Married to a Disabled Man in the 70’s – Chapter 1

TL NOTE:   A quick review from me: I have not yet translated this completely but so far, I love it! It made me laugh and giggle at the same time with the sweetness and fluff. I hope that you will like this story ~ <3 I’ll be uploading the rest of the chapters in July. Release schedule will be every Tuesdays and Thursdays. 🙂

Story plot of Married to a Disabled Man in the 70’s

So, I’m going to lay out the names of the family members as Su Jiao is in a big family. I advise you to familiarize yourself with the names before reading so you’ll get the gist right away.

PS: The author sometimes mentions Su Jiaojiao or Su Jiao. If you happened to see her name being shortened, they are the same person.


  • Su Jiaojiao – is the main protagonist
  • Song Qinghan – to-be-husband of Su Jiaojiao
  • Su Zhengyang – father of Su Jiao
  • Sun Fang – mother of Su Jiao
  • Su Jianhua – eldest brother of Su Jiao
  • Su Jianjun – second eldest brother of Su Jiao
  • Zhang Qian – wife of Su Jianhua

Both the eldest brothers are married, and had kids already.

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Translated by: Tinker

Year 1972, Spring

It was noon, a time for people to work. Smoke arose from every house in Taohua Village. Both the sound of children’s excitement and adults’ voices made the village look particularly lively.

But in the house of one family, two people roared at each other. The rest of the family members were quiet and didn’t dare to join the argument.

“You,! It was you who wanted to marry him. Now you regret when he became a disabled! Who taught you that, Su Jiaojiao?” The man’s angry roar resonated in the house. There were three children in the family, and the other four adults did not dare to make a sound.

The eldest daughter-in-law of the house cooked in the kitchen in silence. The second daughter-in-law burned the fire. Several others squatted in the yard.

Su Jiaojiao bowed her head. Her brain had not yet fully reacted, so she stayed quiet. She arranged her thoughts silently and didn’t worry about being beaten at all, because she knew that someone would help immediately.

Sure enough, after the man roared, a sharp female voice immediately roared back angrily: “What do you mean, dead old man? Song Qinghan had become like this, and you still want my daughter to marry him? My daughter is smart enough not to continue this marriage because that man wouldn’t be able to marry anyone else with his situation!”

“Nonsense! You spoil her too much.” The man became more angry, his face turned from the color of black to red. The blue veins around his neck was about to pop out.

He pointed to Su Jiaojiao’s nose and shouted, “Before, he didn’t want to marry you. You forced this marriage. You made the family look like a joke! Now when the man agreed to marry, you didn’t want it. The labor and management informed us of this matter and was settled half a year ago. Even if you want to change it, you can’t. You just marry.”

In the middle of the talk, the man was pushed and staggered two steps. Because the man stopped from talking, the woman’s crying voice became louder and louder: “Su Zhengyang, you are a murderer! You’re killing your daughter for the rest of her life! ”

The woman said while beating him with her hand, which made a dull sound on his body, but the man just kept his teeth on: “A spit on a nail. What she wanted at the beginning, can’t be changed!”

“Spit on a nail” : It’s a Chinese idiom that means you are responsible for your own words

“Su Zhengyang! You don’t know that our daughter is still young! they’re not yet sensible…” The woman gritted her teeth with despair.

But at this time, the girl who had been bowing her head suddenly looked up with a look of innocence. Her clear eyes looked at the two people who were fighting in a group, and said in a crisp voice, “Marry, who says I will not marry?”

Sun Fang tore her husband’s hands away, took her daughter’s hand, and roared “Daughter, are you confused? Your husband is in that condition. Who will support you when you marry him? Being the wife of the Song family is not good.”

Su Jiaojiao blinked twice and nodded seriously: “Mom! I’m married! I asked for this marriage, and I should fulfill it.”

Her voice was soft, her eyes were clear, her beautiful face was more beautiful than before, and there was no haze between her eyebrows, which was quite different from before.

Listening to the meaning of her words, and then looking at their daughter’s calm posture, Su Zhengyang and Sun Fang were both dumbfounded.

Just now, they had been arguing to determine whether to marry their daughter to Song Qinghan, who was wounded and retired five days ago.

The marriage was originally sought by Su JiaoJiao, but now Song Qinghan had been seriously injured and retired from the army. It was very likely that he may not be able to walk with two legs, as the other leg couldn’t support the weight of the body. For the world that relies on physical labor to earn work points in the countryside, there was no doubt that the sky is falling.

