I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 1 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 1 – The Golden Finger (2)

Chu Qiuqiu’s lotus words were the same as shown in the script… Chu Yin’s heart warmed slightly, and the glowing pen tip hung in the air, as if she could easily control the characters in the book.

She saw the next paragraph:

【Chu Qiuqiu smiled gracefully, holding the exquisite goblet in her hand and gently shaking the dark red wine in it: “There are many etiquette to remember in a banquet~ Sister, you don’t know how to drink this, come, let me teach you–”】 

Chu Yin thought for half a second, then tried to move the light pen to cross out the “red” of “red wine” then changed it to “cooking”.

Chu Qiuqiu: “You have to shake it lightly first, and appreciate its color. Then, like this…”

Chu Yin calmly watched Chu Qiuqiu take a deep breath as her cup lightly pressed against her lips before she took a big sip . 

“Puff!”——The  liquid sprayed on the face of Mrs. Chu on the opposite side like brilliant fireworks.

For a few seconds, the whole house fell silent. Only Xueji, who was in Chu Yin’s head, made a chicken crow-like laugh as it sounded “System binding successful~”.

The servant stumbled and ran over with a napkin. Mrs. Chu stood up in anger and embarrassment: “Qiu Qiu, what are you doing?!”

Chu Qiuqiu’s glass of red wine was unexpectedly so bitter that she choked and spat out instinctively the moment she drank it.  At this moment, she didn’t have the elegant manner she just had as she said in a panic: “Mom, I didn’t mean it!”

Amidst her mumblings, a clear and beautiful voice suddenly came in: “Oh, so it’s like this.”

Chu Qiuqiu suddenly looked up.

Chu Yin, who had been silent, suddenly smiled. The exquisite facial features that were originally covered by her long hair were exposed, and a pair of peach eyes blinked slightly under her slender glimmering eyelashes.

“It turns out that red wine is drunk like this? I learned it.”

Chu Qiuqiu’s face was completely green.

At three o’clock in the middle of the quiet night, everyone had already fallen asleep, and Chu Yin had still been studying.

After she was successfully bound with the system, the first task released was very basic: [Complete General Assignment]. 

Chu Yin returned to the room from the kitchen, took a bath, and changed to her pajamas.

Xueji’s prompts were accompanied by a yawn: “Ding – political homework completed √ Task completion 70%. Host ~ don’t you need to take a break?”

Chu Yin rubbed her wrist, stretched her neck, and then opened the history exercise book.

——Now it’s time to rest.

After knowing that this system could really tamper with the plot, Chu Yin felt a long lost excitement – the ability to influence the events in the book, and as long as she completed the task, she herself could become the greater force and dominate her own life!

For the rest of her life, Chu Yin never wanted to be Lu Zhen’s first love.

Tomorrow–oh no, today was a turning point in her life, that is, the day Lu Zhen fell in love with her at first sight in the story. 

So she must get permission to change the script, change the plot of this day, even a small change could cause a long-term butterfly effect.

Chu Yin was not a good student in her previous life. She was trapped by Lu Zhen at the age of 20, and was forced to supplement her knowledge for a long time. Later, she accompanied the young master Lu Zhen to take the GMAT exam. She was then trained by RC, DS, and SC, and she was taken by him to a foreign country for a year, auditing Ivy League courses, and this made her level of knowledge long surpassed the domestic high schools.

She finished Math and English homework very quickly. She was a sophomore in senior high school so she still needed to review the textbooks for comprehensive subjects, and this took a little time.

The room was quiet and only the sound of scratching against paper could be heard.

When dawn broke, the room was lit up a little bit. Chu Yin made the last stroke, and the system in her brain finally made a beep.

“Completed the general assignment task √ unlocked the script on the next page, and got permission to [change a word]. (Friendly reminder, as the difficulty of the learning task increases, the permission to modify will increase~)”

The book and pen once again emerged from her brain. While the script loaded, Chu Yin was unexpectedly nervous.

【Location: Huiwen Private Middle School. Characters: Chu Yin, Lu Zhen, Chu Qiuqiu, and other classmates.】

【The weather is not good on the first day of high school.】

【A Bentley Mulsanne stopped at the school gate, and the girls passing by began to slow down as they adjusted their hairstyles. A few seconds later, a teenager in a white shirt got out of the car, and the crowd immediately began to make commotion.】

【Lu Zhen lazily put his bag on his back and looked up. Light rain poured down the sky, and the black-haired boy looked cold and melancholy in the dense space.】

Most of the scenes were Lu Zhen’s solo scenes, until a certain line– 

【Lu Zhen’s eyes were indifferent until he suddenly saw the girl in the distance wearing a floral skirt while smiling at someone.】

Seeing this, Chu Yin’s heart was stifled.

This was her. She was just a 17 year old innocent and bright young girl in her previous life. 

To be honest, Chu Yin didn’t know how the so-called love at first sight happened. She didn’t even remember that she had met Lu Zhen on this day in her previous life. Did it become love after just one look?

【…Lu Zhen’s gaze paused for several seconds, then moved away.】

【He thought: The skirt is so ugly.】

Chu Yin finished reading this paragraph: “…”

Xueji began to chicken crow-laugh in her brain again: “Chuckchchchch–“

Chu Yin: “Shut up.” 

That’s good, at this moment there were only a few big words in her heart.

 ——I will kill Lu Zhen.

Chu Yin, with a cold face, scratched the word “rain” so fast it was almost late for Xueji to stop it: “Oh, host– are you sure you will have no regrets, you can’t change it after you write it! The word you chose seems…” It seems to be just a plain description of the climate!

Chu Yin sneered: She didn’t regret it.

Let Lu Zhen regret it.

Then she wrote “knife” on the crossed word.

Xueji: “…” You can really play.


In the early morning, the weather was misty.

The gate of Huiwen Private Middle School was bustling since today was the first day of school.

The girls were yawning and complaining about the short summer vacation. Suddenly, there was a rustle in the crowd as a luxurious Bentley Mulsanne stopped at the school gate—the whole school knew whose car it was.

“Quickly, quickly, Lu Zhen is here!”

“Ah, brother Zhen!”

“I’m going to school with him today.”

After a few seconds, the door opened and a long leg stepped out. The boy wore a simple white shirt, and his extravagance couldn’t be stopped from radiating. On this cloudy day, his side face reflected cold and paleness, the line from his brow peak to the bridge of the nose was like a sculpture, and his jaw angle was perfect and precise. His eyes were long and sharp and there was a crimson mole on the tail of his eyes, adding a trace of desire to the cold feeling.

Since he appeared, pink bubbles began to appear around him and pink petals seemed to be falling from the sky.

Lu Zhen only raised his head indifferently—the sky was dark, as if it was going to…rain?


Something indeed fell from the sky.

Lu Zhen slowly lowered his head, and his gaze fell next to his shoes.

He saw a bright knife lying there.




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