I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 68 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 68 – Happy Adult (2)

Lu Zhen raised his eyebrows and asked, “Did you make an appointment?”

Chu Yin nodded with a very magnanimous attitude: “Well, senior Wei Heming.”

Lu Zhen glanced at her.

“Let’s see what I am doing,” Chu Yin glared back at him without any falsehood, “——There is business, he was called by the teacher of Q University and asked to persuade me personally to consider the literature and history major of their school. “

“Why are you looking at me?” Chu Yin glared back at him. “It’s something serious. He was asked by the teacher of Q University to persuade me personally to consider the major of Literature and History in their school.”

After all, in universities of science and technology, there was one student who majored in literature and history that had aspiring talent.

Lu Zhen retracted his gaze: “Okay.”

He drove the car to the place.

Chu Yin unlocked her seat belt and got out of the car. She then saw that the man turned off the car engine and followed her with the car key.

Chu Yin: “?”

Chu Yin: “…”

So childish.

Sitting in the cafe, Wei Heming was very excited.

He hadn’t seen Chu Yin’s for a year, but he still hadn’t forgotten her in his heart.

Now that the college entrance examination scores were out, she really did not disappoint him. She actually got first place, which made Wei Heming even more excited. 

In this meeting, it was only a small purpose to help students enroll in Q University. He mainly wanted to ask if there was any possibility for them to make progress.

The door of the cafe was pushed open, the wind bell rang, and Wei Heming raised his eyes expectantly.

Chu Yin was exactly the same as inhis impression, fair and beautiful, confident and generous.

When those beautiful peach blossom eyes looked over, Wei Heming’s heart beat again.

—Then he saw the young man following Chu Yin.

Tall, indifferent, and luxurious.

Wei Heming suddenly had a bad feeling.

“It’s been a long time, senior.” Chu Yin said hello with a smile, pulled the chair opposite him, and sat down.

Lu Zhen was casual as he sat down next to her very naturally.

Chu Yin pointed awkwardly to him. “This is my…friend. I’m sorry, he had to come with me.”

When Lu Zhen heard her introduction, the corners of his lips tightened slightly.

Wei Heming hurriedly waved his hand and said gently, “It’s okay. No need to apologize.”

Because of Lu Zhen’s intervention, there was no enchanting atmosphere in the conversation. Wei Heming felt like he was being watched.

He first introduced Chu Yin to the Q University in terms of resource conditions, geographical location, employment, and other aspects, and then, on behalf of the school, he sincerely invited Chu Yin to think more about it.

Chu Yin also thanked the other party for his sincerity, saying that she would definitely consider it.

After talking about important matters, they would naturally chat.

Wei Heming ignored the person next to her and was about to summon the courage to ask about Chu Yin’s current situation when Lu Zhen suddenly said, “Finished?”

Wei Heming: “Ah? Ah, yes…”

Chu Yin stepped on Lu Zhen’s feet under the table.

Lu Zhen was in pain, but his face did not change, and he even held her hand under the table.

“Since the conversation is over, we still have things to do, so we won’t stay longer.”

Chu Yin gave a fake smile. At this exact moment, she wanted to find a secluded place to beat Lu Zhen, so she smiled. “Senior, I won’t delay your rest. We will talk again when we have time.”

Wei Heming watched the two stand up, with hesitation whether to speak or not. If he missed this opportunity, he didn’t know if there was a next time.

He finally summoned the courage to stop her: “Sister Chu Yin!”

At the same time, Lu Zhen’s profile turned cold as a sculpture. His eyes were faint as he indifferently looked at him, giving a faint warning.

With a sigh of relief, Wei Heming said to Chu Yin, “I still like you!”

Chu Yin didn’t expect him to be so straightforward and was stupefied for a while.

Lu Zhen suddenly reached out and held her. Their two fingers clasped together. The meaning was obvious.

Chu Yin apologized and said, “Senior, you will meet a better one. Goodbye.”

But they all knew that goodbye means ‘I will never see you again.’

