I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 68 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 68 – Happy Adult (1)

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Chu Yin didn’t appear on any social platform that night. However, her name was everywhere in the country.

Her mobile phone was turned off all night, and after turning it on the next day, she was overwhelmed by various missed calls and unread messages.

She turned off her cell phone all night. After turning it on the next day, she was directly crowded with all kinds of missed calls and unread messages.

In addition to the news from teachers, classmates, and friends, there were several calls from B city.

Two or three unfamiliar mobile phone numbers called her nonstop as if competing for her.

Out of courtesy, she called back these mobile phone numbers. Sure enough, he was a teacher in the Admissions Office of a certain university.

The other teacher who called was kind and enthusiastic. He introduced her to the various majors of their school in detail. He also wished he could personally tour her in school.

After a few phone calls, Chu Yin’s voice was dry.

Then she had time to read everyone’s messages.

Han Chuying: [Ah!!! No.1 student in the region!]

[As expected of my goddess! *sobs* I’m so proud!!]

[I got 673 in the exam! We can go to the same university!]

Jiang Yan: [I cried when I heard the news, Yin Yin, congratulations!]

[I got 651 in the exam. We can study in the same city woop woop!]

Chu Yin smiled and responded one by one, and then swiped down to Song Zhaolin’s message.

He sent her a long message.

[Since the screams of people were too loud, I’m afraid you won’t hear my blessings. If there are too many blessings from them, I’m afraid you won’t receive my blessings. So, I chose to make my presence known by sending you a sentence that expresses thousands of words.]

[Father, if you become rich, don’t forget your son!]

*heart emoji* *rose emoji* *heart emoji*

Chu Yin chuckled and sent him a message. [Did you do well in the exam?]

Song Zhaolin immediately replied.

[God! Oh, my God! Whose message is this?!]

[Is this message sent by the number one student in the region?!?!?!]

[Can I really receive such a message! No, even if I humble myself, I cannot!]

 Chu Yin: [Tell me 1 Chu Yin referred to herself in a higher authority when she said ‘me’. This is just an inside joke with Song Zhaolin ]

Song Zhaolin: [My score is 501.]

Chu Yin smiled for a long time. Her heart was very happy.

Scoring above 500 points showed that Song Zhaolin did well in his exam. She remembered that Song Zhaolin’s result in his first mock exam was only 440. Plus, the difficulty level of the exam this time was high.

Sure enough, the god still loves this foolish son, so she felt relieved.

Chu Yin sent an emoji that showed her touching Song Zhaolin’s head: [Excellent.]

A few minutes later, a new post was posted in the Huiwen forum.

【 I was praised by the number 1 student in the whole region!!! Who else? Who else?!】

Chat screenshots with coded WeChat names were placed in the forum, but the avatar was blurred. 

Although it wasn’t reported yet, the news about the number 1 student was spread all over the third year of senior high school. From the school leaders to the cleaning aunt of the dormitory, the whole school was beaming with excitement.

Anonymous 1: My eyes are red.

Anonymous 2: I also want to be praised by my sister.

Anonymous 3: SZL, is this you?

Song Zhaolin read the posts happily, feeling that his life had reached its peak.

He scored over 500. His brother didn’t beat him but only gave him a big red envelope.

And his sister Yin got 700. She was the number 1 in the whole region. 

—He is so happy!

At the same time, the No.1 Middle School was also inquiring. The results were just posted last night. Everyone was basically discussing within their school.

Chang Jinggeng had been waiting for Chu Yin’s scores. Since she didn’t up for a long time, she probably failed the exam.

[Brother Zhao, you did too well this time! When I answered the math exam, I felt I couldn’t get full marks] 

The opposing boss 2 Song Zhaolin was very modest: [Thank you, I’m just lucky.]

Chang Jinggeng boasted: [Brother Zhao is too humble! You became the light of your school and you simply won the honor to the whole school – no, the whole city!]

[If you’re going to apply for Q University, just tell me, I can make it easier for you *smirk*]

The other side was quiet for a while before he replied: [I will consider it. But I can’t stand your last sentence.]

[The region champion is in Huiwen. The teacher from the Admissions Office of Q University just told me.]

Chang Jinggeng was stunned.

He whispered: [Well, the champion won’t be Chu Yin…]

[Yes, that’s her.]


[Moreover, the teacher of Q University cried to me, saying that they were directly rejected]

The admission teacher of the school that Chang Jinggeng was proud of was refused with no hesitation by Chu Yin!

