I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 8

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 8 – Being Choke in the throat

Fu Mingxuan sent several messages in the chat group.

Lu Zhen usually never uses this social software. He couldn’t be seen in all these kinds of chat groups. So when he appeared once, Fu Mingxuan was very excited.

[Brother Zhen has shown up. Everyone should stop posting. Let the post sink down.]

After sending this sentence, she quit the chat group and went to the forum. It was strange that just a moment ago, her post was in the top search of the forum, but why did it suddenly go inactive? There were no new replies.

So Fu Mingxuan replied——

323 (Fu Mingxuan): Such a good post is not allowed to sink!

After sending out the post, she vaguely felt that there was something with the forum interface. At this time, Xing Lan suddenly sent her a message: “Xuanxuan, don’t reply anymore!”

“The forum shows the creator’s real name!!!”

Boom! A thunderbolt from the blue1 Chinese idiom that describes shocking things or disasters that happen suddenly——

Fu Mingxuan suddenly looked at it and found that her name appeared under her account!

How could this happen??? How could a good anonymous forum reflect the user’s real name??

Then what she said in the group and the forum post was seen by people?!!

Fu Mingxuan was flustered, but she comforted herself with a positive mindset: Just now, Lu Zhen didn’t appear again in the chat group after asking who created the post. He was probably just asking casually. Would he be concerned about this insignificant thing?

Moreover, because the forum suddenly reflected everyone’s real name, no one dared to reply. After the forum’s anonymity broke, every post exploded, so Fu Mingxuan’s post dropped gradually. She breathed a sigh of relief——

But the next second after refreshing, the post suddenly went to the top page!

Someone replied!

The whole school stared at it. At this moment, the post was opened one by one by people—

324 (Lu Zhen): @ 323 (Fu Mingxuan, creator of the post), are you stupid.

The post was silent for a minute.

And then——

325 (Tan Ke): I’m sorry, hahahahaha

326 (Song Zhaolin): I’m sorry, too…hahahahaha

327 (Jiang Yan): Just like she said earlier, it’s immoral to casually post people’s transcript records.

In the anonymous chat group, the crowd went crazy:

[Damn! Brother Zhen directly crushed her!!!! ]

[So handsome, so handsome ah ahhh]

[It’s not my fault. This kind of white lotus should be crushed directly. You can see what she said in the chat group versus in the forum post. Two-faced.]

Fu Mingxuan hurriedly pulled her several little friends to help her speak but after a few minutes, the whole situation completely became uncontrollable. Her little friends did not dare to speak.

First, she was severely attacked by the person she liked, and then she was ridiculed by countless people. After encountering several moods in her face, Fu Mingxuan finally cried on her bed.

On the other hand, Chu Qiuqiu was very glad that she had sent the photo to Fu Mingxuan when she learned that the forum revealed the actual names. But before she breathed a sigh of relief, she suddenly realized that she also replied in the forum post.

It’s a pity that the fire she lit herself quickly caught her.

Someone said in an anonymous group: “Nobody found out? If Fu Mingxuan is a small white lotus, Chu Qiuqiu is a big white lotus in this golden age!]

[Picture 1] [Picture 2]

The first photo was in the chat group: Don’t laugh at my sister, I will help her learn!

The second photo was in the forum post: Since she has poor grades, she doesn’t need to pretend to be a top student. She’ll just die from being laughed at!

When the two photos were put together, Chu Qiuqiu was given a big slap.

[Is this a character collapse? I always thought Chu Qiuqiu is elegant.]

[She had always been a whore, okay? Boys just don’t see it.]

[So Chu Qiuqiu doesn’t accept her sister? Everything is merely an act.]

[Even though I don’t like country bumpkins, I have to say, white lotus is more disgusting.]


[I think we have overlooked a very important thing, where did the transcript record come from? ]

Half an hour ago, various directly pointed to Chu Yin, but now, it’s pointing towards Chu Qiuqiu.

