I Am Not Fit To Be The Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 69 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 69 – The school flower’s boyfriend (2)

“When will Brother Zhen come?” Song Zhaolin took the milk tea Chu Yin bought him and asked, “Isn’t he not attending university? He didn’t come for so long that my heart worries!”

Chu Yin drank her milk tea and said, “Next week.”

“Oh, then I’ll come and play again,” Song Zhaolin looked around at their school and asked nonchalantly: “Why is your school so cold and quiet? Are there no activities?”

His school was big and colorful. There were competitions in various sports events, and banners were held everywhere on the campus. Song Zhaolin loved these fun activities.

Chu Yin lacked interest in these events. “There will be a campus card game in two weeks.”

But she didn’t sign up. She wouldn’t even watch it.

“Wow! Then I want to join in the fun! It’s fun!” Song Zhaolin was more interested than her.

Finally, Chu Yin took Song Zhaolin to eat in the canteen. He never stopped talking. It’s been a long time since Chu Yin listened to him, now, it’s making her brain hurt from listening to all his melon-seeds gossips. 

However, Chu Yin was still happy that Lin Lin came to play with her. 

Chu Yin then sent him out of school.

“When Brother Zhen comes, you must call me!”

After sending off the gossip machine, Chu Yin strolled slowly to the dormitory.

Lu Zhen didn’t tell her the exact time, so she didn’t know when he would come. 

The number of his calls were decreasing recently. Lu Zhen was really busy.

Chu Yin pulled her collar up.

After Song Zhaolin came that day, Zhao Ziwen came to ask about it several times.

When she finally knew that they were only high school classmates, she was a little disappointed.

She hasn’t had time to mind Chu Yin’s matters recently. The school tournament was nearing. Zhao Ziwen needed to prepare for her performance songs.

“Senior Su promised to help me with my performance tonight.” She casually mentioned it in the dormitory.

Liu Ying said, “Senior is good to you!”

Zhao Ziwen smiled: “Senior is also kind to Chu Yin. Don’t think about it. He is a good man.”

Chu Yin shrugged and went to the study room without care.

In a blink of an eye came the day of the school tournament.

The annual campus singing competition was a grand event. The top ten singers of each year would be considered as campus figures. Liu Ying said that tonight there would be bands playing rock and roll. there would be many talented people.

Chu Yin was convinced by Song Zhoalin and promised to go see it at night.

Song Zhaolin and his university happened to be busy today so he couldn’t make it through. When he heard that Lu Zhen hadn’t come yet, he was relieved. “Then I’ll go play with you when Brother Zhen comes!”

Chu Yin thought it was hard to predict when Lu Zhen will be coming. 

She hung up the phone and was then dragged by Liu Ying to the school auditorium.

Sure enough, the scene was lively. The organizing committee of the competition wanted to stir up the atmosphere so the first group of performances came up directly on stage.

As soon as the drum was struck, the sound of the electric guitar rolled out of the stereo, and the audience boiled in excitement.

Chu Yin also swayed slightly following the rhythm and was infected by the youthful spirit at the scene.

The rock and roll ended, and cheers lifted the roof.

At this moment, the phone she was holding suddenly rang.

Lu Zhen sent her a text message: [Where]

Chu Yin’s lips curled: [School]

Lu Zhen: [Come out to see the show]

Chu Yin was confused. She looked up at the stage – Isn’t the performance here?

Lu Zhen sent another message. [Small theater, piano solo] 

Chu Yin blinked, as if suddenly understanding, her heart jumped for a moment.

Liu Ying subconsciously grabbed her when she got up: “What are you going to do! The next one is the guitar performance!”

She left the auditorium, turned to the small road, and entered the school’s small theater.

The door of the performance hall was open and there was light.

Chu Yin took a breath, held his breath, then walked slowly.

It’s a difficult piece of music. The half notes were extremely fast, pouring out like flowing water.

She casually told him about this piece of music back then. Lu Zhen studied for her for several days and nights.

Chu Yin’s heart jumped.

There was no one in the auditorium, and a beam of light was cast down on the stage. The young man sat in front of the piano, his fingers flying.

It’s like back then.

Chu Yin walked slowly over and sat on the piano stool next to him.

Lu Zhen finished the last note.

The sound of the piano reverberated in the empty hall, with a slight tremor.

Lu Zhen turned his face to look at her, and laughed: “I’m here.”


Chu Yin’s thoughts surged, looking at the piano, not even looking at him: “…Oh.” 

After Lu Zhen handled matters in his company, he could finally come to see her.

Although I often call, but no one is in front of me. He stared at Chu Yin’s profile for a while, leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

Although he often talked to her on the phone, it was different when he was finally seeing her. He stared at Chu Yin’s side face for a moment, then leaned up and kissed her on the cheeks.

Chu Yin hid her face for a while.

Lu Zhen stretched out his hand to pull her closer, and asked in a low voice, “Do you still remember this song?”

Of course, Chu Yin remembered.

But she was embarrassed to say.

Lu Zhen opened his mouth softly, with a gentle smile floating in his eyes: “My heart is yours.”

Chu Yin’s eyelashes shook.

She didn’t say that the boy, playing the song she chose, made her heart jumped.

Lu Zhen held the back of her. “I’m here.”

Chu Yin was embarrassed and didn’t dare to open her eyes. “I see.”

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes, his pupils were dark: “What I didn’t give you that year, I will make up for it.”

He left without saying goodbye, then came back and made her days miserable.

No. He accompanied her to class but didn’t hold her hand for a walk. Her youth was full of regrets.

Fortunately, she could do it again. She still had expectations.

Chu Yin understood Lu Zhen’s meaning.

Her heart actually pounded like an eighteen-year-old girl. She pursed her lips and pulled at the corners of his clothes. After a long time, she said “Oh”.

He raised his hand and touched her cheek, then lowered his head to kiss her.

Chu Yin quickly stepped back: “What if someone comes in!”

Lu Zhen’s kiss fell on her chin, slightly dissatisfied.

“Everyone is in the auditorium.”

“That’s not comforting.” Chu Yin got up from the piano stool. “Uncle security will be patrolling. You’re invading public property –”

As soon as her voice fell, the sound of a keychain rang in the distance. 

“Ah, turn off the lights!” Chu Yin quickly grabbed him.

Lu Zhen didn’t panic. He pulled to the curtain wall and hurriedly turned off the lights in the performance hall.

Everything plunged into darkness.

Chu Yin instinctively flinched, but Lu Zhen had already embraced her, rubbing her ear bones comfortingly.

The familiar body temperature and faint fragrance made Chu Yin relax.

Uncle Security looked around and found no abnormalities, and then left while whistling.

Chu Yin breathed a sigh of relief.

But then she realized that the scene right now was similar to the intimate young lovers who stayed in the dark classroom after school.

It’s dark. It’s like having an affair.

And Lu Zhen noticed it before her.

His kisses had been overwhelming, falling on her forehead, the tip of her nose, and to her eyes.

It stopped on her lips, affectionately breathing hot.

Lu Zhen’s voice smiled: “I haven’t seen you for two months, you really don’t miss me at all?” 

She came very quickly. From the auditorium to the small theater, it only took her two minutes.

Chu Yin shook her head, rubbing her chin on his shoulder. She felt a solid sense of security even in the dark.

—”Okay, I’ll confess.” 

A few seconds later, Chu Yin stood on tiptoe and hugged his neck.

As soon as Lu Zhen lowered his head, her soft lips rubbed against his ears.

Tingling sensation reverberated in his spine making him instinctively shudder.

And the girl shyly and charmingly whispered in his ear:

“It’s nice to see you, boyfriend.”



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