In particular, Song Qinghan had a pair of eccentric parents who always stole what belongs to him to give them to his second brother. Song Qinghan was pitiful that he had to live for himself. He had become an existence that young woman couldn’t avoid. How else could Su Jiaojiao take advantage of this?

If in the past, it was a gain, but now it’s a loss. Sun Fang, who loved her daughter, refused to do anything. Su Zhengyang, who keeps his promise, resolutely refused to give up this marriage. These days, the family had been arguing about this matter and never stopped.

Su Zhengyang thought that the daughter who was determined not to marry would be the most difficult bone to chew. Who knew that she would agree first?

He was stunned. Looking at her pretty face, his heart suddenly felt soft and sour. He just shouted that her daughter had to marry him. Now he choked his throat and couldn’t speak.

Sun Fang beat him angrily: “Are you satisfied now? Our daughter can’t eat anymore! You have to support her for life! All because you forced her to marry that useless man! ”

Su Zhengyang took a deep breath, wiped his face and said in a deep voice: “Raise! I’ll raise her all my life! Anyway, both the eldest and the second eldest are both old, we don’t need to raise them! ”


After half a noon, two daughters-in-law of the house heard the final decision of the agreement, and suddenly their faces were not good. They all wanted to say something, but looking at their parents-in-law’s ugly face, they were flustered. They didn’t dare to open their mouth. The three children and the two big men didn’t have any special expressions.

That is to say, Su Jiao, who just decided to marry, was absent-minded and barely ate two sweet potatoes.

They still had to work in the afternoon. So, after lunch, everyone went to their rooms to take a short nap.

When Su Jiaojiao returned to her room, there was a dark flower bed, a small desk, a wardrobe, and the walls of the room were pasted with paper. It can be seen that the owner of the room was very loved by his family.

But as she laid down and looked at the ceiling, she saw black beam with spiderwebs on it. Since her eyesight was better, she could see the spiders on them, which made her scalp numb and she wanted to cry.

In fact, she was not the person in this world, but from the future–year 2018. She came from a family who never worries about money.

Because she had a social phobia and doesn’t like to go out to play, she chose a job as a freelancer. However, during the holiday in May, her best friend pulled her out and asked her to go camping with her. She had no choice but to go.

But Su Jiaojiao had a characteristic, that is, she was relatively unlucky. It always rains and thunders on any important day. And so, it rained heavily on that day. It was night time. They were busy looking for a place to shelter from the rain. It was getting dark, so because she was in a hurry, she fell into a gutter somehow.

When she woke up again, she was still in the trapped. It took people a long time to notice her and save her, and she fainted immediately.

As a result, when she came to her senses, she was already at home. At that time, she was still at a loss, but it was strange that someone else’s life appeared in her mind.

This girl was born in 1954. Her name was also Su Jiaojiao.

She was eighteen years old. She was born almost as early as the famine in the early 60s. She remembered being nearly identical to herself, and if she hadn’t seen her niece’s teeth on her thigh, she would never thought she was in her original body.

In the same way, Su Jiaojiao suspects that she has changed her identity with the original owner, but she didn’t know if she had become younger. After all, she was 23 years old, and the original owner was only 18.

This village they lived was called Taohua, it was located under a small city in the south.

It was said that this place was originally just a piece of empty land. During the war, some refugees came here, lived, and gradually formed a village. As a result, the village covered a wide area, with not too many people. It only add up to more than 60 households.

Father Su Zhengyang and mother Sun Fang, were the people just now who quarreled. She also has two older brothers, Su Jianhua and Su Jianjun. They were several years older than her, and both had already married and had children.

The original owner was raised just as the same as with others, except that she as spoiled. In addition, she was spoiled by her parents to be naive, simple and arrogant. It’s no different from other girls. She went to school honestly and wisely. Unfortunately, she didn’t get any reply from the university now. She just graduated from high school, and because she was occupied by family issues, she couldn’t go to work, so she stayed at home.

Last summer, she fell in love with a young man from the same village, Song Qinghan, a soldier, who sent home 20 yuan a month. Making the Song family better than most people in the village, which was enviable. So in the summer half a year ago, when Song Qinghan went home to visit his family. Most of the villagers were in the pond, so she deliberately dragged him into the pond together.

This era was considered conservative. In addition, the crime of hooliganism is to be sentenced to death, not to mention that Song Qinghan was a soldier, so the original owner deliberately fell on him and insisted on marrying.

At this point, the original parents doted on her, so against the sound of being laughed at by the whole village, they gave up her their face to help her settle the marriage. Song Qinghan, who was forced to be engaged, didn’t want to proceed, with an excuse that he was busy with the army. He didn’t came back last year just because he didn’t want to marry her.