After the two left, Wei Heming sat down in the same place. The weather changed a lot in June. It was sunny seconds ago, but it was raining now. Pattering, much like his mood at this time.

Lu Zhen borrowed an umbrella from the cafe and held Chu Yin’s shoulders as they walk in the rain.

“Lu Zhen,” Chu Yin lost her temper. “Why are you so childish!”

Lu Zhen just asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to go to Q university?”

Chu Yin was annoyed by him, “I don’t want!”

Lu Zhen: “Where do you want then?”

Chu Yin said with a sullen face: “B big. Study economics and management.”.

She chose among the famous schools. Chu Yin knew what she wanted to learn, and it was the best in the country.


Lu Zhen heaved a sigh of relief, “Okay.”

Then he could start preparing too.

Chu Yin glanced at him: “I can handle business when I graduate. Be careful, I might destroy you in the business world.”

After all, she was the one who holds the script.

Lu Zhen’s lips were curled up. I got up: “I’ll wait for you.”

He walked around with her for a while, went to the small secluded alley. They were facing each other under the umbrella. He asked in a low voice. “You just told him that I am just your friend?” 

Chu Yin raised his face: “Yes.”

Lu Zhen looked down at her. There was actually nothing he could do.

He put the umbrella handle into her hand, then bowed his head and held her in his arms. His voice was very low: “When will you be with me?”

Chu Yin was annoyed. “Adult.”

She didn’t like this dog man acting childish.

Lu Zhen hugged her and bit her neck, leaving his mark.

“Lu Zhen!” Chu Yin covered her neck, “You’re not a real person, you’re a real dog!!”

“I am,” Lu Zhen kissed the back of her hand, “There are ten days left before your 18th birthday.”


Chu Yin could never forget her 18th birthday in her last life.

This time, her and Lu Zhen’s mentality was completely different from that time.

On her birthday, friends sent her greetings and blessings. 

Her brother invited her to dinner but she rejected him. “I’ve promised someone in advance…”

There was no need to ask who.

Chu Shi was bleeding in his heart, but the only way he could do it was to cover his sadness and let Chu Yin have a good time.

In the evening, Lu Zhen drove to pick her up.

This time, he exchanged his Maybach for a car with more space inside.

Chu Yin climbed into the driver’s seat and was handed a cup of milk tea by Lu Zhen. “Happy Birthday.”

Chu Yin smiled. “Thank you.”

The car was full of food. She had a bag of snacks at her feet. She picked them up and turned them over. They were all her favorite.

—The high-calorie corn flakes she liked, the delicious crispy corners of barbecue flavor, the duck neck and duck wings that she often bought, the apple flavor jelly she liked, the Japanese-style biscuits that were popular on the Internet, and the truffle chocolate that was hard to buy.

And this was just the tip of the iceberg. The back seat of the car was also full of food. More exaggeratedly, there was a small freezer. When she opened it, there were snow cakes and ice creams that she liked, as well as various drinks.

Ah, food makes people happy.

Looking across the mountainous area on the outskirts of the city, they chased the setting sun all the way down.

The relaxing and soothing country music in the car was the song they had heard in the past few years abroad.

Lu Zhen drove very steadily, and Chu Yin was eating and drinking without burden all the way.

She would also feed the driver whenever it stopped at a red light.

The off-road vehicle drove into the winding road. There was almost no one on the road at this time, but Lu Zhen still drove very carefully.

It was not until night fell that they finally got to the place.

 The same mountain peak as that year.

After getting out of the car, Chu Yin took a breath. The mountain had an overlooking night view of the whole city. The lights were as bright as those days.

Lu Zhen walked over and hugged her from behind: “Are you full?”

Chu Yin nodded.

Lu Zhen held her hand: “Go to the seat.” 

The off-road vehicle stopped at the cliff. Lu Zhen led her to sit on the roof of the car. Only then did Chu Yin understand why he drove this car. They could comfortably seat on the roof of the car.

They were far away from the crowd. The starry sky was much clearer than in the city. Chu Yin watched for a while.