Seeing someone slowly following the source of the transcript record, Chu Qiuqiu panicked. She usually paid attention to her image–always thinking whether her actions would be in line with the words and deeds of a wealthy daughter. But this time, all her past concerns about Chu Yin dissipated.

Chu Qiuqiu simply chose to play dead. She only hoped that neither her brother nor Chu Yin watched the forum and that this incident would just pass away!

But just when she thought about this, her phone screen lit up. Her brother Chu Shi sent her a We Chat message.

[Apologize to Xiao Yin tomorrow. If not, I’ll tell our parents about it.]

Brother was actually protecting Chu Yin?!

Chu Qiuqiu’s heart became completely cold.


It was in the middle of the night that the melon-seed eaters slowly dispersed, leaving only a few people in the anonymous group.

[Anyone here? I dared not ask this tomorrow, but is Brother Zhen protecting the country bumpkin?]

[Protect your butt! Wouldn’t it be the same with anyone?]



[But I’m so jealous wuwuwu. I’d like to be mocked and scolded in a forum post as long as Brother Zhen speaks for me]

[You’re insane.]

The next day.

International senior class.

Gu Qiuze leaned on Chu Shi’s table while drinking coffee as he asked, “So what’s your sister’s reaction?”

“No response,” Chu Shi knew which sister he was asking then pointed to the table, “It’s very distressing.”

Of course, he could guess where the transcript record came from. Chu Yin did not express even the slightest sadness, nor did she cry or asked him to defend herself in the post.

Gu Qiuze sighed softly: “Yes, anonymity is a place to indulge viciousness.” 

Gu Qiuze didn’t know about it until this morning. He was worried about Chu Yin. The little girl looked beautiful and quiet. She was so cute and timid that she wouldn’t be able to fight back when she was bullied.

Chu Shi frowned, and after a moment, he stood up: “Go and see her.”

This time Gu Qiuze consciously followed.

Lu Zhen was also thinking about the same thing.

It’s because of him, after all.

That girl…

Chu Yin. He knew her name yesterday.

Lu Zhen read her name twice in silence. Her clear eyes floated in his mind as he thought aimlessly–would a good student like her cry after being mocked?

She did not defend herself in the post.

After a moment, Lu Zhen thought that he should go apologize even though the girl seemed to dislike talking to him and showing resistance against him that she tried to hide.

Next to him, Tan Ke who was carrying his clothes, called him: “Brother Zhen, are you going to play ball?”

Lu Zhen shook his head.

Then he got up, left the classroom, and walked in the direction of class 5. As soon as he turned the corner, he saw the figure.

She was still wearing the baggy school uniform. She stood by the window, slightly swaying her head. Because of the event last night, people kept glancing in her direction, but she was not affected by them at all.

Lu Zhen paused then bought a can of sweet milk from the vending machine in the corridor.

He bent over to take it out and when he turned around, he saw someone standing in front of Chu Yin.

Gu Qiuze stood in front of her. He slightly lowered his head, said something, then raised his hand to touch her head.

Chu Yin held the book in her chest and nodded her head twice. Lu Zhen didn’t know what Gu Qiuze said that made Chu Yin laughed.

He watched from afar for a long time before he looked down at the can of sweet milk in his hand, laughed, and threw it into the trash can.

Lu Zhen turned around and left.

It’s normal to talk to other people.


After Chu Yin made a big commotion in the forum, she didn’t check the effect of her word change. However, judging from the embarrassment of Chu Qiuqiu’s expression today and the fact that Fu Mingxuan asked for leave, it probably worked well.

Many people in class 5 also looked at her with odd embarrassment when they met her today. 

After all, what they said behind the screen was disclosed to the public. And their sense of shame was undressed in front of their eyes.

Chu Yin didn’t care about the changing attitudes of these high school students. She still resumed studying.

However, her brother felt that she had been wronged so much that he came to her after class and carefully spoke to her.

Chu Yin felt warm-hearted and wanted to laugh a little.