Unexpectedly, Song Qinghan returned but he was injured in one leg and was sent back for self-cultivation. He was seriously injured and was directly discharged from the army.

The parents of the Song family were not good people either. They didn’t care about this son at all. When they heard about his broken legs, they thought he would be unable to work. They immediately proposed to marry him to the Su family. They were afraid that he would depend and eat his family’s food all his life.

Seeing this, Su Jiaojiao’s thoughts circulated. Didn’t the Song’s parents think that Song Qinghan would be subsidized by the army after being injured?

She didn’t think so.

In any case, Song Qinghan was chased out to live in a shabby place. At this time, he deliberately mentioned his marriage with the original owner. In the original owner’s eyes, she wanted to find someone to rely on delicious rice, so she didn’t want to marry him.

She didn’t want to live a hard life by herself, plus this half year’s time, the two people had no feelings with each other.

Aside from her engagement with Song Qinghan, the original owner and the educated young man also had ambiguous interactions.

The original owner did a thing – escape marriage.

It was this opportunity that came, but what made her strange was that she remembered that the original owner was heading to town. She and the educated young man agreed to meet in the town, but when she came, she was in the mountain in the opposite direction.

The memory was just until here. At that time, the mind of Su Jiao was so confused that she could no longer see anything.

When she crossed here, she woke up at her family’s home. She just woke up. Because the development was too strong and strange, she was a little confused. She came out to have a look. Unexpectedly, her father came back and saw her wake up. The father suddenly fried the pot, which was the scene that happened just now.


Through the name of the original owner and the name of the village, Su Jiao knew that this is a sweet favorite book of the seventies. The female lead was the educated woman who came to the countryside in the autumn of 1972, and the male lead was Song Qinghan.

From the perspective of the book, it introduced the situation of Song Qinghan.

Su Jiao read it before camping. Later, when she went out to camp, she was too busy to read it. At present, she knew the content of tens of thousands of words in the plot.

Song Qinghan deliberately mentioned the marriage at the beginning, just to take the opportunity to terminate the engagement. However, Su Zhengyang was too firm about the marriage. When he mentioned it, Su Zhengyang refused to say anything. He would not agree to terminate the engagement.

In addition, the original owner failed to escape since Su Zhengyang exploded in anger. He simply tied her to marry.

As a result, the original owner took advantage of Song Qinghan’s illness, put on a green hat for him, and was almost known by many people. In order not to be convicted of hooliganism, the educated young man took her away.

They eloped. Song Qinghan lived on his own with his own disabled legs. Although he lived a miserable life in the eyes of outsiders, Song Qinghan lived a very comfortable life.

Of course, Su Jiao only knew until here. She didn’t know about the development behind it.

But it didn’t matter. After all, it’s a modern culture. Besides, Song Qinghan was a soldier. He was upright and shouldn’t retaliate.

As for escaping marriage….

Without the plot, Su Jiaojiao could guess that the original owner and the educated young man had a miserable life after they fled. Maybe they were sold.

In addition, Su Jiaojiao herself was also a spoiled person. She couldn’t carry her shoulder with hands off. The original owner took away the money from the private house.

She herself didn’t like to wear jewelry.

Now that she’s in poverty. She could only live honestly.

It’s even more impossible to resist marriage. The original owner made such a mess. She didn’t know how many good and bad words were exchanged that her father didn’t agree to terminate the marriage. It was even more impossible for her.

So now there’s only one ending waiting for her, that is to marry honestly.

In any case, Song Qinghan didn’t like her.

She planned that after a few years of peace with Song Qinghan, she would go take the college entrance examination once it resumes. Su Jiaojiao remembered clearly that after taking the examination, the school announced they were offering subsidies. The better her grades are, the more subsidies she gets. There was no need to worry about her life. After studying hard and graduating, she could find a good job.

From the 1980’s to the 1990’s, when there was gold everywhere, intellectual people were affected as almost everything was lacking.

Even if she didn’t seek improvement and wanted to live a stable life, she could live just relying on basic knowledge. Therefore, Su Jiaojiao was not worried about the future after 1977.

The problem was the year before 1977, although the original owner was favored at home, being able to eat two more meals than other girls.

But if the food was ‘meat’, it could only be eaten on a holiday once a year.

As a gourmet lover, Su Jiaojiao almost cried when she thought of the bitter days she was going to live in the future.

All of a sudden, a soft, cute voice like that of a five-year-old girl appeared in her mind! [Ding! the matchmaker system is activated! Host Su Jiao is bound successfully. May the host and her husband grow old together!]

Su Jiaojiao was scared that she lost her expression and said, “What?!”




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