I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 9

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 9 – Refuse to Communicate

When the Chu parents arrived after their business trip, Chu Shi formally told his parents the whole story that happened in the forum at dinner.

Chu Qiuqiu pitifully winked at Chu Shi several times, but he didn’t seem to see it at all. He told them exactly what Chu Qiuqiu plotted.

Chu Qiuqiu was anxious and angry, but Chu Yin on the other side had a plain expression from the beginning to the end. She didn’t seem affected at all even after she was ridiculed, was stabbed by her sister, and had her transcript records posted.

Hearing that Chu Qiuqiu’s taunted Chu Yin in the forum, Father Chu frowned: “Qiuqiu, how could you do such a thing? That’s your sister.”

Chu Qiuqiu was so scared that her heart almost leaped. But, she merely ridiculed her with one or two sentences ah. She didn’t post her transcript in the forum. Would her parents scold her for this?

Father Chu went on to say, “You are also the daughter of the Chu family. You represent the Chu family image. Now when outsiders see that you and your sisters are at odds, what would they think?”

Chu Yin hooked her lips – she knew that what they cared most were their image and not her.

When she was trapped by Lu Zhen in her previous life, the Chu parents believed that according to Lu Zhen’s status and power, staying with him was not torture. After the Chu family went bankrupt, they even hoped they could obtain Lu Zhen’s final support through her.

They’re only related by blood. From beginning to end, only her brother cared for her.

Mother Chu followed, “Qiuqiu, a low-level social community like the forum is not the place where you should go. Mother will take you sisters to participate in more banquets so you’ll get to know more people at our level.”

Chu Shi frowned deeply and found that her parents didn’t seem to pay attention to the key points.

Chu Qiuqiu calmed down and smiled. Sure enough, Mom and Dad would not blame her! She was superior to Chu Yin in everything. She was the proudest daughter of the Chu family. How could they blame her for one mistake that she made?

“I understand, Mom and Dad. I won’t do this again next time,” Chu Qiuqiu lowered her head and deliberately said, “Actually, I was shocked when I saw my sister’s report card that I just…”

Mother Chu only then remembered her kids’ achievements. Chu Shi had just won an international award while Chu Qiuqiu was included in the top ten of her grade. 

Thinking of Chu Yin’s grades, since she was also their daughter, they had to save the Chu family’s pride.

She thought and said, “If you don’t know anything related to school, you can ask Qiuqiu, or we can hire tutors, so your grades will be…” 

“Enough.” Chu Shi suddenly interrupted Mother Chu.

He was still wondering how much of the dream he dreamt on the plane was true. But looking at his parents’ seemingly reasonable but actually biased performance, and his self-righteous sister who his family had raised for ten years, he suddenly realized that everything would happen.

He raised his eyes to look at Chu Qiuqiu, his handsome eyes reflected the rare solemnity, “After explaining so much, have you forgotten that there is still something you haven’t done? Apologize.”

Chu Qiuqiu looked at her brother in disbelief. Her parents didn’t blame her. Why did her brother still hate her? For the sake of this country bumpkin Chu Yin?!

But under Chu Shi’s stern eyes, Chu Qiuqiu murmured aggrievedly, “I’m sorry.”

The father of Chu could not bear to see that he was close to his daughter who had been raising him for ten years. He said, “well, now it’s time for the sisters to get back together again! In the future, you must love each other and support each other. “

Father Chu couldn’t bear to see that the daughter he had been raising for ten years would stoop so slow. “Okay. Now that’s all done, you must love and support each other from now on.”

Chu Shi observed all this and felt absurd.

After seeing Chu Qiuqiu’s two-faced actions, their father still expected them to peacefully get along with each other? Did they not care about the one who got hurt?

In the process of their verbal battle, Chu Yin finished her meal in silence. She wiped her mouth with her napkin and stood up. “I’ll go first.”

Neither did she respond to Chu Qiuqiu’s apology, nor did she respond to Father Chu and Mother Chu’s words.

After she left, Chu Qiuqiu immediately turned to her parents and complained: “Look at her, I’ve already apologized yet she didn’t even say a word…” 

Chu Shi raised his eyes and said coldly, “Because your insincere apology doesn’t deserve her response.”

Chu Qiuqiu’s face turned pale, but Chu Shi didn’t pay attention to it. He got up and left.


After Chu Yin returned to her room, she did not start studying just like her usual routine. She looked up slightly, her mind a little empty.

“Host, are you affected?” Xueji asked her in a low voice.


After dying disgracefully, she had a chance to start a new life. The golden finger she received gave her confidence in her own destiny, but in the end, she couldn’t change these people.