All of a sudden, his face was red.

Chang Jinggeng habitually opened the official site, wanting to see if it was true. When the site loaded, he immediately clicked the popped-up window.

[Great news! Must share with everyone!]

[Our school’s goddess Chu Yin’s final score was two points higher than classmate Chang’s score! ]

[Total score – 701, first in the region!!]

Chang Jinggeng was slapped in the face.

[Damn! Sister Chu is awesome! Ah! I’m going to make a banner and run around to report this great news!]

[Sister Chu Yin! The light and my hope! I will love you forever!]

[This man has never beaten Chu Yin from start to finish, right? I would have no face if I were him.] 

A few minutes later, someone left the group chat.

[Hahahahaha! Chang Jinggeng is so ashamed that he left the group! ] 

In the evening, the Lu family.

Old man Lu sat down at the dining table.

Originally, both grandpa and grandson lived in the villa, but now Lu Zhen lived in his own apartment outside. The house was a bit deserted. 

He snorted in his heart – he said that the apartment was close to the company and was convenient for office work. In fact, wasn’t it because the Chu family couldn’t live in our suburb anymore?!

Living outside was only convenient to meet the worthless little girl from another family!

Old man Lu was full of unknown sourness in his heart, and turned to ask the housekeeper: “Is the result for the college entrance examination ready?” 

The butler came over with the evening newspaper that was newly published today: “Yes, sir.”

Old man Lu took the newspaper, shook it open, and sneered. “I haven’t heard any words today. The results seems to be…not good.”

Before he could finish, he suddenly saw a huge photo printed on the front page of the newspaper. The words next to it were also very eye-catching–

Chu Yin, the No. 1 student in Liberal Arts in the whole region, is not only a school flower but also a top student! A legend among the students!

Old man Lu: “…”

He glanced casually and saw Chu Yin’s extremely beautiful results.

Mathematics, full marks!

English, perfect score!

Language 133, Chinese 268!

With a total score of 701, the only candidate in the province with a score above 700!

Old man Lu looked at the newspaper for a long time, then folded it, and asked nonchalantly: “Butler Liu, how much is your niece’s college entrance examination score?” 

The butler lowered his head: “The child did well in the exam. She passed a line of 40 points,”

Grandpa Lu didn’t know how many points a line was. He didn’t get the answer he wanted to hear. He said unhappily, “How many points is that?”

The butler said honestly, “She got 623 points.”

Grandpa Lu was inexplicably happy. “The difference is not that big.”

Chu Yin is 80 points higher than her –

In downtown, residential building.

Real estate agents were trembling! They cautiously sent away the person who came to see the room.

The building the girl was looking at was not a high-end residential area. It was an ordinary old building and the price was relatively cheap. It was a little girl who came to see the room. She looked like she was only seventeen or eighteen. It was normal to rent a house at this price.

-But the strangest thing in this situation was that she rode a limited-edition Maybach.

Now that the luxury car was far away, the real estate agent fanned with her hand, feeling very puzzled.

The taste of the rich??

Chu Yin got into the car. When she was blown by the air-conditioner, she let out a sigh of relief.

Lu Zhen had already taken the car, and recently he drove by himself, and Chu Yin’s position was also changed to the co-pilot.

“So think about it and rent my room.” Lu Zhen raised his hand to wipe the sweat on her forehead.

Although the house she just looked at could be rented for a short time, it was old. The price was high and the overall cost-performance was low. It was better to stay in a hotel. But staying in a hotel for two months was not good.

Chu Yin pondered for a while. Lu Zhen was willing to let her take advantage of it for two months.

She asked: “What about the rent?”

Lu Zhen: “Just help me pay the property fee.”

“Doesn’t it sounds like you’re keeping me? Believe it or not, I can kill you.”

Lu Zhen smiled while driving: “Then you can pay the rent at market value.”

The house was the opposite of his apartment. After realizing that Chu Yin was going to rent a house for two months, Lu Zhen bought the opposite house. Although his room was also empty, Chu Yin should be more acceptable in this way.

He could pay for both their water and electricity. She wouldn’t have a hard time.

Chu Yin pondered for a long time, and finally collapsed on the back of the chair, “Okay, thank you for taking me in.”

Lu Zhen’s eyes were happy: “You’re welcome.” 

The car drove forward, and he asked, “Are you moving now?”

“I’m not in a hurry,” Chu Yin waved her hand, “Let’s go to the cafe over there.”



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