“After our parents come back, I will tell them about it,” Chu Shi touched her head with a gentle look. “Let Qiuqiu formally apologize to you.”

“Yes, don’t be afraid. Your brother is in charge.”

Gu Qiuze also reached out to touch Chu Yin’s head and found that her hair was soft and it felt good in his hands. No wonder Chu Shi liked to touch this girl’s head.

Chu Yin couldn’t help but nod.

But Gu Quize’s hand was soon knocked off by Chu Shi.

Chu Shi looked at him with displeasure: “You haven’t reached that point yet.”

Gu Qiuze: “…”

Chu Yin: “…”

How weird.

But Chu Yin laughed and didn’t care since Chu Qiuqiu’s apology was unneeded. She had 10000 ways to clean up Chu Qiuqiu. She would execute it one by one. Everything depended on her mood.

Moreover, she hadn’t forgotten who the culprit was.

——If it weren’t for Lu Zhen forcing her to answer, all this wouldn’t happen!!

Whenever Chu Yin was scolded in the forum, it would always be related to Lu Zhen!!

Don’t think about the past. Don’t think any of it.

She didn’t get the chance to change a word about that dog man in yesterday’s script. She would remember to do it later!

In the evening, Chu Yin finally finished the system’s daily task of answering historical questions.

This kind of problem was more troublesome for her than the math problem. It focused on the direct cause, root cause, positive and negative effect. If she wanted to cover all aspects, she needed to research more to increase her logic ability. As long as there was a problem that hadn’t been answered yet, the system would not give her permission to unlock the script. It took her a day to complete it.

“Ding – Complete history problems √ unlock the script on the next page and get the permission of [change word].”

Chu Yin held the light pen happily.

Xueji coldly looked at the way its host rubbed her hands, knowing that she was filled with bad water. 

She has an angel-like face, but behind her back, there were little devil wings.


It was late at night.

Lu Zhen was not asleep yet.

There was an inexplicable restlessness lingering in his heart like a shadow.

When he thought of the faint fragrant he had smelled before, he sat up and turned on the bedside lamp.

He asked the housekeeper to buy some aromatherapy. Although it was not the fragrant he wanted, it was better than nothing.


When Chu Yin saw this script, she laughed faintly.

【He lit the scented candle. The fragrant was faint as it produced a refreshing smell.】 

 【After a long time, Lu Zhen finally fell asleep】

She didn’t know what kind of fragrant Lu Zhen wanted, but she could give him a wonderful and unforgettable night 🙂

She asked the system: “Chicken 2 This is the nickname she gave the system in the previous chapters , is the idiom【refreshing3 Chinese idiom that refers to fragrant and cool air, drinks, or flowers that make people feel comfortable. 】considered one word?”

Xueji was already immune to the name, and after a few seconds, it confirmed, “Yes, according to the system’s decision.”

Chu Yin licked the corners of her lips and stroke the word “refreshing”.

After such a long time, Xueji figured out the behavior pattern of this host. He said confidently, “Host, I guess you’ll change it into its antonym, such as stinky?”

Chu Yin shook her index finger: “No, no, no.”

That’s not creative and it’s not vivid enough.

Chu Yin curled her lips and laughed like an angel. Then on the crossed-out idiom, she wrote a four-character idiom【Stinky fish and rotten shrimp 4 Chinese idiom that means stinky fishes attract rotten shrimp. Bad people attract bad people. But in this context, Chu Yin used the Chinese idiom to intensify the literal meaning of bad smell. 】”

“This Chinese idiom is considered one word.” Chu Yin clapped her hands.

Early in the morning, Lu Zhen woke up in suffocation.

The night was quiet under the bright moon.

The stench of fishy smell strangled his throat.

After a few seconds, Lu Zhen sat up.

He was silent on the empty big bed.

For a moment, he thought he had been made into canned seafood.

The author has something to say:

Lu Zhen: I’m not in the mood. Don’t talk to me.

Chu Yin: I did it 🙂



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