I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 2 – Second Kill

“Ah, ah. A knife fell down from the sky!”

“Help! Ah!!”

Pink bubbles burst out as the scene fell into chaos.

The knife that fell from the sky crackled, but fortunately didn’t hit anyone. If anyone looked closely, the blade of the knife wasn’t real. It just gleamed in cold light that made it look very scary.

Lu Zhen frowned and looked around.

There were no open windows on either side of the school building. Who threw them?

In the distance of the campus, a slender figure looked at the direction of the school gate for a long time before she rectracted her eyes.

Chu Yin lowered her head and the corner of her lips made a pleasant arc.

Xueji: “Host, you’re so bad! But just to let you know, the system can’t cause actual harm to the male lead~”

Of course Chu Yin knew that it wouldn’t really kill Lu Zhen, but her purpose had still been achieved.

With Lu Zhen’s character, people who wanted to harm him would not easily escape from him. 

The original flow of the story was now destroyed, and everything would be different from now on.

Standing on the side, Chu Qiuqiu followed Chu Yin’s gaze and saw Lu Zhen in the crowd. She disdainfully thought, this bumpkin sister actually dared to think of Lu Zhen? She didn’t even look at herself.

Yesterday, there was a moment when she felt a sense of crisis that she was the low-quality version of Chu Yin’s face, but a country bumpkin is a country bumpkin. Students in Huiwen Private Middle School wear an exclusive school uniform, but Chu Yin wore the most baggy and ugly school uniform, accompanied to that, she also wore a mask on her face, as if afraid she could be seen by people.

On the contrary, for this first day of school, Chu Yin meticulously dressed up and even spent two hours putting make-up on her face. The two stood together, one was exquisite and outstanding, while the other was rustic and mediocre. 

Chu Qiuqiu really enjoyed this sharp contrast–So what if Chu Yin was the real daughter of the Chu family? Obviously, she, herself, was more like the true lady of the family.

Facing the inquiring eyes of the people in the school, she took Chu Yin’s arm without disdain: “Sister, don’t think about Lu Zhen. I will introduce you to ordinary boys~ Come, I will take you to your ordinary class.”

Chu Yin pulled out her arm: “Thank you, but no need.”

Lu Zhen was enough for her to be afraid of men.

Class 5 was the best elite class in the general liberal class, with abundant talented teachers. Most of the students were also children of rich families. But because they wanted to take the local college entrance examination route, they chose the ordinary class. 

Although Mother Chu was separated from her own daughter for many years, she was interested in this class and chose it for Chu Yin.

At this time, Class 5 was very lively.

“Fuck, have you heard that Lu Zhen was almost killed at the school gate!”

“Impossible, why would anyone dare to touch him?”

 “Really! look at the forum posts.”

Because the incident centered on Lu Zhen, even if it only happened a few minutes ago, it quickly spread throughout the school. 

Many rich second-generation students in class 5 were very familiar with the international class, and they had a lively chat in class.

It wasn’t until a figure walked in that the noisy classroom suddenly became quiet.

——Chu Qiuqiu? What was she doing in class 5.

Fu Mingxuan, who was sitting in the center of the classroom, was still worried about Lu Zhen. As soon as she saw her, she immediately smiled in a state of preparation: “Hello darling1italicize words means it’s spoken in english language~

Chu Yin entered the classroom behind Chu Qiuqiu and was speechless for a second when she saw Fu Mingxuan. This person was Lu Zhen’s number one admirer. She had a deep hostility against Chu Yin in her previous life while chasing Lu Zhen for a long time.

But at this time, Fu Mingxuan’s main opponent was Chu Qiuqiu. Both of them came from wealthy families. They were both beautiful and good at learning. They were also famous for being plastic, treating each other with kindness in public, but destroying each other in secret. They communicated better than anyone else in English.

Chu Qiuqiu smiled gracefully: “Morning babe~”

Fu Mingxuan’s eyes turned and saw Chu Yin behind her, frowning with discomfort: “OMG, who’s she? Why do you stand with her?

Chu Qiuqiu immediately gave a gentle and prepared smile: “This is my sister Chu Yin. She just came from the countryside, and doesn’t understand English. Let’s speak Chinese.” 

After she said this, the whole class 5 looked at Chu Yin’s expression and felt it was strange—then why could this ugly and country bumpkin enter their elite class? Wearing that kind of school uniform could make people blind. She must also look scary since she covered her face with a mask!