When she was separated from the Chu family when she was 5 years old, a family from the countryside adopted her. In that family, there was an older mentally retarded son. She was adopted to become that bride since she was a child. Because of this, she was treated only with leftovers.

When Chu Yin came back to the Chu family in her last life, she really had fantasies about her biological parents, but the reality let her down.

But it didn’t matter. She would become strong enough in this life.

She would leave the Chu family which would eventually go bankrupt, and escape Lu Zhen’s palm.

At this time, the door of the room was knocked.

Chu Shi stood outside the door and asked Chu Yin in a low voice: “angry?”

Chu Yin laughed: “No. Brother, thank you…really.”

Chu Shi touched her head: “I know that the transcript was obtained by Qiuqiu. I didn’t pay attention to her small actions before which had wronged you.”

Chu Yin felt it was a little strange. Why would her brother defend her without asking her side? It’s like he understood the reason.  

She shook her head. “You don’t have to be sorry.”

Looking at his younger sister’s delicate and rosy face, he remembered her pale and gloomy appearance after being imprisoned by Lu Zhen in his dream. He felt uncomfortable.

Speaking of this, the forum-related incident was related to Lu Zhen. It seemed that the bastard still took the initiative to speak to Xiao Yin.

Chu Shi asked tentatively, “What do you think of Lu Zhen?”

Chu Yin’s heart leaped: “Lu Zhen?”

“Yes,” Chu Shi observed Chu Yin’s expression, “That bast–no, did he say anything to you?”

“Some nonsense,” Chu Yin said after a pause, and then added, “…I think he’s not right in the head.”

Chu Shi was overjoyed with her replied, and affirmed: “Your feeling is right. Lu Zhen is definitely not right in the head.”

After living for two lifetimes, Chu Yin finally found someone who she could speak ill of Lu Zhen together. She was emotional.


“There are so many girls in school who like him. I think most of them are blind.”

“Yes, Gu Qiuze is much more handsome than him.”

“His personality is also strange. He doesn’t seem to be good.”

“So you must stay away from that kind of fool.”

“Brother, I will.”


After the two brothers and sisters ridiculed Lu Zhen, they each got spiritual satisfaction. They bid good night to each other happily.

In order to avoid the limelight, Fu Mingxuan took a leave of absence for more than a week before returning to class.

The mid-term exam would be in two weeks. Fu Mingxuan needed to go to school even if she didn’t want to. She was still competing with Chu Qiuqiu for the exam rankings!

After she came back, no one in the class mentioned the embarrassing event from last time. Fu Mingxuan spent the morning in the class and felt the familiar feeling. When she looked back again, she saw that Chu Yin was immersed in her studying as usual, and felt unhappy again.

If it was not for her, she would not have been scolded by Lu Zhen. She must have left a very bad impression in Lu Zhen’s mind at that time.

Speaking of Chu Yin, this person’s psychology was also very strong. Even when the whole school knew about her bad grades, she still studied hard every day.

Fu Mingxuan felt a lot more comfortable thinking about it this way—having poor grades was not pitiful, but having poor grades and yet still working hard was pitiful. 

Before the mid-term exam, there was an activity called Shakespeare English Week, which had become an old tradition of Huiwen.

Because it was a general activity, there would senior students participating. All the girls were very excited. The mechanics of this English Week was for everyone to sit together and reciting the original English excerpts of Shakespeare. Because Huiwen was a high-end private school with an international department, it was possible to organize such an event.

When Fu Mingxuan walked to Song Zhaolin’s desk with the list of selected readings, she saw Chu Yin writing English in her papers.

She felt proud. Although she was disgraced last time, but compared to Chu Yin whose transcript records were announced, was even more humiliating than her. She found comfort in this mindset.

“Student Chu, would you like to take part in the activity? I remember your English is your strong point?”

——Compared with her 69 points in mathematics, her 99 points in English was certainly a strong point.

After Fu Mingxian finished speaking, Xing Lan and others immediately joined in, ridiculing her with their smile.

Chu Yin had just finished answering a set of English questions in college entrance exam levels. She estimated she could reach pass 145. Sure enough, the ‘ding’ sound of the system was heard and she was granted permission for one word.

Chu Yin looked up at Fu Mingxuan and said casually, “Are you a fool?”

Hearing this familiar sentence, Fu Mingxuan’s face suddenly turned red.

Song Zhaolin, who sat beside Chu Yin, couldn’t hold back his laughter, “Hahahaha. I’m sorry–”

Wasn’t this the sentence that Brother Zhen used to scold Fu Mingxuan?! Help, his sister Yin is really tough!!!

