Married to a Disabled Man in the 70s – Chapter 10

Translated by: Tinker

Mother Song, who was crying vigorously, breathe for a long time. Her heart flashed a little guilt, then she pulled Wang Jianye’s sleeve and shouted, “Oh, Captain, look at her…so cruel. I am her mother-in-law..”

Su Jiaojiao’s pretty appearance made all the people who came to watch the scene, laughed: “Yo, that girl looks amazing. It is worthy of being Sun Fang’s daughter!”

“It’s her mother-in-law, anyway, isn’t she too cruel to beat her?”

Wang Jianye frowned and whispered, “Okay, everyone quiet!”

The gossipers stopped talking for a moment, and the mother Song reluctantly closed her mouth and stared at Su Jiaojiao.

Su Jiaojiao’s pretty face was cold. She was not afraid at all. When Wang Jianye saw this, he comforted her and said in a good voice, “Jiao Jiao, call Qinghan out.”

There were so many people that they couldn’t stand in the hall, so they could only speak clearly in the yard.

Su Jiaojiao nodded, turned to enter the room, and saw that he had already stood up. She said in a low voice. “They come to find fault. I will not be polite.”

Song Qinghan squeezed her hand calmy and appeased, “No problem, I won’t care.”

Su Jiaojiao’s lips were hooked, but there were only a trace of smile on them. She immediately pulled them up, and her face showed a fierce look: “You will listen to me in a moment, do you hear me?”

“Well, it’s all up to you.” Song Qinghan smiled and nodded completely. If his comrades saw it, they would only think that Song Qinghan was going to do dirty tricks.

But Su Jiaojiao didn’t know. She subconsciously thought that the male lead was just and simple. After all, if he was not pure, he would not be bullied by the Song family. Moreover, at this time, he gave her full trust, which made her more confident.

She helped the man to the yard and brought a chair for him to sit down

“Captain, I happened to be looking for you. Today is the second day after I got married. Yesterday’s wedding, the Song family ran away together and didn’t come to join. Today, this woman and her son came to my kitchen to search for things and steal them. Do you think I should not beat them? If she isn’t my mother-in-law, I would have already gone to the Public Security Bureau, and then let them be convicted of robbery!”

This was different from what Wang Jianye knew. His face was black. He looked back at the family and said in a cold voice, “Didn’t you come here to have a look?”

Mother Song said straightforwardly, “What’s wrong? I can’t come to my son’s house and get something?”

Su Jiaojiao said, “What face do you have to come over and get things? You and Song Qinghan are already separated.”

If it had been before, mother Song probably had said that she separated him as she was scared to be cheated by her disabled son who was unable to make money.

But now when she came to this house, and looked at the kitchen once. She thought there were so many good things. How could she be willing to separate like this? She immediately repented. “What separation? Song Qinghan just moved out! What split! No split!”

Indeed, at the beginning, Song Qinghan was driven out without saying anything, and the parents of the Song family did not exactly say that they were separated.

The reason still holds!

And that’s what Su Jiao wanted. She immediately stepped forward and said in a crisp voice, “Since there’s no point, then now you will separated!”

Mother Song was about to retort, when she was directly refuted by Su Jiao, “Shut up first!”

The voice was clear and loud, which made mother Song stunned.

Then Su Jiao turned to look at Song Qinghan: “Do you remember how much money you remitted to them since you were a soldier? Hurry up and figure it now!”

Mother Song was stunned and stopped. Unexpectedly, there was another one. She immediately said, “No money, no money! His money is so little. Our family hasn’t used it enough these years! Don’t talk nonsense! We’ve separated, we can’t separate any more!”

Su Jiaojiao chuckled and her chin lifted: “Too late!”

Song Qinghan coughed softly, lowered his head to cover up the smile on the corner of his mouth, raised his head again, and acted as a well-behaved husband. He nodded and said, “Please don’t be angry, I’ll even count…”

Wang Jianye always knew that Song Qinghan was treated lightly. He was very fond of the identity of Song Qinghan’s soldiers. Otherwise, he would not help to find such a nice yard.