As the class flower, Fu Mingxuan felt even more disdainful, and she directly called Chu Yin, who was looking for an empty seat, “Hey—classmate over there, why don’t you go to Class 7 which suits you better?” 

All the people around her laughed. Class 7 was a late-entry class. Students in that class were not rich and had poor grades. This was the lowest place in Huiwen Private Middle School.

Chu Qiuqiu put on an unbearable expression: “Mingxuan, how could you say this? she is also my sister.”

Fu Mingxuan raised her eyebrows: “Is it a problem if I tell her to go somewhere?” 

All the people in Class 5 looked at Chu Yin and wanted to see how the bumpkin from this village would react. But, Chu Yin was very calm. She chose the seat by the window and put her school bag away. Then she looked up at the two of them.

Chu Qiuqiu was more clever compared to Fu Mingxuan. It was Chu Qiuqiu who slyly wanted to humiliate her. Although Chu Yin didn’t care about other people’s opinions at all, she was certainly not patient.

Her face was hidden under the mask, revealing only a pair of clear eyes. She replied with no hesitation, “Yes. Who do you think should go back, sister?”

Chu Qiuqiu was stupefied for a second before her face turned pale.

——Chu Yin was reminding her, the fake daughter, to return to where she belonged.

The place that originally belonged to her…Chu Qiuqiu still had memories from before she was adopted at the age of 7, the dilapidated home, the poor faces of her biological parents…No, she didn’t belong there, and she would never let others know where she came from!

Fu Mingxuan didn’t understand, “What do you mean?”

Chu Qiuqiu didn’t dare to continue this topic anymore, and quickly said: “Mother specially contacted the school. Mingxuan, stop making trouble. My sister won’t disturb you.”

Fu Mingxuan rolled her eyes unhappily.

Chu Yin had already sat in her seat and opened the math textbook.

“Ding–sending today’s learning task~ Complete the final question after class. The difficulty index is three stars. After completion, you can get the [change word] permission.”

Word change? Chu Yin immediately grasped the point.

It seemed an increase in power reflected in the degree of alteration. If she completed a more difficult task, she could probably change sentences, paragraphs, and even…


Chu Yin was excited again. She had never found learning so exciting. She was finally passionate about something.

After the class started, the head teacher mentioned to everyone that Chu Yin had transferred to this class. Chu Yin introduced herself calmly and briefly, and only a few claps followed.

Chu Yin didn’t care whether she had a group or not, she didn’t even care when the table next to her was empty. In the morning, she sat in her seat, studying. The teacher watched her sitting quietly, not bothering to care about this new student.

She reviewed the high school mathematics textbooks and sorted out her knowledge structure, and found that the knowledge she accumulated in her previous life could basically cover this grade’s pointers, and she was immediately relieved.

On the other hand, Fu Mingxuan was inexplicably concerned about this transfer student. In the morning, she looked back at Chu Yin several times and found that this person could only study like a nerd, and her inexplicable hostility was replaced by contempt.

–Funny. What kind of good student a country bumpkin be? Could she understand their textbooks?

When lunch break came, no one in the class came to talk to Chu Yin, and they just went in twos and threes to the cafeteria.

Obviously, Chu Qiuqiu, who was asked by Mother Chu to guide Chu Yin, had completely “forgotten” that her sister probably didn’t know where the cafeteria was.

Chu Yin calmly finished her notes and walked to the cafeteria with her campus card.

The jasmine planted in the school this year was as brilliant as the painting. This time she didn’t have the dog man Lu Zhen in her life, and even the flowers were more fragrant than in the past life.

Returning to the classroom in the afternoon, Chu Yin was in a good mood. Because it had been peaceful the whole morning, she took off the mask with confidence and started to do the final task assigned by the system.

Groups of people returned to the classroom, still surrounding Fu Mingxuan, and a boy then walked with her and said something.

“Don’t worry, he’s not hurt.”

“Really! That’s good. I was scared to death.”

“By the way, Linzi, you weren’t here this morning. Do you know you have a new deskmate?”

When this was mentioned, everyone laughed.

Song Zhaolin touched his head: “Huh?”

The man on the side patted him on the shoulder: “You are lucky, hahaha!”

Song Zhaolin hugged his bag and returned to his seat. Sure enough, he saw a girl with slender shoulders, wearing an old school uniform. She was writing a question with her head down, her face blocked by her long black hair.