It wasn’t only the laughter of Song Zhaolin that could be heard, but also the several suppressed “poofs” in class.

Fu Mingxuan fiercely looked back, then looked back. Chu Yin had already checked the list, and then he took the word book and went out to endorsement.

Fu Mingxuan turned her head back and stared fiercely at her. Chu Yin had checked the system tasks on her list and went outside the classroom to review it again.

The remaining people in class 5 looked at her retreating figure and was suddenly in a trance.

What happened? She was still wearing the same baggy school uniform and mask, but how could she look so valiant?


There is no one on the rooftop today. Chu Yin laid on the edge of the stage, memorizing a page of Level 6 words.

……Then she remembered the Shakespeare English week that Fu Mingxuan said.

She had just been brought back from the countryside in her last life. Although her English was passable in the Middle School of the town, it could not be compared with the students trained by Huiwen elite education.

She had just been adopted from the countryside in her previous life. Although her town’s middle school was advance in English, it was incomparable with the students trained under the elite education of Huiwen.

Since all the students in Huiwen recognized that the students under the international class had the highest level of English, they were responsible for drawing lots. In order for Chu Qiuqiu to humiliated Chu Yin, she drew Chu Yin’s name from the black box when it came to the most difficult English excerpt.

Gu Qiuze was present at that time and planned to help her recite.

But it was snatched by Lu Zhen.

From that day Lu Zhen helped her finish the hardest English excerpt, all the girls in school remembered Chu Yin’s name and face.

Since then, she had been called the school flower, and many students looked her for trouble.

All thanks to that dog man.

“Host, your murderous aura is strong again.”

Chu Yin sneered: “Where’s my knife?”

“There is no knife, but I’m sending the script to your head.”

A cold youthful voice sounded behind her, “Are you okay?”

The bloody pictures that Chu Yin had been imagining immediately stopped. There was a sense of tension as if she was exposed. She turned her head and suddenly—

The boy was dressed in a white shirt. His black hair pressed above his eyebrows and the tear mole at the corner of his eyes is very clear.

Chu Yin held her arms high while she laid at the edge of the stage. When she turned around, her baggy school uniform accidentally moved the mask on her face, triggering it to slip down from the tip of her nose.

When Lu Zhen saw the flash of her delicate and exquisite face, his heart was choked.

Chu Yin quickly put on her mask.

Lu Zhen regained his consciousness, turned his head, and took a breath before turning back again: “I should apologize to you because of last time.”

Chu Yin thought to herself–Is this the male lead’s halo? Why does this dog man always show up?

She didn’t want to communicate with him at all, and urged Xueji to load the script faster:

【Location: School Rooftop. Characters: Lu Zhen, Chu Yin.】

【The wind in early autumn was very gentle. Their clothes swayed with the wind as they stood on the rooftop.

Chu Yin did not respond to Lu Zhen’s words.

Lu Zhen looked at her for a moment and suddenly asked, “Why do you wear a mask?”

Chu Yin lowered her head and still did not answer. She didn’t want to talk to him.

After a long time, Lu Zhen frowned and said, “You–“】

It was all dialogue for this short time. Chu Yin looked back and forth several times, but could not find a place to start.

How could she end the conversation??

Lu Zhen was looking at her side profile.

Looking closely, he could see her delicate eyebrows frowning slightly, as if in deep thought.

Was it difficult to talk to him?

Lu Zhen couldn’t say what he felt. He could turn around and leave, but he chose not to move.

Even knowing that the other was not willing to talk, he still asked, “Why do you wear a mask?”

Because of you, dog man!!!

“Host, do you want to use your permission?” Xueji asked because Chu Yin didn’t react for a long time.

Just after it asked, Chu Yin suddenly had a flash of inspiration: She couldn’t end the dialogue, but she could let the dog man finish it!!

So she moved her light pen and crossed out Lu Zhen’s 【”You–”】sentence.

And changed it to 【”Roll.1 Another term for this is go away “】

Extremely skillful. She’s a genius.

Lu Zhen watched the subtle changes in her expression.

He wanted to ask, You…Do you hate me?

Then his lips opened slightly…

But at the moment he opened his mouth, he suddenly said, “Roll.”

The air was silent for a second.  Lu Zhen was dumbfounded.

This time, the girl in front of him finally reacted.

She recoiled in surprise and hugged her book tightly: “I’m sorry! I’m leaving now.”

After that, she turned and ran.

This typhoon is awfully strong.

Lu Zhen was silent again: “….”

I did not. I really didn’t.

The author has something to say: 

Chu Yin’s Diary: on X, x, x, year, Lu Zhen, that dog thief told me to go away.

Lu Zhen: (swearing and quitting group chat)

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