I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 69 part 1

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Chapter 69 – The school flower’s boyfriend (1)

B University was well-known all over the country for its Economics and Management.

No matter how awesome the previous freshmen were, most of the staff and students of that university were not surprised, because they had them every year.

This year was nothing special.

It’s just that some were particularly good-looking.

The new student was in liberal arts and ranked first in the whole region. She was from an aristocratic private middle school, however, it seemed that she was not from a rich family, and was very low-key. She didn’t run for student council nor participate in college activities.

But she was very eye-catching.

Fair skin, beautiful, and long-legged. She was the kind of person that could easily be spotted in a crowd. Her key qualities were also outstanding.

Although those people who had talked with Chu Yin said she was actually friendly, when she was not speaking, she was cold and sassy. Every time she walked past the school with her slender legs and expressionless face, her surroundings would suddenly fall in silence.

Moreover, once classes end, she would often be seen in the school library.

Most girls at this age would be immersed in various club activities, handsome guys, and excellent seniors, but she had already begun to seriously study.

“Look! Look! Is that Chu Yin!”

The boys from other majors dragged their friends when they saw her.

They passed by the slender girl, wearing a pure black sweater, with brown hair tied into a ponytail.

“Yeah, that’s her. She is really beautiful…”

“No wonder Senior Su from the music club persuades her to sign up for their club every day.”

“I used to think that school’s flowers were pretty, but when I see her, they all seem to fade into background.”

“Shhh! Chu Yin looked over!” 

Several boys quickly shut up and looked away with red faces.

Chu Yin didn’t look at them. She just stood at the fork of the road, hesitating, whether to go to the supermarket or to the library. Two seconds later, she chose the library. 

She was very satisfied with the face pace of colleges and universities. In her last life, she didn’t get good grades. She only went to ordinary undergraduate courses. The students there were lazy.

But here, the top students were all in the classroom. There were countless students with extremely high grades. Plus, the teaching in this school made Chu YIn feel more competitive.

She had been in college so she had no interest in those fancy things that deceive freshmen. She clearly knew her purpose here. It was to fully learn, complete social work well, and get more high-quality internship opportunities.

She was an adult. Although she didn’t have a chance to enter society in her last life, she had been influenced by Lu Zhen. Although the subject of Economics sounds rich in the future, Science and Engineering with Finance could grab better jobs in the market.

Therefore, “skill” was a real life-saving thing.

Instead of playing the guitar and singing with people, it was better to study or practice office software to improve work efficiency.

Although she wrote in the script to have a smooth ending, Chu Yin was never a person who was content with the status quo and waited for death.

The library closed at 10:30 p.m. Chu Yin had already finished all major and minor homework, and the financial reports. She stepped out of the library when she was done.

A person called her phone, on time.

She was on her way back to the dormitory. Chu Yin took out her earphones and put them on, unconsciously slowing down.


“Going back to the dormitory?”


Lu Zhen was still in the company at this time. He turned his chair around, facing the night view of the city outside the window, and whispered to her: “Are you tired?”

Chu Yin shrank her shoulders. It was already cold in late autumn.

“Not tired.”

Lu Zhen said, “I’ll be there in two weeks.”

Chu Yin’s lips curled: “What’s the hurry? No one is urging you to come.”

Lu Zhen chuckled, “But I miss you.”

Chu Yin paused, subconsciously looking at both sides, only to realize that no one could hear her call – people were busy.

In the small pavilion of the campus, there were overlapping figures of couples.

And she and Lu Zhen were in a remote relationship and had been separated for almost two months.

“Then you think about it.” She picked the rivets on her clothes and snorted softly.

Lu Zhen knew that she was living a fulfilling life. He was also busy himself. After dealing with these things, he could go to her school and attend classes. He could stay with her for a while.

He listened to her breathing and knew she had entered the dormitory and was climbing the stairs.

He even counted the steps she had climbed.