Although Song Zhaolin wanted to talk, it wouldn’t be good to interrupt while she was studying, so he had to sit down and accept reality. The surreptitious onlookers withdrew their gazes suddenly and chatted together.

Chu Yin got stuck once she reached the final question. She moved and slightly raised her head. Song Zhaolin, who was next to her, took the opportunity and patted her: “Hey, new deskmate, you–”

Chu Yin turned her face.

Song Zhaolin: “…Fuck.”

It’s true. He’s lucky.

The girl had shiny black hair, her palm-sized face was white and tender, her peach eyes were as beautiful as the spring water, and her lips were rosy. She took a casual look and there was the natural charm of a young girl. Song Zhaolin’s face instantly blushed.

Chu Yin frowned slightly: “What’s the matter?”

“No, it’s okay,” Song Zhaolin’s voice was getting lower and lower, scared that he would startle her, “Let me…introduce myself. I’m your new deskmate, Song Zhaolin.”

“Oh, hello.” Chu Yin vaguely felt that this name was a bit familiar, but she couldn’t remember this person.

In order not to attract attention, Chu Yin lowered her head and put on the mask again.

“What’s the matter?” Song Zhaolin was still in shock by her beauty. He was dumbfounded.

Chu Yin whispered: “You haven’t seen me.”

Song Zhaolin was taken aback: “Huh?”

Chu Yin raised her bright eyes: “Okay?”

Song Zhaolin: “Okay!!!”

Chu Yin was relieved. She then went back and continued to solve the problem. She was still looking forward to getting the permission to change words. After all, Lu Zhen was still in this school. There would still be accidents in the future.

In the classroom, the conversation between her sister and Fu Mingxuan continued: “Hey, I’m so angry. It took me a long time to make this gift, and originally wanted to give it to him today. Who knew that something like this would happen.”

“It’s so distressing.”

“It’s okay. Lu Zhen will come to school. I will give it to him next time.”

Chu Yin turned her pen, changing the formula in her mind. This final question was indeed a bit difficult, but as long as she was given a little more time…

But at this moment, a familiar voice suddenly came from the back door of the classroom.

——”Song Zhaolin, come out.” 

The boy’s voice was cold, like a shard of ice flakes. She was startled…it was just as she remembered.

Chu Yin’s pupils suddenly shrunk, and she almost jumped up from her chair, but was able to hold back.

Under the stimulation of this voice, Chu Yin finally remembered who Song Zhaolin was–he was one of Lu Zhen’s friends in Huiwen Private Middle School!

At this time, Xueji’s voice sounded: “Host, relax~ The power of the male lead is everywhere, and the plot can be corrected anytime and anywhere.”

Correct the plot…? !

Chu Yin couldn’t predict events that involved Lu Zhen again, but it must not be what she hoped to happen.

Song Zhaolin, who was next to her, responded to Lu Zhen’s call and was about to get up.

Right there and then, Chu Yin made the decision immediately. She held the pen and quickly checked the final step. Her brain was running at high speed to figure out the numbers when she finally heard the beep of the system.

“Finale task is complete √ Unlocked the script on the next page and got permission to [change a word].”

Chu Yin quickly browsed the downloaded script–

【Lu Zhen stood at the back door of Class 5 and looked at Song Zhaolin.

Fu Mingxuan was very surprised to see him. She stood up shyly while being pushed by Chu Qiuqiu. She walked up to Lu Zhen and handed the gift she made by herself.

Fu Mingxuan: “Lu Zhen, I made this by myself. I want to give it to you during the holiday…”】

At this time, Class 5 began to get excited because of the appearance of Lu Zhen. Song Zhaolin had already left his seat, and Chu Yin instantly lost her cover. She sensed the familiar and oppressive gaze was slowly falling on her.

Chu Yin immediately moved the light pen and crossed out the word [gift]. She needed something exciting to drag Lu Zhen’s gaze away from her.

Xueji watched the play: “Oh? How do you plan to change it, host?”

Chu Yin didn’t hesitate for half a second and changed the word to [bomb].

Xueji: “……[thumbs up]”

At this time, Fu Mingxuan stood in front of Lu Zhen, blocking his vision of the classroom.

“Lu Zhen, I did this myself…” 

She lowered her head shyly, and stretched out her hands towards Lu Zhen with her eyes closed.

Suddenly, the classroom fell silent.

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes, his dark pupils staring at the round, sparkling thing in her hand.

It took a few seconds before he calmly said, “It was you who threw the knife this morning?”



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