familiar with each other.

“I’m a dog,” Lu Zhen smiled and pressed her forehead to him as he pecked her lips. “Don’t go to the Internet Cafe.”

“Then where will I go?”

Lu Zhen managed to hold back his smile and looked at her with drooping eyes: “It just need to have a fast internet?”


Many hours later.

Chu Yin raised his eyes and looked at the magnificent high-rise buildings in front of him.

Lu Zhen actually brought her to Lu Company.

Although it was already night, there were still people in the company who hadn’t left.

Looking at the little girl next to the young President Lu, their expressions showed curiosity.

Chu Yin was taken directly to Lu Zhen’s office.

This was her first time coming here. She looked around casually, and then saw there were still a lot of documents on Lu Zhen’s desk.

“It’s ten o’clock?” Lu Zhen looked at his watch.

Chu Yin nodded.

Now she had become nervous.

Lu Zhen handed her a notebook, “Should I wait with you?”

Chu Yin looked at the files on his desktop, held the notebook, and shook her head: “You’re busy.”

In case… she didn’t get first place, she needed a little time alone to digest the facts.

Lu Zhen looked at her and slowly said, “I’m here.”

Whether it’s good news or bad news, I’ll always be here waiting for you.

Chu Yin held her notebook and went to the office next to him.

She was the only one sitting in the corner. Chu Yin opened her notebook and began to wait aimlessly.

The notifications in the class group and the exchange group were 99+ per minute.

Everyone had already begun to wait in panic.

Chu Yin held his arm and thought a lot of things in her head.

From Chang Jinggeng’s friend who had an estimated score of 695 to her own uncertainty of only four or five questions. She looked back and thought that her Chinese composition should be fairly accurate, and involuntarily recalled whether her English letters were clear enough

This was probably the torture that every college entrance examination student had experienced.

Time slipped little by little until ten o’clock in the evening.

Chu Yin had placed her ID card and admission ticket. Although she was able to memorize it, she still kept it at hand.

She clicked on the system URL.

Song Zhaolin sent a message to the group: [Last ten minutes! Last ten minutes! ]

[Anyone out there who wants to order my services! It’s almost cut off!]


[Can the class leader kick Song Zhaolin out?]

[+1 Agree!]

[+1 Agree!]

The group went quiet as only a few minutes were left before the clock strikes ten o’clock.

Finally, it was ten o’clock sharp.

Xue Ji came out: “Ding–“

Chu Yin immediately refreshed the page, clenched her fist, and then inhaled deeply. Entering her ID number and the ticket number, she then clicked ‘query’.

The moment the page turned white, she felt her heart stop.

—Then it got stuck.

Chu Yin exhaled, only to realize that her heart was pounding.

Sure enough, the group exploded again.

[Site crashed, fuck!]

[Me too! Scared me to death!]


The initial tension and suffocation were relieved, and they began to mechanically repeat the query operation.

After ten minutes, Song Zhaolin was the first to give points.

[Damn! I’m here!]

[Lin Zi!]

[How’s your score]

[Ah! Going crazy! So nervous]

Song Zhaolin sent a message. His hands were trembling: [Ah! I got over 500!]

Had exceeded his average score!


[Great, great, great!] 

[Good job, Lin]

Song Zhaolin was already running around the house with excitement. He was breathless “Thank you teachers! Thank you classmates! Thank you, sister Yin! Your Linlin has become a talent! Ah!”

Starting with him, people began to check the results one after another. Some were as excited as Song Zhaolin, while some no longer appear in the group.

Unlike them, Chu Yin never appeared from beginning to end. This involuntarily made people generate all kinds of guesses.

What they didn’t know was that she was still stuck in the crashed site.

Chu Yin refreshed more than a hundred times, but she still couldn’t see her results, as if it was joking with her.

Almost forty minutes had passed since ten o’clock.

Separated by a wall, Lu Zhen was in the office, looking at his watch for the tenth time.

He was having an online meeting, and he seldom loses his mind when he was working, but at this time he felt unsure.

By 11:10, most people in the class had found their scores, but the school’s most favorite, Chu Yin, never appeared.

At this time, Chu Yin’s name appeared in everyone’s private chats, and their guesses were not so optimistic.

Chu Yin herself was still refreshing the system blankly. At this moment, Chang Jinggeng tagged everyone in the group chat.

[Great news! Must share with everyone! ]

[The final score of our school’s top student is four points higher than my own estimate!]

[Total score-699!!!]

This news quickly swept all chat groups in the region.

Chu Yin’s heart jumped hard, and then slowly became cold.


The level of a top one.

Could she pass this score? Could she score higher than this?



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