Lu Zhen put his arm around her, and said seriously in his ear: “Happy adulthood.”

The voice coincided with that of many years ago.

She looked up at Lu Zhen, who also looked down at her. There was no one around. The atmosphere was a little ambiguous.

“Here’s a present for you.” Lu Zhen kissed her eyes.

Chu Yin blinked and recovered from her emotions.

Lu Zhen raised his hand to hook her knee and hugged her on his lap, sitting face to face with her.

This posture was too shameful. Chu Yin was afraid of falling off the car, so she could only protest. “I don’t want to—”

Lu Zhen held her down: “Don’t move.”

Then he raised his hand and slightly loosened his fist, and a thin silver chain hung down.

The pendant shook a few times, then stopped, and Chu Yin saw what it was——

It turned out to be three delicately polished mini keys.

It was made of platinum. Each key handle was inlaid with a diamond. The cutting was very beautiful.

Lu Zhen smiled lowly: “You gave me the three keys to life.”

On Christmas that year, he shamelessly took her biscuits, but Chu Yin replaced them with three keys.

She said that those three keys meant accepting, changing, and leaving. It was nonsense, but unexpectedly, it became a prophecy.

Later, Lu Zhen accepted it, changed, and also left.

In the end, he still returned to her side.

It was destiny.

Chu Yin’s eyelashes trembled. Suddenly she felt his heavy intentions.

Lu Zhen unbuckled the silver chain, stretched out his hand, and put it on her neck.

The three keys fell on her collarbone. Chu Yin raised her hand and touched it. Her heart slowly softened.

Lu Zhen kissed her when she raised her eyes. 

Gentle touch, like the moonlight tonight.

This was the first time in her second life that she had a clear consciousness of the delicate kiss.

Lu Zhen hugged her back, fitting the necklace little by little.

After a while, he backed away a bit and pressed her forehead. Chu Yin was confused as she whispered, “I haven’t given you a birthday present yet…”

Lu Zhen’s eye color turned dark. His voice was a little dumb: “…You can make up for it now.”

Chu Yin’s heart beat faster.

Lu Zhen kisser her again, passing his tongue in between her teeth.

The city was dozens of kilometers away. 

Above the silent mountain was the same starry sky as that year.

An eighteen-year-old boy and girl kissing on the roof of an off-road vehicle.

Chu Yin was a little serious.

After a while, Lu Zhen felt her tentative response.

A little bit of her could drive him crazy.

Lu Zhen slammed the back of her neck, deepened the kiss, and swallowed her saliva. Chu Yin subconsciously grabbed his clothes.

After a long time, Chu Yin couldn’t help but escape from the intense kiss. Her breathing was completely disordered and the corners of her eyes were red.

Lu Zhen followed: “Continue.”

Chu Yin adjusted his sitting posture, her face flushed.

Something was pressed under her butt.

She dared not move.

“No kiss.” She pushed against his hard chest.

Lu Zhen took a deep breath, put his fingers on her back, and stroked along her spine.

After he calmed down a bit, he looked down at her.

The little girl tried to conceal her shyness, not like the usual cat with her teeth and claws. He kissed everything from her eyes, the small tip of the nose, and to her red lips.

Lu Zhen watched for a long time, then asked softly: “Are we together now?”

Chu Yin wanted to bury her face: “Ah.”

Lu Zhen curled his lips, feeling very, very, very good.

If the person now belonged to him, there was no hurry. He had plenty of patience. Step by step.

“There is another gift.” Lu Zhen said.

Chu Yin felt that she was really poisoned. At this moment, she slowed down a little and became a little irritated: “What else are you going to do?”

Lu Zhen reached something from behind and put it on top of her head.

It was a wreath.

“To the eighteen-year-old Chu Yin.”

Chu Yin carefully raised her hand and touched it. Her long brown hair matched the wreath.

Then she opened her eyes and glared at him: “Do you think I’m still an 18-year-old girl?”


Lu Zhen smiled and adjusted the ‘crown’ he gave.

“Always, my little girl.”



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