He thought that he wanted to appease the Song’s family’s troubles this time. Who knew that the girl of the house was so fierce? He immediately laughed and his black face turned white. He nodded, “Yes, it’s late! You just said that there is no separation. In this case, I will make a notary and divide this family!”

“……” mother Song was so shocked that she almost couldn’t breathe and fainted directly. She leaned on her husband and shouted: “You kill me with a thousand knives.”

The faces of the Song family were also very ugly, especially Song Qingshan, who thought that all the money was his, but now he had to divide it out. He immediately jumped straight and pulled Wang Jianye to retort, “Captain, it’s not like this…”

Didn’t they come to question Su Jiao about her mother-in-law? How did it become a separation?!

They have to spit out the money?!

Wang Jianye stared, “Why not? Who doesn’t always count? Don’t worry, everyone is watching. It won’t hurt you!”

After watching the whole process, Song Qinghan couldn’t bear but to laugh again. Next second, he saw the busy people behind the brigade leader pointing, then he restrained his smile and whispered. “Jiaojiao, you…” He would like to remind that after all, if you live in this village, don’t make you reputation too bad. He was afraid that she would regret it later.

Who knew that before he opened his mouth to continue, he saw the arrogant little girl with a very bad face, squinted her eyes, as she instructed him, “What do you cry for? I’m the master of this house. I don’t have your share of talking. Hurry up and calculate. I am waiting!”

“Okay.” Song Qinghan said and immediately shut up. His face was strong and handsome, and he was scolded by his wife. He really bowed his head and didn’t talk.

This behavior was even more astonishing. He knew that Su Jiao was not talking about it casually.

Realizing this, The Song’s parents and Song Qingshan’s breathing became heavy, and they were still shaking. Mother Song couldn’t help but spit out so much money at the thought? How was that possible?

Her reasoning suddenly disappeared, and mother Song rushed to Su Jiaojiao with a ferocious face. She was the only one who appeared. But for her, how could Song Qinghan dare to fight them. “You little bitch, I want to kill you. You dare bully your mother-in-law–“

“A bunch of fools!” Su Jiaojiao snorted and dodged nimbly. As she ran out, she cried out at the same time, “Mom, I’ve been beaten. Come and help me!”

The clear and loud voice reached far away. It was almost time to leave work. Many people had to come back to cook. Su Jiaojiao’s voice made Sun Fang, who came back to cook, hear it. Then she picked up a stick on the side of the road and waved it and ran over: “That kid dare to bully you? Don’t be afraid, Jiaojiao, mom is coming! “


Su Jiaojiao’s voice was originally womanly, but when she shouted her voice, it reached far away. Sun Fang immediately responded, and ran to protect her daughter with a ferocious face. Suddenly, mother Song, who was chased out, stumbled.

The old Song family was a one-way street. Now there was no one else in the family except Song’s parents and Song Qingshan. As for grandparents, who died in the past few years, they all say that song’s mother attitude was fierce that it made the grandparents die early.

This village was not originally developed by a single clan. Basically, most of the villages had no relatives. Except for a few married daughters, Su Jiaojiao was not afraid of the Song family making trouble. Who was to blame for her loss!

She ran so fast that she met Sun Fang first, and went on to find Su Zhengyang after.

She went out for only two or three minutes.

In the yard, mother Song and Song Qingshan both wanted to give up, but Wang Jianye, the captain, stopped her. The rest of the village also came to watch.

So when Su Jiaojiao came with her two slowest sisters-in-law, the door was already surrounded by three stories outside, and it was difficult for her to come in.

It was not easy to squeeze in. Then, she saw mother Song sitting on the ground beating her chest and crying, holding the captain’s leg:.”I’m suffering! My son, who was hard to raise, treated me like this! Forget it. I’m going to die..”