Chu Yin subconsciously touched the tip of her nose and licked her lips, but her tone was fierce. “I’m so busy. How can I miss you?”

The door of her dormitory was opened and waves of laughter came from inside. Chu Yin covered the phone while walking to the dormitory room. “I’m hanging up.”

“Okay,” Lu Zhen answered with a smile, and then suddenly asked, “The president of the music club didn’t call you again. Right?”

“No, I made it clear that I wouldn’t go.”

Lu Zhen’s fingertips knocked on the handrail and said, “go to bed early.”

Chu Yin hung up the phone and walked into the dormitory. She smiled at the girl in bed. 

The girl greeted her: “Ah! My beauty is back! Who are you calling?”


Chu Yin took out the jellybeans from her pocket, “No one–“

“Oh, thank you, Ning!” Liu Ying happily took the candy and lowered her head to transfer the money. She didn’t trouble Chu Yin anymore with her questions.

The freshman in her dormitory was very pleasing to the eye! Although this great beauty loved to study and spent little time in the dormitory, it was easy to ask her to bring something or to borrow notes. Liu Ying likes her.

Besides this, there was also a regional champion who studies just like her but was not easy to get along with. Her name was Zhao Ziwen. She was rich and her grades were extremely good.

Regarded as Bai Fumei (White, Rich, and Beautiful), Zhao Ziwen was excellent everywhere. But ever since Chu Yin entered the school, she was downgraded from being the school’s flower. 

Even the handsome president of the music club was asking Chu Yin to join several times just because she played the guitar on the first day of school.

Zhao Ziwen was hostile and competitive to Chu Yin, but she hid it very well.

“Wow, Chu Yin’s tone on the call just now was very sweet. Is it your boyfriend?” Zhao Ziwen blinked.

Chu Yin: “Is it sweet?”

She was obviously fierce towards Lu Zhen.

“You must tell the sisters if you have something ~” Zhao Ziwen said, “I’m curious about how your boyfriend looks like ~”

Although it was said that Chu Yin’s high school was an aristocratic private school, her economic level was clear at a glance. Chu Yin lived a frugal life and didn’t look rich. Zhao Ziwen had a sense of superiority in this regard.

Chu Yin smiled and didn’t bother with this kind of small talk.

Zhao Ziwen was a busybody, she was obviously much easier to get along with than the previous green tea people she met before.

Two days later, just after class, Chu Yin sat in her seat, sorting out her notes. After a while, Zhao Ziwen, who had just left the door, came back with a surprised voice: “Chu Yin! There is a rich second generation looking for you outside ~ “

Chu Yin raised her eyebrows.

Zhao Ziwen had just seen it. The boy was very beautiful. From his clothes, she could see that he was from a rich family. She guessed he was Chu Yin’s little boyfriend. So handsome!

Zhao Ziwen had a family to pave the way for her, but Chu Yin didn’t have this kind of resources, so she could only find a rich second-generation boyfriend.

When she glanced away, many boys in the school showed disappointed expressions. With a smile on her lips, Zhao Ziwen walked out of the building, following Chu Yin. There were many classmates watching the excitement behind her.

Then, in full view, he yelled to her affectionately:


The audience was silenced.

Chu Yin slowly covered her face.

Zhao Ziwen was dumbfounded, what is their relationship?!

After that, everyone watched the rich second-generation man jumping up and down as he ran to  Chu Yin.

There could feel no love at all. It was hard to describe. It’s a bit like the queen and her little attendant.

Zhao Ziwen was stunned for a few seconds before she snorted – it was probably a spare tire 1 a fling .

Song Zhaolin happily breathed the fresh air of the school.

He was admitted to a sports university to study Marxism!

Chu Yin was silent for a minute when she learned the result.

But Song Zhaolin himself was very satisfied. In addition to Jiang Yan, who went to the south, Han Chuying and several of their friends were in the same university. With this

 bunch of friends, he could escape his brother’s control!

He came today mainly to see his Sister Yin.



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