I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 1 part 1

T/N: Hello!! I laughed so hard while mtling this out of boredom. After you read the story summary, you might categorized the male lead as a yandere, but no…the story sets out while they were still in high school (so the male lead hadn’t turned into a yandere yet). MC hates ML so much that she wishes every time that he will die. With the golden finger the MC acquired, she used it to try and kill off the ML. Try this story out and you might really like it! <3 Idk if you might read this, but thank you shiny for helping me with the title!

Translated by: Tinker

A fierce battle had just ended.

The man was particularly ferocious today, and Chu Yin was exhausted as she nestled in the chaotic quilt, closing her eyes in pain. The man hugged her from behind, trying to hold her in his arms.

Chu Yin was dazed and confused, but instinctively struggled.

The man’s hand stiffened, then sarcastically sneered, “Why–you can’t bear me since Gu Giuze had returned home?”

“Lu Zhen, what are you talking about…”

Lu Zhen’s breath was still burning, but his voice was cold: “Your brother is still looking for Gu Giuze to save you, eh? Chuyin, you know the consequences of my anger.”

Consequences…Chu Yin thought the consequence of being entangled with this devil might be how the Chu family went bankrupt overnight. The real daughter of the Chu family was imprisoned by him. He dominated and controlled her like an item. Just like this moment, she was forced to swallow everything, enduring his possessiveness and at the same time, losing her freedom.

The man even wanted to whisper cruelly in her ear: “Even if your fake sister has married a wealthy man, Chu Yin…only you, have to be trapped by my side, until death, you’re all mine.” 

Chu Yin thought: No. It’s either she got killed by Lu Zhen, or she would kill Lu Zhen. Both were fine.

The sense of weightlessness in her brain became stronger and stronger. She heard herself hoarsely saying: “Lu Zhen, you should die first in my hand…”

Lu Zhen laughed and leaned over her ear and said something.

Chu Yin could not hear it clearly. Because at that moment, the sense of weightlessness suddenly aggravated, and her consciousness suddenly withdrawn. A force dragged her exhausted soul away, bringing a brisk sense of relief.

At the end of her consciousness, the voice that was filled with cold sarcasm finally tore, revealing a trace of despair and panic.

“Chu Yin, Chu Yin!–“

She seemed to fall into a long dream.

In her dream, Chu Yin saw that her miserable life had become a page of paper, turning into air.

“Your world is actually a book. Lu Zhen is the corrupted and paranoid male lead in the book. And you are the short-lived first love (moonlight) that he fell in love with at first sight and was imprisoned by him. After your death, the male lead thought about you day and night and even thought of finding a substitute.”

Chu Yin thought in confusion, whose voice…?

Soon, the book turned to the end, but suddenly began to turn back—the paper rattled and finally stopped at the front page: [Chu Yin was found by the Chu family when she was 17 years old. Even though the family already had an adopted daughter named Chu Qiuqiu, the Chu family still took her back from the countryside and helped her transfer to Huiwen Private Middle School. Here, she met Lu Zhen…]

Even in a dream, Chu Yin couldn’t help but want to tear up the book—she never wanted to meet the dog man Lu Zhen again!!

“What if you can start over again? I’ll give you the pen to change the script.” The voice sounded again. “Knowledge changes destiny, learning can break everything, go and try it!”

Chu Yin seemed to be pushed by an invisible force, and she woke up as soon as the words fell.

“School will start tomorrow, is it really okay for Xiao Yin to go to the international class?” An elegant woman’s voice came into her ears.

Then came a familiar sweet voice: “After all, my sister has just returned from that kind of place, and her education is limited. It is normal to not be able to keep up with the level of our class. Don’t worry, mother, I will definitely try my best to help her!”

Chu Yin looked at and saw Chu Qiuqiu who looked like a high school student.

She was separated when she was 5 years old, and two years later Chu Qiuqiu was adopted by the Chu family because she looked like her. By the time Chu Yin was picked up at the age of 17, Chu Qiuqiu had already been regarded as the daughter of the Chu family.

Although this was all a dream, Chu Yin knew that even though Chu Qiuqiu’s words were sweet, she wanted to show that even if they had no blood relationship, she had a more genuine demeanor.     

She was stunned for a moment, allowing the memories of the past to completely settle. When Chu Yin raised her head again to look at Mother Chu, her eyes were already calm: “I’m not going to the international class.”

In her last life, she was forced to share the same table with Lu Zhen because she entered the international class. After she became famous, she became a school flower. Not only was she targeted by all the girls in the school, but she also had become entangled with Lu Zhen, and never got rid of him in her short life.

“Yes! You can live your life again! Why bother to go the same way again! This is the learning system’s warm reminder~ after binding with this system: You can get permission to modify the script after completing the tasks~”

Chu Yin was startled. This was the voice in her dream.

Along with the sound, a faint light in her mind appeared that showed the book that created the world. Next to the book, there was a halo pen, which stroked on the paper as she moved.

“Dip, the system is running internal testing. The current script is as follows, please try to modify [one word].” 

The glowing book spread out on both sides, and Chu Yin could see the content clearly.

【Location: Chu Family Villa. Characters: Chu Yin, Mrs. Chu, Chu Qiuqiu.】

【Chu Qiuqiu rushed and said: “Sister, your decision is right~ Our international class circle is indeed not something you can integrate into.”

Mrs. Chu pondered for a moment: “Indeed, in Xiao Yin’s situation, ordinary classes may be suitable for you.”】

This conversation…?

Was this really part of the script?

Chu Yin continued to look down.

【Chu Qiuqiu proudly looked at Chu Yin silently: “The family in our class is distinguished, and they are not as easy to contact as my sister imagined~Like the young master of the Lu family, he is usually in our class. If you just suddenly transferred to our class, you might kicked out by him.】

Seeing this line, Chu Yin couldn’t help choking for a second. 

The eldest young master of the Lu family…Lu Zhen.

She still remembered the way the person blocked her in the classroom with a cold face. She almost recalled his scarlet eyes when she rejected him. As soon as she closed her eyes, she could still relive how the powerful man leaned over her in the dimly lit room, trolling over and over again, asking her whether she liked it or not.

 …If only she had been kicked out at the beginning.

Chu Yin’s silence was mistaken by Chu Qiuqiu for being ashamed. She smiled triumphantly and deliberately asked Mrs. Chu sweetly: “By the way, mother~ Brother Qiu Ze won prizes abroad. Once he comes back the day after tomorrow, will we be having a celebration banquet?”

 ——The fancier the social occasion was, the more her country bumpkin sister could see the gap between her and herself.

“Brother must have brought gifts for me again. I must call a few friends over to celebrate with Brother Qiu Ze–ah, yes~” Chu Qiuqiu suddenly remembered something, and looked at Chu Yin, “My sister, don’t you want to participate too?”



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