Father Song’s temperament was much weaker, but that was only directed at mother Song. To the others, his strong body made him particularly fierce, and he did not beg for the captain, but stared at Song Qinghan, “How to divide the family is determined by parents! Song Qinghan, you want to be a coward with a wife who forgets her mother-in-law. I don’t care, but it’s not negotiable!”

He was nailed to death. Song Qinghan didn’t dare to make trouble. He deliberately forced him to compromise!

Zhang Qian1Su Jiao’s first elder-sister-in-law was so conscientious, she immediately pouted: “It’s not justified, he pulled a son to make up for another son!”

“That’s it!” Li Xiu2Su Jiao’s second sister-in-law was stupid, so she could only nod.

Couldn’t let Song Qinghan suffer a loss, otherwise their mother-in-law would have to make up for their sister-in-law! At the thought of this, the fighting power of the two sister-in-laws soared!

“Why don’t we discuss it?!” Su Jiaojiao entered the battlefield with a strong voice. With her family as the backing, she was more confident.

She put one hand on her waist, and shouted, “How did your Song family treat Song Qinghan since childhood? Who in the village doesn’t know? He grew up eating a hundred meals, and then went to be a soldier to give you money every month. Look at your disgusting faces. I really doubt whether Song Qinghan picked them up on the street! “

At first, the parents of the Song family, who were getting more and more annoyed at the beginning, howled louder and louder, their faces suddenly looked ugly, and a little guilty glance flashed together in their eyes, but they quickly became annoyed and didn’t let people see it, “We regret letting Song Qinghan marry you!”

Su Jiao said coldly, “Is it too late to understand people’s words?”

“Su Jiaojiao……” mother Song was angry, her eyes were red, and she wanted to rush over, but she was stopped by Sun Fang and brother Su Jianhua. Song Qingshan dared not go forward at all. Only father Song protected mother Song. Several people were in a mess, but they didn’t really fight.

A showdown that clearly showed loses, whoever fights is stupid.

After a cold look, she went to Song Qinghan and said, “Did you figure it out?”

Song Qinghan pursed his lips, and his voice was low: “From May 68, when I joined the army, to December 68, I sent back five yuan every month, ten yuan for a whole year in 69, and twenty yuan for the last two years, a total of 660 yuan!”

Su Jiaojiao nodded.

She knew that Song Qinghan didn’t want to have anything to do with the Song family, but what she was going to do next was to make a bigger noise, so she asked in a low voice, “I plan to take back three hundred, at least two hundred. It would be fiercer fight later on. Can you accept it?”

In front of others, she was deliberately fierce, just to prevent others seeing him as a person who abandoned his parents. Anyway, parents like the Song family, and a wife like her, for outsiders, Song Qinghan would look pitiful.

As for Su Jiao herself, she didn’t plan to live in this village all her life, so to speak, fame was not important, money was important!

She really wanted her mother-in-law to make up for Song Qinghan. After all, she was not the only one who eats at home. She had her parents, brothers, sisters, and nephews. She couldn’t make them hungry. In the end, she was not their real family.

She could take back the money and support them for a long time. She thought about making some money herself in the future.

Song Qinghan nodded naturally. “You can decide. All the money to come is also yours.”

Su Jiaojiao nodded contentedly, and said loudly to Wang Jianye, “Captain, Song Qinghan is still hurt. He had a high fever last night. We can’t just let it go. The money must come back!”

“From….it’s a total of six hundred and sixty yuan in all. It’s not necessary that the whole amount will be returned, but just like him, we don’t have any money. This soldier defended his country and got bullied when he came back. What can we do? So give me at least 400 yuan. I’ll take Song Qinghan to the city hospital!”

Su Jiaojiao didn’t have a word to say. She specially called the captain and asked Song Qinghan to show him the wound.

The wound was covered with medicine and it looked more ferocious. The captain saw it, and most of the people in the crowd took a look.

“Wow!” All of them were shocked and looked at the wound. They were all frightened. They even said, “The wound is horrifying!”


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