I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 7

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 7 – Interruption in the Forum

Dog man was truly a dog.

Although his voice at this time was different from his cold voice many years later, it still overlapped with the man in Chu Yin’s memory.

He liked to embraced her waist and hold her in his arms. The tip of his nose would deeply sniff Chu Yin’s neck.

“What perfume?” The man’s voice was hoarse, “It smells so good…”

He would ask all the time until Chu Yin would answer him. Then, one time Chu Yin forcibly answered that there was no perfume. It was just the smell of liquid soap and detergent.

And this time, Chu Yin was still asked the same question by the same person.

She suddenly realized that some things would never change. Since she could not completely avoid the dog man, wouldn’t it be faster to make him hate her?

After all, she knew what Lu Zhen liked.

The heir of the Lu family looked deep and strong, but actually, he liked wild roses with thorns. The Chu Yin in the previous life was unruly and reckless. She turned against him in all aspects, rejected and rebelled against him, but despite this, he accepted her behavior.

Now, she would become the kind of good student that he disliked the most.

——Plain, timid, and dull. He would never expect to be killed from behind.

Chu Yin licked her lips. She showed a puzzled expression while her voice was flat and gentle as she said, “Classmate, I don’t know any perfume.”

Lu Zhen also felt a little impulsive. He nodded and raised his eyes carelessly, but suddenly he saw the fine hair of her forehead. Her eyes were as clear as glass, and even her confusion was clear.

Lu Zhen was impulsive at first. He nodded and raised his eyes inadvertently, seeing the fine hairs from her forehead. Her eyes were clear as glass, showing clear confusion.

The girl wore a mask and a baggy school uniform, making her look like a peaceful little nerd. She exuded a hidden loathing, just like the instinctive resistance of a good student to a bad boy.

Although Lu Zhen was not interested in such a person, he couldn’t understand why his heart felt like there was a soft thorn that was gently pricking him. 

“Do you know me?” He asked.

Chu Yin grinned with her teeth under her mask.

Not only did she know him, this old lady even knew that there was a mole between his abdomen and mermaid line!

But on the surface, she just frowned, as if finding it strange.

After a silence, she finally shook her head: “I don’t know.”

Lu Zhen’s dark eyes looked at her and thought: Forget it.

The girl’s retreating back was slender while her head hung slightly, giving a feeling that she could easily disappear in a crowd at any time–Boring and harmless. Lu Zhen watched her turn the corner before turning away.

He did not know that the “harmless” rabbit was a wolf under his skin. She was grinding her paws as she walked away

He didn’t know that the “harmless” little white rabbit was actually a wolf. While leaving, she was grinding her hands while being in thought: She didn’t deserve to be called Chinese if she couldn’t kill this dog man!

From the moment Lu Zhen walked out of the classroom, the students in the international class exploded.

“Damn, did brother Zhen talked to that woman?”

“Who is she? She knows brother Zhen?”

“Isn’t she the country bumpkin that was brought back from the village by the Chu family?”

Chu Qiuqiu’s expression was ugly in the face of people’s questions.

She also didn’t know why her sister and Lu Zhen talked.

Soon, the news spread quickly like a rocket throughout the school. The whole school knew that there was a girl who went to the international class who got to talk to Lu Zhen by just asking questions.

Fu Mingxuan’s whole body exploded in anger. She couldn’t believe it. Lu Zhen never paid attention to her. The most words he had ever said to her was when she gifted him. But according to her friends in the international class, Lu Zhen stayed outside the classroom for several minutes!! That country bumpkin spoke to Lu Zhen in those minutes?!

The entire class 5 couldn’t calm down. The people kept looking back and glaring at Chu Yin.

Song Zhaolin secretly asked Chu Yin, “Deskmate, do you know brother Zhen?”

Chu Yin was venting her anger by solving questions. She replied coldly, “I don’t know.”

Song Zhaolin didn’t think she knew him. When he asked her before, she answered that she didn’t know Lu Zhen.

“Why did you talk to brother Zhen?” Song Zhaolin covered his mouth to avoid the teacher’s eyes and said quietly, “All girls like him like crazy.”

Chu Yin squeezed the pen’s finger with a burst of force: “It’s him who talked to me.”

Song Zhaolin had an expression of ‘Although I won’t laugh at you, don’t treat me as a fool either.’

When the bell rang, Fu Mingxuan came with her little friends.

Chu Yin was immersed in her studies every break time. She looked like a soft persimmon that was easy to pinch. Fu Mingxian’s questioning voice reached her ears, “Hey, what did you say to Lu Zhen?!”

Chu Yin turned the pen in her hand and raised her eyes: “Does it concern you?”

Song Zhaolin clapped in his heart. As expected of his sister Yin!!

Fu Mingxuan was surprised. She didn’t expect her to act like this. 

She was angry: “Did you pester him? How else would he talk to you? You must have played tricks! What did you say?”

This time, Song Zhaolin couldn’t stand it anymore: “Ah—“

Chu Yin slapped the pen on the table and looked at her with a smile: “Do you think I am you?”

Fu Mingxuan felt her blood was boiling: “You?”

Chu Yin stood up indifferently and pushed her away.

“If you want to know, ask Lu Zhen.”


That night, someone in the anonymous forum of Huiwen created a new post——


[On August 18, a female student went to an international class to ask questions and talked to Lu Zhen.]

The student Chu Yin, a transfer student in class 5, is the adopted daughter that was picked up from the countryside by the Shi family. She is the sister of Chu Qiuqiu and Chu Shi, a handsome senior.

The words ‘Lu Zhen’ attracted traffic from the forum. As soon as the post was published, there were countless followers in an instant.

