I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 67 Part 4

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 67 – End 3 (4)

Chu Yin closed her eyes, opened them again, her black eyes were bright as she refreshed one last time-

All the senior high school students in Huiwen were howling.

[It’s over, fuck.]

[The top student from that school is out of our league…]

[What to do, has anyone seen Sister Chu appear? Why do I have a bad premonition?]

[Uuuuuu, I don’t want it]

At 11:40, the results were posted nearly two hour alreadys.

Lu Zhen finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

He took off his headset, ended the meeting, and strode out of the office.

Chu Yin wasn’t in the room. Lu Zhen’s heart sank slightly. When he met the cleaning lady, he hurriedly asked, “Did you see the girl?”

“Oh, I saw her go to the rooftop–“

Lu Zhen’s heart sank suddenly. He couldn’t wait for the elevator, so he ran up directly from the stairs.

At the same time, in the Huiwen chat group, the grade director suddenly dropped a message.

Very excited to announce the news.

The bomb was set.

The whole school was in an uproar.

Lu Zhen rushed to the roof and saw Chu Yin standing at the edge of the building. His heart almost exploded.

He held his breath, walked behind her, and whispered: “Chu Yin.”

Chu Yin didn’t respond.

The wind on the roof was strong, and her slender back swayed gently.

Lu Zhen approached her quietly and slowly, “Baby, don’t be afraid. There’s not only one chance. As long as we live, we can change this. I… “

Chu Yin’s shoulders trembled, as if crying.

Lu Zhen was only half a meter away from her, and even his fingertips were tight.

Just then, Chu Yin suddenly turned around and was full of a bright smile.

She rushed towards Lu Zhen with no hesitation.

Lu Zhen subconsciously caught her and hugged her tightly.

The next second, the girl’s clear voice exploded in her ear: “Seven hundred! Perfect! No mistake!”

–It’s over!

Lu Zhen’s heart beat returned to normal but it was still in pain from being smashed by Chu Yin.

He held in his arms tightly. 

“You really… own my life.”

Chu Yin couldn’t stop laughing, and the long ‘ding’ of Xueji Ji sounded in her mind.

The Regional Education Examination Institute released the score distribution map of college entrance examination candidates this year.

Literature and history.

700 points or more: Number of people in this segment: 1. Cumulative number: 1.

—She is the only one.

Chu Yin Hui hugged Lu Zhen: “I did it.”

Lu Zhen kissed the top of her hair: “I know.”

Xue Ji’s voice sounded like the course of the wind.

“Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations to the host!”

“Congratulations to the host on completing the task of [Top student in the Region]! You received the highest permission of the system – you can customize the ending! “

Chu Yin’s heart began to beat wildly.

The book of the world flipped the pages in her mind, and finally stopped-

It was blank, the last page.

The light pen was floating in the air, and Chu Yin’s fingertips trembled a little. She stretched out her hand and grabbed the pen.

At that moment, the halo flourished—

Chu Yin thought it was the light in her mind, but he heard Lu Zhen calling her.

 “Chu Yin…”

The bright and grand light enveloped the two of them.

In this absurd world, two people awakened alone.

In the halo, Lu Zhen’s expression was a little vague, but Chu Yin knew she was smiling.

Smiling and touching her head: “Do what you want.”


Chu Yin raised her eyes lightly.

“Host, now you can write your own ending.”

The tip of the pen fell on the paper, and every time she wrote a word, the light dimmed.

Until Chu Yin stopped writing, the light dissipated and turned into a spot of light in the void.

The book had an end, and it was finally closed.

From then on, there would be no script.

—They will walk in this world fresh, free, and fragrant 1 Not being controlled .

Chu Yin laughed, feeling relaxed and happy like never before in her life.

This evening, the moonlight was bright, and the night wind was blowing all their sleeves.

In the wind, Lu Zhen stretched out his hand to her with a gentle voice: “Done?” 

Since the story came to an end, the world would no longer be absurd. He could already guess what she was doing just now.

Chu Yin didn’t answer, but just laughed.

After a while, she reached out her hand and touched Lu Zhen with her fingertips.

“No disease nor disaster. Everything will go well.”

She wrote her ending like this.

So in the future, she no longer needs cheats.

Lu Zhen’s lips curled and smiled.

Chu Yin stepped closer again, with her fingertips resting on his palm. She lightly scratched.

She raised her eyes, and her clear pupils reflected Lu Zhen’s shadow.

There was another sentence-

“Chu Yin lived a healthy and happy life with the person she loves.”

This was the happy ending she wrote.

Lu Zhen’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

“So you see, Lu Zhen.” The girl told him with a smile.

Lu Zhen held her hand and slowly clasped her fingers.

He finally understood.

At the end of the story, the world was born out of the page, and they would no longer be characters. He was not the male lead, and she was not Bai Yuegang (White Moonlight / First Love).

The pain and love of two lifetimes came to end at this moment and were blown away by the wind.

—From now on she will only be his darling.

Chu Yin shook his hand. Her eyes bent into a thousand crescent moon when she laughed.

“So – you have to work hard and become the person I love.”

Then we will, healthy, smoothly, and happily live this life.

Lu Zhen laughed.

Under the moon. The young man lowered his head and kissed her lips softly.

“For the rest of my life.”

I will love you.




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