Anonymous 1: First! Because the creator of this online post used Lu Zhen’s name, this will generate a lot of audiences.

Anonymous 2: I heard about this. People who grew up in rural villages are cheeky and stubborn.

Anonymous 3: So where did she get the face to hook up with Lu Zhen?? I don’t believe she just went there to ask a question.

Anonymous 4: To reply to the previous comment, it’s because she has no face that she dared to hook up. 


Different major groups and classes came to discuss in this post.

Because Lu Zhen is too extraordinary while occupying the most handsome boy title in school, many people liked him. He was not as gentle and talkative as Gu Qiuze, the former titleholder of the most handsome boy in school. Even though most girls liked him, they dared not cross the minefield. They were satisfied with just looking at him.

Because someone broke this balance, people went crazy.

Gradually, the melon-seed eating crown gave justifications for their benefit about the situation with Lu Zhen. They all thought that the country bumpkin was very clever. She deliberately asked a difficult question to the international class’ teacher. Because she asked this difficult question, it attracted Lu Zhen’s attention, resulting in Lu Zhen and her discussing the question.

Although it was said that Lu Zhen was interested in that person, the girls were more willing to believe this statement.

Then someone asked in the post——

Anonymous 70: So does the country bumpkin really study well?

Anonymous 71: Maybe she was the top student in their village?? She was also able to answer a very difficult question in the public math class.

Chu Qiuqiu had been paying close attention to the progress of the post. Seeing this post, she smiled- this was the right time.

A few minutes later, Fu Mingxuan, who was replying to “Shit, she’s not a top student but a pretender.” she received an anonymous email.

She opened it and read it. 


Another ten minutes later, a new post was dropped in the forum——

[Come and take a look at the transcript record of the daughter of the Chu family’s ‘top student’~!]

A picture was posted and it showed Chu Yin’s name in the list.

Chinese – 102

Mathematics – 69

English – 99

Literature and comprehensive subject – 161

Total score 431, ranking 302.

Anonymous 1: Damn! It’s really eye-catching!

Anonymous 2: Is this the top student? More than 300 people have outranked her in the village. I’m laughing so hard. Hahahaha

Anonymous 3: With this evidence, it can prove that Chu Yin is a scheming bitch, pretending to be a top student to attract brother Zhen’s attention. Disgusting!

The transcript record spread quickly among the high school sophomores. At this time, no one cared that this was evading people’s privacy, everyone was just eating melon seeds.

In the chat group:

Fu Mingxuan: [God, I thought she did well! She works very hard in our class.]

Xing Lan: [I thought so too!]

Chu Qiuqiu: [Don’t talk about my sister. Sadly, she didn’t get anything in return despite her efforts.]

Although Chu Qiuqiu ‘defended’ her, there was still a group of people mocking Chu Yin’s achievements.

Just then, a new message popped up in the group.

Lu Zhen: [Who created the post?]

The group exploded in an instant.

[Ah ah ah ah, brother Zhen actually appeared in the group!!! ]

[Screenshot this copper mine 1 Chinese internet slang that means once a person digs a copper mine/ore, it should naturally be shared .]

[Copper mine√]


Fu Mingxuan: [In fact, I don’t think it’s necessary to post this transcript. After all, it’s the privacy of others. It’s really bad to post it casually.]

Chu Qiuqiu: [Please don’t laugh at my sister anymore. Since she has poor grades, I will help her study QAQ 2 This is a crying emoji .]

After Chu Qiuqiu finished her purpose, she quit the messenger group and went to the anonymous forum again. 

The post blew up. They were all mocking Chu Yin. Chu Qiuqiu browsed through it with great interest. One of the anonymous said, “Having poor grades should not be a reason for her to be bullied like this.”

Chu Qiuqiu replied to that post, “Since she has poor grades, she doesn’t need to pretend to be a top student. Naturally more and more people will mock her.”

Having finished typing, she walked out of the room and looked at Chu Yin’s closed door. She was very proud.

The anonymous forum was good. Every registered student in Huiwen had a dedicated account and could put their real name, but of course, no one would do that. Everyone enjoys the feeling of speaking freely.

Chu Yin must be in a panic now.


Chu Yin had just finished her homework.

“Drop – task completed √ Unlock the script on the next page and get the [change word] permission.”

When the glowing book opened, Xueji said, “Host, the current plot is exciting.”

After reading the script, she went and took a look at the forum. A variety of monsters, ghosts, and snakes were tearing the forum, which made it to the top post of the page.

She blamed all this on the stupid Lu Zhen…

Her phone dinged and her brother sent a WeChat message: “Xiao Yin, don’t believe those on the internet. Let brother handle this…”

Two seconds later, he sent another message: “Do you want ice cream?”

Her brother was afraid that she would be sad. He treated her like a child.

Xueji was also worried: “Host, since the situation turned out like this, what are you going to do? “

Even if you had the authority, you couldn’t reverse the time and stop them from posting.

Chu Yin supported her cheek with one hand and raised her delicate eyebrow. She had poor grades in her previous life so the transcript was indeed hers. She knew it was Chu Qiuqiu who obtained it. Since it was already posted, she didn’t care about it.

But even with a gold finger, she was screwed like this.

Chu Yin moved her light pen and landed on a certain word in the script——”Want to play?”

She changed the word [Anonymous] to [Real-Name]

“Let everyone play – Huiwen’s Real-Name Forum welcomes you.”

At 10:39 p.m., the Huiwen forum collapsed for a second.

A second later, under the head portrait on each anonymous post, a real account name suddenly appeared!!

Multiple people who acted like a white-lotus suddenly had no escape.

Chu Yin squinted.

Come on, let’s run naked together3Because their clothes of anonymity were removed, they’re literally naked~



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